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GhostlyRuse OP t1_j33w2ce wrote

Wikipedia is donor driven, in case anyone wants to show their support.


jonathanrdt t1_j33z4vs wrote

Every year. Most valuable knowledge resource in history. Fighting it makes governments look stupid.


kstinfo t1_j35e6xd wrote

I don't subscribe to any newspaper (NYT, WAPO, etc.) I don't contribute to any politician or political campaign. I do send wikipedia money.


HereOnASphere t1_j36ggkq wrote

I don't use Facebook. I subscribe to a local newspaper. There wouldn't be any local news without it. I also send money to Wikipedia and Mozilla.


kstinfo t1_j35gfon wrote

Worth adding to my wiki support comment is that if I was going to subscribe to a news source it would be The Guardian.