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Lily_Loud_Cat t1_j32bq0x wrote

> Parents gathered Wednesday night seeking answers about in incident at Waxahachie Prepatory Academy where an adminstrator’s gun was reportedly left in a bathroom and found by a student.

Incompetency at its max level.

From Waxachachie Prep's website:

> A Distinctly Christian School To Help Form Lifelong Followers of Jesus

Guns for Jesus!

> Come discover a place where critical thinking skills and collaboration are employed in the classroom, along with various research methodologies.


> Come join the best of a home school education with activities that traditional home school approaches cannot provide.

Ah okay, as messed up as this is, it is starting to make a bit more sense how someone can be so dumb.


tehmlem t1_j32ehu7 wrote

"Critical thinking" has long been a buzzword among Christians that means "Mindless obedience to religious dogma and never disagreeing with someone who has more status than you."


MrRumfoord t1_j330j89 wrote

So more like, "ability to think is in critical condition."


tehmlem t1_j333x8u wrote

If you used your critical thinking, you would obviously agree with church leadership. Ergo, thoughtless obedience = critical thinking


17times2 t1_j336mt8 wrote

> "Critical thinking"

"God did it."

Thinking over!


420ipblood t1_j33wyt5 wrote

Was a buzzword when I went to college. Every professor in my school had to include it in the syllabus and describe and speak about it. I went to school for the brain vs. the soul so I got the boring "consider source, always be skeptical, think from both sides" bullshit version. What's this new version and where can I sign up?


AKMarine t1_j32odqs wrote

“Critical thinking” in Christian school terminology means not believing in evolution, Greek mythology, and (in some schools) climate change.


docmedic t1_j33242r wrote

> and (in some schools) climate change.

Anti-vaccines, and the usual pro-life, traditional families, and gospel of prosperity.


bonesnaps t1_j33n1w7 wrote

I'd say this is the most American thing I've read all week but I'd rather not be a liar because that's immoral.


Danagrams t1_j33tzc3 wrote

ah classic. the ol poop and forget the pistol on the tp dispenser


MaxillaryOvipositor t1_j356y1e wrote

School administrators are generally the most incompetent people in the building. Nobody fails upwards like people in education.


Atxflyguy83 t1_j32d9w7 wrote

This isn't that surprising.

Source: I grew up in the next town over from here.


Orlando1701 t1_j33mx19 wrote

9/10 when I gun is found in a bathroom it’s someone with a conceal carry permit who forgot it after taking a dump. I was a 911 dispatcher at one point in my life and we used to get calls about guns in bathrooms semi-regularly and it was always someone with a permit who left it behind.


Cream253Team t1_j33nhqd wrote

Responsible gun owners^TM


Orlando1701 t1_j33ogca wrote

The thing you find out after working in a gun store then 911 dispatching is the people who are the most passionate about guns are generally the last people who should have them. I remember having to help “2A absolutist” break down their firearms or them paying me $25/hr to clean their guns for them.


420ipblood t1_j33thos wrote

You're bragging like "LOL These dudes paid ME (of all people) $25/hr!! LOL IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!"

Are you just shit at cleaning guns and hawk around the first time buyers or are you good at it but have no clue that professionals make money doing professions?


Orlando1701 t1_j33w4z1 wrote

Dude… did you have a stroke while writing that?

And I made sure every first time gun owner knew how to break down their firearm. It’s one of the reasons why man I could move some iron.


pileofcrustycumsocs t1_j34elbo wrote

While I in no way agree with the other guy and do agree that he’s definitely an ass I am also curious why you’d charge a per hour charge and not a per gun charge maybe if I was doing a deep cleaning it would take me an hour or more for some guns but I imagine most of your business would just be pistols or shotguns no?


Orlando1701 t1_j34nbpo wrote

That’s just what the store I worked for charged.


Swagaru t1_j34hq74 wrote

You can be a gun owner and still be irresponsible.

Same as a car or boat though.


Cream253Team t1_j35028g wrote

Yeah, but cars and boats aren't literally designed to kill someone. They have a use other than ending a life, so I hope you can understand why it's not the same.


Swagaru t1_j356zc9 wrote

Sure. But they all can still be irresponsibly used to harm people - either through gross negligence or malicious intent.

Acting like there aren’t any responsible gun owners is rather silly.


Cream253Team t1_j35chu4 wrote

Okay, I get the feeling you don't really get the difference. There's two parts to it.

