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Grouchy_Occasion2292 t1_j32ai5i wrote

People who think this means anything don't know anything about the actual economy that they live in. Jobless claims don't mean anything in America because most people who lose their jobs don't get unemployment and we don't count all unemployed people in our unemployment statistics.

It's kind of meaningless when the largest portion of these populations aren't counted in the statistics.


NoForm5443 t1_j32je6z wrote

> most people who lose their jobs don't get unemployment

Do you have *any* evidence of this?

> we don't count all unemployed people in our unemployment statistics

This is definitely wrong. Do you know there are several unemployment statistics?


silashoulder t1_j33a4mv wrote

I know I’m not most people, but I’ve never gotten unemployment, even when the pandemic shut down my job.


NoForm5443 t1_j33bm70 wrote

The plural of anecdote is not data ... but I'd like to understand your situation, if you don't mind:

  1. What state were you in?
  2. Did you apply for unemployment?
  3. Were you denied it?

silashoulder t1_j33cdzw wrote

>plural of anecdote is not data

Can you phrase that in a less insufferable way?

  1. That was in Illinois.
  2. Yes. I’ve also applied in Ohio and California when I lived in those states.
  3. Yes. I was also denied disability in Ohio even with a medically valid request.

Scope out my post history if you want to see a tragedy play out in real-time.


PenguinSunday t1_j33spvy wrote

I've been trying to get disability with a medically valid request in Arkansas for about a decade now. I know that feel, bro



silashoulder t1_j342dvy wrote

Sis, actually, but hugs back.


PenguinSunday t1_j3462np wrote

I call everyone "bro" or "dude." I'm weird and dumb and kinda high atm. Sorry if I offended! It's a relic of my mmo-gaming past.


Syzygy_Stardust t1_j32hct9 wrote

Also we count just the existence of a job as some sort of inherent good and end goal. See "job creators" as opposed to "need fulfillment" or "social reproduction". Gotta remove the human being from every aspect of everything!


potatonewb t1_j32gx8y wrote

Well said. Additionally, being under-employed is a massive issue with its own set of soul-crushing problems.

Having any old job doesn't fix a person's life. Making a living wage does.


midevilman2020 t1_j32q1p3 wrote

Oh I thought we’re supposed to cheer or admonish the POTUS on these depending on his party affiliation. /s

Well said.


Gundamamam t1_j32u5ue wrote

It really depends if reddit likes the current admin or not. Pre-covid trump economy had some low unemployment rates and we got detailed essays explaining how its all made up and not to trust the statistics yadda yadda yadda..