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pegothejerk t1_j5uaaid wrote

Nothing to see here, just our economy's most influential market appears to have people in charge who aren't using disconnected testing systems to test code that controls it before it's pushed into use, and there's obviously no redundant security built in to prevent a single person from crashing the market either on accident or on purpose.


nox_nox t1_j5ussji wrote

Seems to be on par considerably the FAA's reason for their system crashing...

Redundant testing systems are clearly too expensive. /s


NDoor_Cat t1_j5vydgi wrote

I'm surprised they haven't blamed a contractor yet. That seems to be the standard PR approach for these kind of things.


KingDanNZ t1_j5x15du wrote

Someone didn't do the needful before deploying into Prod.


Akimotoh t1_j5uwkvt wrote

Ah it's good that you know how to handle the NYSE system better than the engineers that run it while you complain about it on Reddit.


Odd-Pick7512 t1_j5v0sbi wrote

I don't need to be a Michelin star chef to tell you the literal pile of shit you put on a plate in front me is not a good meal.

You don't need to be able to create a financial system from the ground up to say capitalism and the US banking system and the government intervention in preventining corrupt financial institutions from failing is a figurative pile of shit put in front of all of us as we slave away for lower and lower wages with fewer and fewer social safety nets despite the disgusting GDP growth and corporate profits


A_Unique_User68801 t1_j5v1brt wrote

If you've spent any time working with infrastructure, you'd know that most places WOEFULLY underfund their technical environments.

Edit: My local government is a downright mess, and I can't help but think it is an endemic issue for any company/entity that has been around a long time, but not directly affiliated with technology.


BigCaregiver7285 t1_j5v2806 wrote

I built parts of it (caused my own intraday halt bug once). The place is run like a finance company rather than a technical one — they do tons of QA and they move glacially slow on tech adoption so lots of systems are way behind the curve compared to your modern tech company. Processes, technologies, methodologies are largely mandated from the top down by executives. You’re prohibited from trading and you don’t make the same amount of money you’d get at brokerages or hedge funds so they’re not really attracting quant level HFT engineers either. They do DR testing on weekends when the exchange is closed, they likely just forgot some operational process to revert for opening. The technical operations team was my biggest complaint - engineers aren’t allow to deploy their own software, there’s a special team that does it but they were practically incapable of doing anything on their own. I’d spend hours of my weekend watching a screen share of a guy trying to upgrade my package versions on our server for a deployment. He had a run book we had to write and me on the phone and he’d still fuck it up. I wanted him to cat a file or view the process list and I’d have to verbally spell out the keystrokes.