If you're trying to say that cars are dangerous, well yeah no shit. They're big objects that move fast. There are a lot of things that can fit in that category, from beasts of labor to overhead light fixtures. So maybe try to narrow down why somethings are more dangerous than others.

Leading into that, the reason guns are considered more dangerous than most things we take for granted is because, and I hope this isn't a surprise to you, but are literally designed to destroy something in the easiest man-portable way possible. Compared to a car, you can use a car for a lot of things. You can go get groceries with a car. Hell, in some ways not having a form of motor transportation can leave you disadvantaged in today's world. We just accept that there is inherent risk, but even then we still work in licenses, registration, and other regulations and it's not like irresponsibility isn't punished here either. And on top of that, if we want to stay on topic with respect to the above article, if your car gets lost/stolen, while it may be used to facilitate a crime, it probably won't be the tool of a murder. If your gun gets stolen... I do not see many other ways that could play out.

They're not the same. Guns require a much greater level of responsibility and competency. Especially as a tool that the vast majority of people do not need and will never use.


Swagaru t1_j35j6ca wrote

I get the feeling you don’t understand what the mass majority of gun owners do with their firearms. They’re not going on mass killing sprees. Even if “they’re designed to kill”.

I do understand the difference you’re talking about. I’m saying they both require responsibility, competence, and can be used negligently to harm. That’s all.

Look at 9/11; Airplanes were used to kill thousands of people, but those aren’t designed to be lethal by any means. They’re designed with maximum safety in mind.

I take my guns to the shooting range for fun and sport. Many people do the same thing everyday without ever intending of using them for killing.

It boils down to the will and morality of the person, regardless of the tool used. This is clearly demonstrated when the police - or a CCW holder - stops a murderous criminal by using their gun.


Delicious-Day-3614 t1_j3606kh wrote

What s gun owner does with their guns is irrelevant when they've been lost and are now in the possession of someone who shouldn't have them.

This isn't complicated, you just dont know how to be wrong.

The wild west had stricter gun control ffs.


TogepiMain t1_j35rzaf wrote

Hey how bout you put up or shut up huh?

Let's see those good guy with a gun statistics, then


Swagaru t1_j35y04f wrote

Y’all are insufferable, angry people.


TogepiMain t1_j36z9l7 wrote

Huh, weird. Here I thought you were the insufferable blatherer who can't even back up their own claims.


mtarascio t1_j37yvnw wrote

Yep, people who want to arm teachers don't understand this fact.

Staff also use student bathrooms all the time.


jschubart t1_j39rojl wrote

>where an adminstrator’s gun was reportedly left in a bathroom and found by a student.

Looks like this falls into that 90%. Time to rescind this 'responsible' gun owners right to concealed carry.

But who am I kidding? This is Texas. They will just say more gun education is needed (without forcing any) and then suggest more guns in schools to fix everything.


tpuckis t1_j32ia26 wrote

RO, midlo, or Ennis

I'm a red oak boy myself lol (Trust I don't say that with any ounce of pride)


Ghost0fBanquo t1_j34c5b3 wrote

Don't forget Ferris and Palmer lol.

Fuck that whole area.


tpuckis t1_j35ntjj wrote

Those shitholes in the Ellis county shithole don't count lmao


Eeeegah t1_j32cmiu wrote

Answer: It's Texas. Parents, you can stop seeking answers.


[deleted] t1_j32igv2 wrote



AKMarine t1_j32nyr2 wrote

I travel all over the US for my job. I’ve not seen as much open carry in any state as I’ve seen in Texas.


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[deleted] t1_j32p31t wrote



[deleted] t1_j33d73c wrote



pileofcrustycumsocs t1_j34f0zd wrote

Is this not common knowledge though? Like the barres are obviously filled with something


Drbert21 t1_j34yysf wrote

If it's common knowledge... Then why do you think the barrel is filled? Definitely plenty of ways simpler, cheaper, and significantly safer to render any firearm inoperable. Weld the action, remove the firing pin, or even render the sear inoperable. All filling a barrel does is turn a firearm into bomb since a cartridge can't vent to anywhere.


pileofcrustycumsocs t1_j34z873 wrote

My guy when I see a bunch of teenagers spinning a rifle with a filled barrel my immediate thought isn’t “wow how could those bastards hand those kids a bomb?”

Also I was in rotc, our rifles had filled barrels and missing triggers. I know because they were heavy as fuck as a result of the filled barrel.


