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YourPeePaw t1_j33o22e wrote

The story does not make clear which driver was driving the wrong way. Williams was not the wrong-way driver according to other sources.


WACK-A-n00b t1_j35c770 wrote

Yeah, that's a shitty article for not making it clear.

That really is tragic.


TailRudder t1_j35ovav wrote

"Newly sworn in lawmaker killed by wrong-way driver"

Was it really that hard?


LeahBrahms t1_j37bwrs wrote

But you have to tell everyone he surprisingly attended his own swearing in!


No_Library_5120 t1_j36mw10 wrote

Police blamed Walorski's crash on the other driver and people went crazy attacking her. Imagine if you were a member of her family and had to see that toxicity. They had to correct it a few days later when they found out it was Walorski's driver at fault, except hardly anyone saw the correction. Sometimes it's best to wait and not say anything until you're sure.


Amiiboid t1_j37ie46 wrote

> Sometimes it's best to wait and not say anything until you're sure.

Yes, but in the case the article that was referenced by the article that this article referenced did contain that information. It was omitted by the intermediate piece.


behemoth702 t1_j35iey9 wrote

"State police said Williams’ car was traveling in the left lane on the southbound side of Route 9 near exit 18 when a vehicle going north struck Williams’ car head on. Williams’ car was fully engulfed in flames."

In the article. Williams was struck by the wrong way driver.


YourPeePaw t1_j35wjf1 wrote

I think he’s also talking about the original posted article


standarddeviated_joe t1_j36z9ir wrote

You're right. You would think that would be a good point to make in the article. Sometimes I feel these articles are written by AI or outsourced to some foreign agency.


Upbeat-Bandicoot4130 t1_j37t5nq wrote

Good job posting that article, because I think everyone assumes that since he had attended his own swearing in ceremony, he was celebrating, and perhaps under the influence, and that he was the wrong way driver! Thanks for clearing that up!


Psychological-Ad-407 t1_j36y9lk wrote

"State police said Williams’ car was traveling in the left lane on the southbound side of Route 9 near exit 18 when a vehicle going north struck Williams’ car head on. Williams’ car was fully engulfed in flames." He was driving on the left lane


Amiiboid t1_j37j3lo wrote

> He was driving on the left lane.

To clarify, route 9 is a divided highway. So Williams was headed south on the southbound side, using the faster of the two lanes available. The other driver was going north on the southbound side.


Unable-Bison-272 t1_j34646s wrote

One of the scariest experiences of my life was seeing the headlights of a wrong way driver coming at me on the highway. Stay off the road when you are blackout drunk, folks.


Vegabern t1_j34zcuu wrote

And also just a little drunk. Or buzzed.


FirstKingOfNothing t1_j3514c3 wrote

Don't drink and drive at all.


[deleted] t1_j352moc wrote



neoikon t1_j353pc7 wrote

Tried it a couple times and got the spins and had a bad experience. Is there a recommended strain or type?


UncannyTarotSpread t1_j356wsx wrote

Indica can be better if a sativa is unpleasant for you. I tend towards hybrids with a lower THC content, which is better for me psychologically and helps with my chronic pain much more effectively.

A lot of weed is stupidly strong now, which - don’t get me wrong - is neat, and great for some people, but the intersection of brain and drug can get super funky on an individual basis. Good luck!


neoikon t1_j35a34v wrote

Thanks for the reply! My first try was a cookie... the ol' "it's not working, better eat more. Oops, I might die?" experience.

And the second time was in a honey, which I think had low amounts of THC, but still hit me too hard and had too many feels.

Perhaps too much is my problem. Wish I could experiment more, but damn backward State makes options low.


OrPerhapsFuckThat t1_j35qsus wrote

Starting with edibles was the issue. Edibles generally hit harder than smoking. Have a hit or two instead and you’ll be better able to manage the high when starting out.


Siliskk t1_j35x8pe wrote

I recommend low dose thc + cbd gummies. 10mg would do the trick assuming your not an avid user already


DirkBabypunch t1_j369a1b wrote

I've had similar experience, and the only time I really felt anything was followed by really bad spins and every bit of anxiety I hadn't felt during coming back from break at the same time. I suspect it's just something my brain is not well equipped to handle.

I'm not allowed to have it anymore(job reasons), so I'm not super bothered to find out.


zer1223 t1_j37juiz wrote

I swear edibles are rigged to only activate after you've eaten a second one


TheFrogWife t1_j35cysy wrote

Some people just don't do well with it, my partner and I both just don't enjoy it and that's after many many many attempts at liking it


Tsquires1922 t1_j35bwcc wrote

Just jumping in to echo the indica vs Sativa sentiment. Sativa has a tendency to create anxiety in some people, indica is more of the couch locked, let’s eat some Cheetos and talk about the universe feels. Another option is CBD flower, it’s super low THC, higher levels of CBD great for pain and a really pleasant very mild high. Great for daytime if you need to still get shit done or work or whatever. Bonus, it’s federally legal so you can order it online and have it shipped. I’m super pro cannabis and I think the world would be a better place if more people smoked and less people drank. Thanks for coming to my TED talk


neoikon t1_j35j3wd wrote

I've tried CBD a few times and felt nothing, unfortunately. Bummer. I did the drops. Maybe there's another type I should try instead.

