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NoForm5443 t1_j32je6z wrote

> most people who lose their jobs don't get unemployment

Do you have *any* evidence of this?

> we don't count all unemployed people in our unemployment statistics

This is definitely wrong. Do you know there are several unemployment statistics?


silashoulder t1_j33a4mv wrote

I know I’m not most people, but I’ve never gotten unemployment, even when the pandemic shut down my job.


NoForm5443 t1_j33bm70 wrote

The plural of anecdote is not data ... but I'd like to understand your situation, if you don't mind:

  1. What state were you in?
  2. Did you apply for unemployment?
  3. Were you denied it?

silashoulder t1_j33cdzw wrote

>plural of anecdote is not data

Can you phrase that in a less insufferable way?

  1. That was in Illinois.
  2. Yes. I’ve also applied in Ohio and California when I lived in those states.
  3. Yes. I was also denied disability in Ohio even with a medically valid request.

Scope out my post history if you want to see a tragedy play out in real-time.


PenguinSunday t1_j33spvy wrote

I've been trying to get disability with a medically valid request in Arkansas for about a decade now. I know that feel, bro



silashoulder t1_j342dvy wrote

Sis, actually, but hugs back.


PenguinSunday t1_j3462np wrote

I call everyone "bro" or "dude." I'm weird and dumb and kinda high atm. Sorry if I offended! It's a relic of my mmo-gaming past.