Drbert21 t1_j353kwt wrote

It's got nothing to do with the barrel being filled or not. All that is is extra work all around. It's about the firearm being rendered inoperable as a weapon. A missing trigger fulfills the exact same need as everything else I listed. Just filling the barrel doesn't. Maybe in ROTC they fill the barrel, but that's not the case for every firearm used for display throughout the US. All filling a barrel does is complicate rendering the firearm operable as originally designed. As the OP stated, TYPICALLY they are rendered inoperable. There's plenty of times when it's just left as is and nobody is any wiser. You actually think that every firearm in every parade is inoperable? Half the time it's nothing more than intent and a single cartridge away from being used as designed.


Eeeegah t1_j33ldl6 wrote

Common, yes, but TX is off the charts for open carry. When I lived in Houston I would often see people coming out of the church in my area with a rifle on their back. I saw a guy at a McDonalds with an M-16 on a shoulder strap, Baretta 9mm on his hip, and something small in an ankle holster. He unsurprisingly got into a big, chromed pickup with two shotguns in a rack in the back.


scubafork t1_j32hnql wrote

I am 100% certain this person has referred to themselves as "a responsible gun owner".

I can also guarantee this person will not lose their right to carry guns and purchase more.


FlatulenceIsAVirtue t1_j32dhnx wrote

They want to know why MORE weren't available in the bathroom.


enonmouse t1_j32efb8 wrote

Gotta bring enough to share is always the rule


5xad0w t1_j3312tv wrote

I assumed a loaded gun was just the standard bathroom pass in Texas.


xAtlas5 t1_j32a0ui wrote

How in the fuck do you just forget that you have a gun on your person?


06210311200805012006 t1_j32mmmu wrote

people forget their own children in hot cars for hours, until they die. this is really not surprising.


JoeGoats t1_j32by5i wrote

That seems like an easy answer. You've NEVER forgotten to put something into or take something out of your bag or backpack? You've never set something down and forgotten where you've left it or that you left it? Ya forgetting about a weapon is infinitely more dangerous but we've all forgotten many things. On a side note that administrator should be fired.


xAtlas5 t1_j32cmyr wrote

Trivial things maybe, but if you carry something habitually (e.g. a wallet, laptop in your backpack) it's very clear when you don't have it. Especially the whole "carrying to protect your students" schtick, it's something I really hope they'd take seriously. Carrying a gun isn't something trivial, especially if it's a chunky mf.


SacrificialPwn t1_j32fwaf wrote

You answered it, these people see carrying firearms as trivial. It is like car keys or a cell phone to them. This (teacher leaving firearm in a school bathroom) has happened several times, and will inevitably continue while there's acceptance of the practice. The more insane aspect is there would be more outrage if a teacher accidentally left a copy of a state exam, a book containing LGBT themes, or an anti-religious pamphlet in the restroom.


iStillPlayPS3 t1_j32drw7 wrote

I carry my wallet and phone every day. I’ve still left them at bars / bathrooms etc. Its rare but it’s happened 3 or 4 times in my life


xAtlas5 t1_j32et8e wrote

What, you don't do the pat down before leaving bars/bathrooms?


iStillPlayPS3 t1_j32f3yk wrote

Yes I do 99.9% of the time. But over 30 years there’s bound to be a moment or three where you’re in a hurry / something just happened / daydreaming / drunk and forget something important


xAtlas5 t1_j32hfvk wrote

Have you ever forgotten your kids while out and about? Or a friend's kids who you were looking after? I sincerely hope not, because that says a lot about how self-absorbed you can be.


iStillPlayPS3 t1_j32kl3v wrote

Holy hell since when is a phone the same as a living breathing child? Are you really saying the two are equal in terms of importance??


xAtlas5 t1_j32m1f4 wrote

So I'll take that as a no. What makes you think a gun is of equal importance to a phone or a wallet?


JoeGoats t1_j32f6kl wrote

We get it you're perfect lol you have a perfect record of continuity and contingency. We congratulate you on being among the top .1% of humanity in regards to pocket awareness.

(this isn't about the article it's about the comment specifically)


xAtlas5 t1_j32g04g wrote

Golly, thank you Mr. stranger!

Don't forget your gun(s) in bathrooms.


JoeGoats t1_j32g3tb wrote

Yep that's the moral of this story. Punish the guy.


