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N8CCRG t1_j5wkfiu wrote

I'm guessing the people confused by the headline aren't familiar with the history of this controversy.

Anyway, I recommend everyone watch the Netflix documentary about this called Downfall. The execs responsible for those deaths should be in prison, and instead they were given billion dollar bonuses because they tricked the investors and the stocks went up.

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adreamofhodor t1_j5wpqlp wrote

I know the history of the controversy, and it’s still a terrible headline. Don’t lead with the phrase “737 Max Crashes” if you don’t want people to be confused.


N8CCRG t1_j5wz7pi wrote

British news writes headlines differently than US news does I've found. They 100% assume you have been following this story for every second of every day. On topics I am ignorant of I am often super confused, but I found this headline clear when read as a whole.


TrainOfThought6 t1_j60s1fq wrote

Even then. You don't need to be unfamiliar with it to take "737 Max crashes" as an event instead of a topic. Bad headline.