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Icewear_Daddy t1_j34cpqf wrote

What are the odds that they'll release him back to the cartel again?

"Ovidio was briefly detained in the northern state of Sinaloa in October 2019 by security forces, but then quickly released because of violent retribution from his cartel"


pokeybill t1_j34fwhg wrote

He was released in 2019 because police weren't expecting to catch him and didn't have backup to deal with the fallout.

This time it's the military and a larger operation - if they are smart he is far from Sinaloa at this point.


SsurebreC t1_j34wi9r wrote

From the article:

> > The defense secretary, Luís Cresencio Sandoval, told reporters that Guzmán had been transferred to the Mexican capital after his capture by members of the army and national guard.


waiv t1_j37u5t1 wrote

That turned out to be a lie, they had an operation to arrest him back in 2019, they just botched it badly because they used his new "National Guard" to do it and they were inexperienced in these kind of operations. Now they used the Marines and they extracted him quickly, but the government failed to defend the city.


Nihlus_Kriyk t1_j34e9t0 wrote

If its Marines or special forces. No chance.


Spectre_06 t1_j35dfwr wrote

I remember the videos on LiveLeak of Mexican Marines pulling up on cartel members in their cars, dragging them out and slitting their throats, just to leave them in the middle of said street.

Mexican Marines don't fuck around.


Ariandrin t1_j35q2zn wrote

Because worse awaits them if the roles are reversed and the cartels get the jump.


Rambos_Beard t1_j37llp7 wrote

We trained with them in 96 and 97 when they were starting to change their doctrine to being more active against drug cartels and I can vouch for that. One had a polaroid of him holding two heads in his hands of cartel guys he said chopped off with a machete. That was beyond bizarre for 22 year old me to see.


Waste-Worth-1047 t1_j35r73u wrote

zero. it would be way too embarrassing and as mentioned the last time they got him it wasn't a raid and they didn't have the support to pull it off. they still have leverage as well. either call off the dogs and serve your time in mexico or you'll be in the cell block your father is at the supermax in the US painting your walls with your own poop.


VitaminxDee t1_j350yto wrote

They flew him out of the country as quickly as they could. It'll be hell in Mexico for awhile .