NotRoryWilliams t1_j339u4i wrote

You can’t tell me you’ve never misplaced your keys, or your phone…

I’m not defending the guy, it’s still wrong, but just because something is wrong doesn’t mean you can’t understand how it would happen. To someone who carries a gun every day, it’s just like keys, wallet, phone including that it can be misplaced as easily.


xAtlas5 t1_j33egso wrote

In public, no. Anything that would require a significant amount of time, money, and effort I keep track of consistently with ease.

I carry a gun every day. I don't treat it as a trivial part of my daily carry because of how much of a shitstorm I'd be in should I happen to lose it.


NotRoryWilliams t1_j33f9gg wrote

I don’t think you can speak for everyone. It sounds like you are a responsible carrier so kudos for that. But I’m sure I’ve misplaced something important outside of my home at some point. I can’t recall an example but I’m sure it’s happened in 20+ years of adulthood. Mind you, it was more likely when drunk and out partying, and if I did carry I’d leave it behind on that situation.


xAtlas5 t1_j33ldrw wrote

I'm not trying to speak for everyone. Accidentally losing a gun doesn't have the same impact that losing a phone or wallet has. Any attempts to compare the two negates the seriousness of carrying a concealed weapon for self defense and the mindset one has while carrying.

Why would you ever treat a loaded weapon with the same triviality that one treats a wallet or keys?


NotRoryWilliams t1_j33ufs4 wrote

I wouldn’t, but plenty of people do. It varies widely State to state but in many places such as Texas there isn’t an intelligence test before being allowed to carry a gun.


xAtlas5 t1_j33wcwu wrote

I truly can't understand how or why someone would treat a weapon with such triviality. Truth be told I don't really want to. If you, or anyone for that matter, treated a concealed firearm with the same regard as their keys or phone, why should I trust that they'll respect the basic rules of firearm safety?


NotRoryWilliams t1_j33xgdh wrote

I agree with you. That’s why I’m wary of how lax our society is about who is allowed to carry guns. I personally choose not to carry for various reasons one of which is that I don’t want to be responsible in the event of such a mistake no matter how unlikely it may be.


ajaxfetish t1_j34s2mu wrote

> Accidentally losing a gun doesn't have the same impact that losing a phone or wallet has. ...

>Why would you ever treat a loaded weapon with the same triviality that one treats a wallet or keys?

A gun's very different than a wallet or keys, but we don't have separate brains for dealing with important things and trivial things. The same psychological limitations and afflictions apply to them all. There's a reason kids keep getting forgotten in backseats, and it's not because toddlers are trivial.


JoeGoats t1_j32d8r2 wrote

I'm not saying it wasn't stupid as hell but depending how you carry it's a very possible mistake to make. My guess would be the gun was removed to take a shit and left behind pretty simple but pretty stupid. Again we've all left our phones places we've all left our keys places. I'm not justifying the action just saying it was a stupid question to ask and the administrator was stupid to do it. The administrator should be fired.

Most people don't carry "chunky mother fuckers". Most people carry subcompacts that while about 1 inch thick have the same or smaller foot print than most plus sized phones.


xAtlas5 t1_j32dx9x wrote

No duh, but even then it should be very, very obvious that you don't have a holster on your waist. The only way a firearm and keys are really comparable in that they're things that are usually carried, but other than that there's a significant weight (both metaphorically and literally) that should be hard for one to forget.

Makes you wonder how seriously they actually take carrying in a school.


JoeGoats t1_j32ebui wrote

I agree that is why this is probably the first incident of this happening that most of us have read about. On the other bit, have you ever seen the key ring for an administrator or person with extensive access at a large institution that isn't using RFID? I'm an upper management desk jockey and my work key chain weighs the same as my P238 and is less comfortable to carry lol.


xAtlas5 t1_j32ekut wrote

And yet it's still noticable when you don't have your work keychain, no?


JoeGoats t1_j32ewxe wrote

I leave my keys on my desk or someone else's desk and have to go back for them about 6 times a year.


xAtlas5 t1_j32f26a wrote

Man, you must not pay much attention if you don't hear a noisy-ass keychain on your waist.


JoeGoats t1_j32fsow wrote

I'm not a janitor that shit doesn't go on my waist lol.


No-Bother6856 t1_j32sf43 wrote

You really just sound like an ass here. How is someone forgetting their keys some "oh your absent minded moron" moment. Thats just a normal human thing that happens.


xAtlas5 t1_j32tqjh wrote

And you really sound like an idiot if you think that a set of keys, phone, wallet has the same level of importance as a firearm and therefore it's excusable if someone forgets one in a public space.


