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Hawklet98 t1_j4gxgvy wrote

Man, those recruiting staffers work some long hours. I wonder why this young lady was recruiting a student athlete at 2:45 am?


Danivelle t1_j4gyuoo wrote

She may have gone to pick him up from a party because he had been drinking.


UsedToBsmart t1_j4h4lun wrote

There were two other’s in the car as well:

“Police said two others, a 21-year-old man and 26-year-old woman were seriously injured. The University of Georgia Athletics confirmed that both injured people were also members of the football program. They're in stable condition.”

That looks like another player and female recruiter.


Hawklet98 t1_j4gz2w7 wrote

That’s entirely possible. Still some shitty hours.


Blue_Swirling_Bunny t1_j4hiw3e wrote

Does Uber not exist in Georgia?


tomqvaxy t1_j4howc9 wrote

Yes. This is posh crap though.


Blue_Swirling_Bunny t1_j4ht660 wrote

I honestly have no idea what you mean by that.


tomqvaxy t1_j4i8ceu wrote

Just that the players get pretty heavily catered to. I’ve seen it firsthand as a former bartender in Athens.


UncleKeyPax t1_j4lbmxu wrote

Plus they don't get payed by the athletes no?but by the university that gives the players the scholarship.


tomqvaxy t1_j4lj40s wrote

Yeah no “paycheck”. There are definitely other benefits though. Just a bartender. I have little insight beyond that.


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rationis t1_j4hz6rp wrote

The players use Uber on a near daily basis. They might not be paid, but they definitely seem to have the funds to use Uber instead of the buses.


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rationis t1_j4i3ypl wrote

It doesn't matter what I think or would do. I'm just telling you that as a matter of fact, they use Ubers even when free rides are offered or available.


grain_delay t1_j4hd4mm wrote

These types of recruiting staff work insane hours, 100 hour weeks during peak season. They develop really tight relationships with the athletes, I’m assuming the whole staff was working around the clock to keep the team safe and out of trouble, given they won the national championship less than a week ago and have been celebrating


ghillieman11 t1_j4iyk8s wrote

Why is this comment section treating it like some conspiracy that players and staff of the same team were together? What's wrong with them partying together or even having a relationship?


CurlyBill03 t1_j4j7qr7 wrote

When I was in college the recruiter assistants were known to perform favors for recruits.

In fact one big time OL who eventually went to the NFL was on his recruiting trip and they opened up a door to a door and had 2 female recruiting “assistants” basically in the nude and slept with the kid.

Not implying that this is the case but it does happen and saw it first hand.


TelephoneFamous2153 t1_j4kgvz8 wrote

This stuff happens all the time and its disturbing. Nobody does anything about it because money, competition to land that 4-5 star recruit, and ensuring job security for current coaching staff


TelephoneFamous2153 t1_j4o3cmn wrote

Major potential for NCAA violations to be committed.....and of course sexual assault, which runs ramped on college campus....then of course the schools violate Title IX and cover up said criminal acts by having cleaners communicate with the campus police and/or the school's social services that have crisis counselors, sexual assault victim services etc.


DJ_Moore_2 t1_j4pzvud wrote

Because accidents are impossible, according to social media users.


Abrahamlinkenssphere t1_j4jkfpp wrote

Right? Who cares if they were humping or even dating, it’s a non issue.


DefinitelyNotAliens t1_j4k1p8d wrote

Using paid prostitution to recruit teenagers into unpaid labor that makes the institution money and leads to permanent brain damage in the teenagers is a non-issue?


brow47627 t1_j4o3nc5 wrote

Not going to comment on the prostitution bit because I highly highly doubt that happens at anywhere near the frequency as is being alleged by others in this thread, but at a top football school like Georgia, a lot of the players can make really good money these days through NIL deals. There has been talk that top 5 star players can make hundreds of thousands a year.


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datpiffss t1_j4kuhrx wrote

“You know if you really break it down, slaves were paid then too. Like they got food, a place to sleep and quite often on the job training for new roles.”

See how you can exploit someone and justify it like you just did?

My brother was a college level athlete but never went pro. These kids are all taking an extra major at college. This major (their sport) has almost no transferable skills outside of people liking you.


DogsAreMyDawgs t1_j4nulen wrote

I went to UGA and was a bartender in college, we used to have a handful of players who were regulars at my bar. A lot of the younger support staff around the program would come pick them up and make sure everyone got home safe at the end of the night.


Yazon69 t1_j4glxd1 wrote

In a Ford Expedition of all vehicles. That thing's a tank. RIP.


sportsworker777 t1_j4gnbsq wrote

Depending on the type of accident, they can be more dangerous in some ways. Higher center of gravity and much easier to be involved in a rollover...especially if the occupants aren't wearing their seatbelts. This article mentioned it hit a light pole and some trees.


rationis t1_j4h0enu wrote

The road they crashed on is fairly wide with a realtively low speed limit of 40mph. Hate to say it, but 2:45am coming out of downtown Athens shortly after bars closing is not a good sign. I drove one of the other players back to the dorm last night, so I wager they were downtown celebrating.

Edit: Accident happened on an incline and tire skid marks look to be around 50ft in length before it hit the curb hard enough to make contact with the metal rim and tear a chunk out. I believe they were going quite fast.


StringerBel-Air t1_j4ht9so wrote

>but 2:45am coming out of downtown Athens shortly after bars closing is not a good sign.

Not just that but it said yesterday was the natty victory celebration.


Koshekuta t1_j4lgopn wrote

As John Madden used to say, speed kills. He was talking about running backs outrunning defenders though.


Jimmy-Pesto-Jr t1_j4mrhmo wrote

they must've been going crazy fast & crashed into a telephone pole and/or trees.

the expedition's a twisted wreck.

i wonder if the driver was under influence.

looks like a single vehicle wreck?


apcolleen t1_j4ovar2 wrote

Holy cow that is amazing anyone got out of that vehicle in a singular piece.


TelephoneFamous2153 t1_j4kgpoc wrote

Recruiting staffers for college football programs are often very attractive girls who are students at their respective schools.

Unfortunately, the college athletic programs utilize them for recruiting purposes and handlers of players as well as recruits.

They usually know about all the parties on campus, hook up with the players, recruits, and will even find other girls for recruits to hook up with on their visits.

This stuff goes on at every major school at one point or another.


LEMONSDAD t1_j4ldyr1 wrote

Sounds like some Ghislaine Maxwell stuff.


oxymoronhero t1_j4lgxx6 wrote

Idk if this comment is just Reddit trying to put their personal 2 cents in… or if you were part of a football program and saw it first hand. If these are just things “you heard from a friend of a friend” then I don’t believe your statement and unlikely of what happens in real life


mwest278 t1_j4na9db wrote

Drunk staffer kills football player that she shouldn’t have been with at 2:30AM. Fixed it.


blackmetaltay t1_j4l5bi4 wrote

Are they going to blame the vaccine on his death ? /s


DJ_Moore_2 t1_j4q019r wrote

No but I saw people on instagram already saying she was drunk driving when there’s absolutely zero evidence of that being the case.


sirthunksalot t1_j4huzjb wrote

Why are college employees driving players around in the middle of the night? She was dating one of the players?


Thr0waway3691215 t1_j4inaj2 wrote

This is college football in the South we're talking about here. I wouldn't be shocked if they have staff on call. Can't have team members getting DUIs .


DJ_Moore_2 t1_j4pzydi wrote

Why do you care so much? Nothing about what you’re suggesting is illegal or against any rules.