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neoikon t1_j353pc7 wrote

Tried it a couple times and got the spins and had a bad experience. Is there a recommended strain or type?


UncannyTarotSpread t1_j356wsx wrote

Indica can be better if a sativa is unpleasant for you. I tend towards hybrids with a lower THC content, which is better for me psychologically and helps with my chronic pain much more effectively.

A lot of weed is stupidly strong now, which - don’t get me wrong - is neat, and great for some people, but the intersection of brain and drug can get super funky on an individual basis. Good luck!


neoikon t1_j35a34v wrote

Thanks for the reply! My first try was a cookie... the ol' "it's not working, better eat more. Oops, I might die?" experience.

And the second time was in a honey, which I think had low amounts of THC, but still hit me too hard and had too many feels.

Perhaps too much is my problem. Wish I could experiment more, but damn backward State makes options low.


OrPerhapsFuckThat t1_j35qsus wrote

Starting with edibles was the issue. Edibles generally hit harder than smoking. Have a hit or two instead and you’ll be better able to manage the high when starting out.


Siliskk t1_j35x8pe wrote

I recommend low dose thc + cbd gummies. 10mg would do the trick assuming your not an avid user already


DirkBabypunch t1_j369a1b wrote

I've had similar experience, and the only time I really felt anything was followed by really bad spins and every bit of anxiety I hadn't felt during coming back from break at the same time. I suspect it's just something my brain is not well equipped to handle.

I'm not allowed to have it anymore(job reasons), so I'm not super bothered to find out.


zer1223 t1_j37juiz wrote

I swear edibles are rigged to only activate after you've eaten a second one


TheFrogWife t1_j35cysy wrote

Some people just don't do well with it, my partner and I both just don't enjoy it and that's after many many many attempts at liking it


Tsquires1922 t1_j35bwcc wrote

Just jumping in to echo the indica vs Sativa sentiment. Sativa has a tendency to create anxiety in some people, indica is more of the couch locked, let’s eat some Cheetos and talk about the universe feels. Another option is CBD flower, it’s super low THC, higher levels of CBD great for pain and a really pleasant very mild high. Great for daytime if you need to still get shit done or work or whatever. Bonus, it’s federally legal so you can order it online and have it shipped. I’m super pro cannabis and I think the world would be a better place if more people smoked and less people drank. Thanks for coming to my TED talk


neoikon t1_j35j3wd wrote

I've tried CBD a few times and felt nothing, unfortunately. Bummer. I did the drops. Maybe there's another type I should try instead.

Even though I haven't found success with all these types, I'm very much pro universal legalization. Yeah, I agree, better than alcohol, even though it is the only thing I can use ;)


Tsquires1922 t1_j35kxma wrote

Ahh yeah I didn’t have any luck with the drops either. I’m talking actual bud that is from a cannabis plant without the psychoactive THC just the CBD. You grind it up just like weed and smoke it. I wish you luck on your journey if you decide to pursue it 🤙🏼


idsayimafanoffrogs t1_j3640xc wrote

Talk to your “budtender” i always feel douchey saying that about your experience because stoners really our weed and we really like to see other people enjoying it- there are a lot of new products in an incredible variety of forms of consumption that I am too stoned to attempt to list but my real point is that as the cannabis market expands companies are trying to make it more accessible to people with less traditional experiences and there maybe the right method for you. I have learned what I like through trial an error and while you will have to have some of that there is a huge market in making that experience easier.

As Im rereading this it feels very consumeristic…


neoikon t1_j36r7tz wrote

I live in a backward red State :(


mshriver2 t1_j384d75 wrote

Start really low. You probably had to much to begin with. Get yourself a one hitter pipe and go slow.