No-Bother6856 t1_j32tz0e wrote

When did I ever say that? Oh wait. I DIDN'T. I just responded to your post questioning how this other poster could possibly forget his keys like its some bizare concept.


xAtlas5 t1_j32v2sk wrote

You didn't, but your reply in defense of the idea that one can somehow equate forgetting keys -- a significant key ring, according to them -- to forgetting a firearm on top of the fact that you said that I "sound like an ass" pretty clearly indicates what you think.

No u.


No-Bother6856 t1_j330rfa wrote

I didn't reply in defense of that, I replied pointing out you sound like an ass for thinking its unreasonable someone could forget their keys because "how do you not hear them"


xAtlas5 t1_j335vzm wrote

You kind of did. If you can't hear a lot of keys jangling around that are about equal weight to a P238, and don't notice the lack of the additional weight, you kind of might need to pay more goddamn attention.

Why do you care, anyway? This thread is about people equating keys and whatnot to firearms as if forgetting the former is equivalent to forgetting the latter.


cantuse t1_j33yql6 wrote

If you misplace a gun while on watch in the military, I guarantee you’re seeing article 15 or captains mast, regardless of context. An armed employee in a school should be held to the same standard.


N8CCRG t1_j344r9p wrote

Every gun carrier/owner should be held to that standard.


JoeGoats t1_j3451o0 wrote

I wasn't in the military but isn't Article 15 for minor misconduct? I wouldn't call this minor.


[deleted] t1_j33e594 wrote



JoeGoats t1_j345a6b wrote

I submit to you that everyone forgets something and idiots can forget anything.


N8CCRG t1_j32sfo6 wrote

This comment is very important, because it so perfectly highlights an aspect of the gun control discussion that is so often neglected. Many people believe that gun owners are always 100% responsible and that a mistake like this couldn't ever happen, and are completely shocked and confused when it does. Many other people recognize that humans making mistakes like this (maybe they're sick or tired or something important distracted them in that moment) is something that happens and will always happen.

The former are worried about the world they wished we live in, and the latter are worried about the reality that we actually do live in.


ohwrite t1_j337ui6 wrote

Could not see it over his bulging Tum-tum


[deleted] t1_j330ute wrote



xAtlas5 t1_j33dzex wrote

Plenty of reasons, and any incident where someone causes an accident due to negligence gets punished accordingly.


PointlessGiant t1_j33cm2k wrote

The difference being I need my car to get places. This person did not need a gun in a fucking school, especially if they can't be trusted to be responsible with it.


[deleted] t1_j33j9pf wrote



PointlessGiant t1_j33k6p2 wrote

Guns have no place in schools. Period.


[deleted] t1_j33laf8 wrote



BarelyEvolved t1_j32l3yo wrote

Because you dont carry all the time.

Its the reason im going to go to all the classes and training offered for concealed carry but am not sure ill ever do so.

You either carry all the time in every facet of your day to day life. Or you shouldn't carry at all.


xAtlas5 t1_j32nvei wrote

It doesn't have to be an all or nothing situation, one just has to fucking check that their pistol is where it's supposed to be (i.e. on their waist, in a bag, etc.) whenever they go somewhere. It's truly not that hard.


BarelyEvolved t1_j32pyjn wrote

The reason I feel that level of commitment is necessary is because of the level of awareness necessary to carry safely and responsibly. It has to be on the same level of awareness as your wallet, keys, and shoes.

Especially since Glock is the most popular pistol manufacturer in the US and thier guns dont have traditional safeties.


xAtlas5 t1_j32rpd9 wrote

I don't really see how they're related, but ultimately the lack of awareness period in this situation is abhorrent.


BarelyEvolved t1_j32uac2 wrote

I put the two together because in my opinion if you carry a firearm without a safety and work around children who dont know shit about guns, you need to be hyper vigilant. And in this case im reasonably sure the person involved who fail to be considered merely vigilant.


xAtlas5 t1_j32vb6s wrote

I disagree for a few reasons, but it's a fair take.


pinetreesgreen t1_j32fdu8 wrote

People who do this shouldn't be allowed to carry guns. But nothing will be done, bc apparently the 2nd amendment is the most important one.


sawyouoverthere t1_j33l41y wrote

I don't get it. What answers do they want? They live where there is a collective agreement that carrying weapons around is the only way to "be safe" and "protect themselves", and there's been a big push to have teachers and admin carrying. This is the result of all of those things, and it should be no surprise at all.

