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Drone314 t1_j50qsrt wrote

Even Pikachu ain't shocked anymore. Nothing good has come from crypto, just a waste of electricity and graphics cards....


LTuvok t1_j50sso9 wrote

That's why you use an NFT as your profile pic?


InevitableAvalanche t1_j5113bc wrote

How is it good? It is just a picture. If they are making it an NFT it is just another waste of energy for no reason. Can't really judge someone for using it since Reddit hands them out.


IronMyno6 t1_j53bvtn wrote

Its the geek version of I'm gonna put all my mediocrity into being a basketball or rap, movie star.


MarkMoneyj27 t1_j55cod2 wrote

Distributed ledgers are like bendable glass, it's an invention looking for a problem it will eventually find.


ryansgt t1_j53vktq wrote

It's the wild west, that's for sure. Saying there isn't a use for it just shows a general misunderstanding of the technology.