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point_breeze69 t1_j53iqg1 wrote

People love to defend the monetary system that fuels war, raises inflation, helped to create an ever increasing wealth gap, and is controlled by politicians and big banks. I can understand why, those guys have been ardent defenders of the workingman since the invention of the wheel.


Ed_Durr t1_j53vot8 wrote

You’re right, we should just let Scam Bankman-Fraud control the system instead.


PoopyBootyhole t1_j53lyp8 wrote

People are conditioned to the current system so they think there isn’t another way or the one we have is fine. It’s not. An infinite money/ cheep debt based system where wealth funnels to the top creates more problems than people realize. It’s a Ponzi scheme on a absolutely massive scale and the losers are us through a hidden tax called inflation.