Yes, it's dangerous around kids. But y'all won't be told that this is the inevitable risk of all that in the first paragraph.


KlumsyNinja42 t1_j374mxe wrote

This is what I thought to. You fucking voted for this by supporting people who don’t give a fuck about gun safety. In a state where anyone can conceal at anytime, I fully expect a gun to be present everywhere. It’s already amazing how many people carry legally in places not named Texas. Can only imagine how many people are there.


earhere t1_j32j0bx wrote

Answer: You live in America. Guns are school supplies now.


[deleted] t1_j3316sz wrote



sawyouoverthere t1_j33jno7 wrote

not for "self defense" though. For going plinking or gopher shooting or hunting after and before school.

Not kept in their backpacks.


BarelyEvolved t1_j32md9w wrote

Guns kind of always were, millenials were the first generation of Americans that had large numbers of kids totally unfamiliar with firearms. Or Bows for that matter.

Related or not related, millenials are the first generation in which a majority grew to adulthood without seeing a dead body besides a funeral home.


OptimusSublime t1_j32gp78 wrote

We just need to arm the teachers twice so if they leave their gun unsecured in the bathroom they already have a backup ready to go.


Ezzy17 t1_j32qj59 wrote

I mean does anyone in power really care in Texas? Should move to a state where people care about these issues.


BarCompetitive7220 t1_j32oemk wrote

Gee, whodathunkit. Teachers say they are ok with carrying guns and then sort of forget about there is more to it than playing John Wayne. head shake.


Showerthawts t1_j336ob7 wrote

Well let's see....lax gun culture, worship of guns, and awash in guns. It would be more shocking to me if a gun wasn't lying around somewhere in Texas.


LewisEFurr t1_j32tl4e wrote

Answer: You live in Texas. Uvalde should have told you everything you ever needed to know.


InterlocutorX t1_j32t5at wrote

Just a matter of time before a teacher/administrator kills a kid or a kid kills someone with their lost firearm.

And the Texas GOP response will be to give the janitors guns.


PlayedUOonBaja t1_j34bcef wrote

Sounds like their kind of genius. Students can shoot the teachers and teachers can shoot the students, so let's add in a neutral party that can shoot the students and the teachers.


SevenButSpelledOut t1_j32x31s wrote

Ah yes. Another one of those "responsible gun owners" they keep using as an excuse to ignore calls for actual regulation.


mymar101 t1_j32udpu wrote

That guns got rights. Sarcasm


Unicorn_Farts_ t1_j36kuig wrote

My mom worked at an elementary school and the school cop once left his ENTIRE belt hanging in the staff bathroom. I'm talking gun, mace, tazer, everything! Luckily a responsible teacher found it and turned it in. That cop was moved somewhere else. Of course it was Florida...


saxxy_assassin t1_j33fes1 wrote

Answer: you live in Texas. I'm shocked there isn't a gun kn every room.


UraniumRocker t1_j33rw2n wrote

First time I see my town in my main feed lol


TheGreatHelix t1_j34dohl wrote

Your town is pretty famous for anyone who knows about the superconducting super collider and how it was one of the biggest failures in American particle physics.


UraniumRocker t1_j34fu0a wrote

I drive by the superconductor every day on my way to work. When I first moved here I wondered what it was because it was just a huge black building in the countryside with no signs or anything. At the time it was used for storage by the county, new its a chemical processing plant.


DogFacedManboy t1_j33ucua wrote

They’re Texans so I assume they’re upset because someone was being disrespectful to the gun by leaving it in a bathroom


dogm34t_ t1_j33uhpk wrote

It’s Texas, I thought everyone was supposed to be armed in Texas. I’m pretty sure all the Texas republicans want those kids armed.


fuzzmeisterj t1_j3468fr wrote

Texas is the answer they seek. America is also an accepted answer.


keysandtreesforme t1_j34wfqu wrote

I’ll give you the answer: unfettered gun culture.


MaleficentPi t1_j33ncxs wrote

The answer is:

You live in fucking Texas


Atralis t1_j348zk8 wrote

It was clearly a severely constipated man who can only poop when he's scared and is only afraid of death so he brings a gun with him so he scare the shit out of himself and then afterwards he forgot the gun.

Occam's razor.


[deleted] t1_j3336lk wrote



ScottEATF t1_j33ge5g wrote

By national concern you mean reported in a local news affiliate?

Just like those times a cop leaves their gun at a Wendy's