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Boopy7 t1_j60gwon wrote

I've been following stuff like this more than ever, tech-fascism is truly terrifying. Entire countries have been taken over and attacked with so few seeming to care. I can't read about it too late at night bc when you know how tenuous our security is, how dependent everything is on technology...well I can't fall asleep. I mean this is pretty much how we have been at war with Russia and their allies, how our own gov't no longer is faithful to America. Talk about insecure borders, forget it -- there are none with technology.


oceanicfeels t1_j630fmp wrote

Try reading about the human body.

Life is delicately precarious, my friend. Everything is interconnected in a vast web of causative links.


Boopy7 t1_j64lmkt wrote

somehow I'm not as scared about the human body, and yeah I do love reading about it. Even its weird mistakes I find fascinating although it's true it could be terrifying if you let it get to you. No -- the human body is not malevolent towards its owner. It just exists and functions until it doesn't, but there is no true ill intent or planning in it.