Even though I haven't found success with all these types, I'm very much pro universal legalization. Yeah, I agree, better than alcohol, even though it is the only thing I can use ;)


Tsquires1922 t1_j35kxma wrote

Ahh yeah I didn’t have any luck with the drops either. I’m talking actual bud that is from a cannabis plant without the psychoactive THC just the CBD. You grind it up just like weed and smoke it. I wish you luck on your journey if you decide to pursue it 🤙🏼


idsayimafanoffrogs t1_j3640xc wrote

Talk to your “budtender” i always feel douchey saying that about your experience because stoners really our weed and we really like to see other people enjoying it- there are a lot of new products in an incredible variety of forms of consumption that I am too stoned to attempt to list but my real point is that as the cannabis market expands companies are trying to make it more accessible to people with less traditional experiences and there maybe the right method for you. I have learned what I like through trial an error and while you will have to have some of that there is a huge market in making that experience easier.

As Im rereading this it feels very consumeristic…


neoikon t1_j36r7tz wrote

I live in a backward red State :(


mshriver2 t1_j384d75 wrote

Start really low. You probably had to much to begin with. Get yourself a one hitter pipe and go slow.


grimegeist t1_j36czbh wrote

Was on a two-lane highway on the way to Vegas with my brother and a semi moved over to our lane, against traffic. My brother and I were in such shock at that moment that we had to register what we were witnessing. Luckily it was about a mile out so we had time to respond to it but it was insane. Almost as scary as watching a minivan pummeled under a semi’s front end.


knightZeRo t1_j37eqjf wrote

That is pretty common and legal to do to when passing other vehicles in the same lane. It has to be a dashed yellow center line and not on a blind hill or corner. Have to be careful though.


Upbeat-Bandicoot4130 t1_j37sw6z wrote

The same thing happened to me and my sister when I was driving from Vegas to Mammoth Lakes after having picked her up from the airport. Only the semi did that right in front of us, and were on the edge of the roadway as it illegally passed another semi so that there were three of us abreast on a two-lane highway in the middle of a blizzard! It was absolutely terrifying and my sister screamed the whole time! After the ordeal, she complimented me on my driving, and has done so ever since! Ha ha.


blinkvana t1_j3666by wrote

Wrong way drivers are usually confused old people. At least in my country.


Flaky_Seaweed_8979 t1_j37xnto wrote

I saw one coming at me on Halloween this year. Luckily I saw them way off, stopped and put on my hazards to kind of signal them, and they figured it out before the got to me.


PhysicsFornicator t1_j38fyxq wrote

Something similar happened to me in DC. The guy was driving a work van, and didn't realize he was in a turn only lane and started to drive towards the wrong side of the median directly at me. Never laid on my horn that hard in my life, thankfully he realized his mistake and slammed on his brakes.


Ok_Store_1983 t1_j33n2l6 wrote

That's very sad. I bet he was on his way to celebrate with family. Awful.


dunkirk23 t1_j35jham wrote

Have a friend who knew him well. Said he'd be the guy at an event or party who saw someone alone or feeling awkward, and he'd go to them and make them feel included. Did that wherever he was. Heart of gold.


MyFianceMadeMeJoin t1_j39n4cq wrote

Only interacted with him a couple times but he had an incredible warmth. A serious loss.


Kambeidono t1_j34wl1k wrote

Had a wrong way driver pass me in the lane next to me in college. I freaked out and called 911. It took three tries to explain to the operator that I was driving east and was passed by someone driving west on the east bound side of the road. Hands down one of the scariest experiences of my life. Please stay off the road if you are in anyway impaired.


Roundaboutsix t1_j34jasr wrote

CT Route 9 is dark, boring and dangerous. My cousin and I used to drive it often. One night he dozed off, crossed the median (a sixty foot wide grass strip) and woke up drinking in the wrong lane. He figured it out when he noticed the signs were facing the wrong way, and quickly recrossed to the correct side. I can see how people do it... (This case was especially tragic since the victim was a well respected politician...)


Ok-Control-787 t1_j34r9ga wrote

> woke up drinking in the wrong lane.

Your cousin might have a problem if he drinks while sleep driving


mindluge t1_j37lsrg wrote

it's important to be drunk in the specified drunk driving lane


Roundaboutsix t1_j3wu9cp wrote

‘Driving’ (Damn autocorrect!). But you’re partially right. Back then, forty years ago or so, attitudes were different about drinking and driving. Cops routinely stopped drunks, asked them how far they were going, and let them go. I’d watch a football game with my father, drinking 3-4 beers during the game. He’d routinely walk me to the car with a beer in his jacket pocket and say, “Here’s one for the road.” It’s hard to believe now, looking back. (Having experienced both eras, I prefer the modern day anti drinking and driving attitude.)


MyFianceMadeMeJoin t1_j39nl57 wrote

Exit 18 south bound meant the wrong way driver had gone a good ways north on the southbound side out of Middletown. Totally nuts.


caring_impaired t1_j36ky88 wrote

Driving over the grass median didn’t wake him immediately? Sorry, that’s BS.


Roundaboutsix t1_j3wuvxc wrote

That was his story (I wasn’t there.). He admitted he had been drinking beer all night before driving 30 miles, back home, after last call.


caring_impaired t1_j3wyn3r wrote

sounds like a great guy.


Roundaboutsix t1_j4rguy8 wrote

Unfortunately, drinking and driving was ‘tolerated’ back then. Cops would stop drunks, ask them how far they were going, then let them go...


caring_impaired t1_j4rnznp wrote

i got my license in 1989. My father put the fear of death in me should I ever get pulled over for DUI (formerly DWI).


SkillsDepayNabils t1_j34n2dj wrote

why do there seem to be so many wrong way drivers in the us? is it something to do with the roads?


TenderfootGungi t1_j34t3uv wrote

We do not have public transportation. It is the same reason the legal drinking age in the US is 21 instead of younger like most other countries. If you go somewhere, you have to drive.


Adamweeesssttt t1_j34vbmz wrote

It’s gotten better, but there are not enough wrong way signs on highway/freeway exits. When it’s dark and you don’t know an area well or at all, it can happen. When I was in high school I went to get on a freeway and quickly realized I was heading down the off-ramp. There was no one around or exiting the freeway so I could back up without issue, but it was a formative moment in my early driving years.


AStartIsBorn t1_j35k7lb wrote

In Los Angeles, I began seeing wrong-way drivers several years ago, after years of never seeing them before. At the time, I figured it was the influx of newcomers from other states/cities/whatever.


Mr-MuffinMan t1_j34xaxf wrote

That’s just fucking sad. I bet he was so excited to be sworn in and start working. Condolences to his family.


RuinedEye t1_j358krr wrote

> finally


>A Connecticut state representative was killed overnight in a wrong-way highway crash after having attended the governor’s inaugural ball and his own swearing-in ceremony for a third term, House Democratic leaders said Thursday.

very first sentence


kstinfo t1_j35g224 wrote

The article implies Williams was at fault but it should have been specific.


Amiiboid t1_j37kehr wrote

> The article implies Williams was at fault

Does it?


VAdogdude t1_j391ybw wrote

Obliquely, it seems, yes. It identifies Williams as driving and that both drivers died. It later says the victims were not identified. It seems intended to leave the impression that the occupants of the other car were Williams' victims. If that was not the intention, then that was very poorly written.


THEFLYINGSCOTSMAN415 t1_j373hx9 wrote

Title feels purposely vague to make us believe the lawmaker was the one driving on the wrong side


Simonsez22 t1_j374ahz wrote

Always go for the states news WTNH ‘Devastating’: Connecticut state lawmaker killed in crash involving wrong-way driver


CysticFish t1_j35ei3t wrote

My mom was driving in an unfamiliar city, missed a turn, and didn’t realize the two-lane road we’d been on was one way. So she gets back on it the wrong way, and I notice a car is coming directly at us in the same lane (a holy shit moment), which quickly swerved over. But my mom made the correct turn and didn’t even realize what had happened.

Edit: this was a buried memory until the moment I saw this headline. Actually went and found the road online, and the one way signs are pretty tiny. I remember it was night time, so I kind of understand how she missed it.


melouofs t1_j36q7o2 wrote

How tragic! He was having a wonderful day-about to embark on a career he’d fought for, and ends up dead due to the carelessness of another.


Fabulous-Ad6844 t1_j36wj1w wrote

Am I the only that suspects foul play? I mean he was just sworn in and he’s black. A prime target for the right wing terrorists who think only white men should be in power. I hope this is thoroughly investigated.


Amiiboid t1_j37kw8c wrote

It was almost one in the morning on a random stretch of highway. Foul play is very unlikely.


Psychological-Ad-407 t1_j36y0dg wrote

He was the one driving on the left side...


Simonsez22 t1_j370hy5 wrote

The person that hit him was driving north in the southbound lane. By left lane they are saying he was in the passing lane.


Amiiboid t1_j37l6is wrote

He wasn’t driving on the left side of the road. He was driving in the left lane on the correct side of a divided highway. The other driver was going the wrong way.


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InfamousEdit t1_j34kt58 wrote

They might want something crazy, like a license to operate a vehicle, or to force you to purchase insurance for any mistakes you make!