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lumpkin2013 OP t1_j4swxvm wrote

$76,000,000 in salary and incentives over the last 2 years to one man. Meanwhile, they're planning hiring freezes and layoffs.


ChucksNorris243 t1_j4tklwo wrote

Now they gotta pay 2 CEOs, time to cut staff and make hot dogs $11 again


JennJayBee t1_j4tpngt wrote

The hot dogs have been $12-15 since at least 2021.

That's the price BEFORE the markups begin.

Edit: You can get a plain or plant-based dog for about $10.


ChucksNorris243 t1_j4tpwxi wrote

Ouch!! Haven't been to Disney World since 1/2020 and guess I didn't notice at Disney Land in October. Awful.


JennJayBee t1_j4tq88t wrote

I'm going off of Casey's Corner prices at WDW. They might be different in California.


NYCinPGH t1_j4ts6oi wrote

This is why I don’t get fast food at WDW - if I’m going to get gouged, I at least want good food, and if possible, someone to bring it to me.


JennJayBee t1_j4tt27a wrote

The table service isn't always good, either. The better restaurants honestly are either at Disney Springs or the resorts.

But there are a few of the quick service locations that stood out.

The Buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich over at ABC Commissary was amazing, but I've learned how to make it at home for much cheaper.

Satu'li Canteen is pretty good, too.

If you want a hot dog, you leave the park and go to Portillo's. Chicago dog with the best damn onion rings and a slice of chocolate cake (or a cake shake)... It's well worth the calories.


NYCinPGH t1_j4tvivo wrote

That’s pretty much where we are. There are 1 or 2 Table Service in each park we like (and not always the popular ones), and we’ll do lunches there, but for dinners, we always go to a restaurant in a resort near the park we’ve been in all day, in the resort we’re staying, or at Disney Springs.


Powered_by_JetA t1_j4tv8c3 wrote

The hot dogs at B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. at Disney Springs are phenomenal too and worth the price, plus they come with a bag of chips for free.


Fishfisherton t1_j4vel5c wrote

Had dinner with some family friends at the german biergarten and the table service was downright HOSTILE. Every 2-3 minutes the waiter would come over and ask "Anything I can get you? CHECK?" To try to get us out as fast as they could.


JennJayBee t1_j4vjxqw wrote

Yikes. Thankfully, I've never had an issue with bad service. It's just that the food/experience has typically been mediocre for the price, with a few rare exceptions. Cinderella's Royal Table, for example, only just brought back the princesses roaming the room. Previously, folks had been fighting over reservations and paying up to nearly $70/person just to have Cindy come out and occasionally wave. (And the food was Denny's quality.)

And that's been pretty much on brand for in park restaurants as a whole lately— underwhelming overpriced food. Places like Boathouse (Disney Springs) aren't cheap, but at least the food and overall experience is better.


dubBAU5 t1_j4wu955 wrote

Portillos is always the right choice.


JennJayBee t1_j4xh0ha wrote

I'm mostly there for the onion rings, honestly, but it's all good.


onlyhere4gonewild t1_j4t04zx wrote

Poor guy.


literalilliteratekat t1_j4tt7i0 wrote

No but you see CEOs of his talent are that rare, and if they didn't pay him that much he'd get poached! No sir, you could not find anyone else out of 8 billion people that could do a better job.


Powered_by_JetA t1_j4tv3of wrote

Man, I would've pissed off literally everyone and lied to shareholders for $19.9 million. Disney, hire me next.


LoveBulge t1_j4uioxl wrote

You’ve got it all wrong! We paid him $76 Million to only lose Disney $3 Billion, if we paid him less the losses could’ve been double that. Trust us, we did the maff.


ioncloud9 t1_j4v3m08 wrote

I bet you could write an AI that could do his job better than he did.


Gonkimus t1_j4ua680 wrote

He'll be on skid row in about a week with that chump change exit pay. :(


kingaustin t1_j4t3ivn wrote

That’s what all the price gauging and cost cutting was for.


McBurty t1_j4toy9z wrote

That, ESPN and Fox


JennJayBee t1_j4tpx1m wrote

Hold on to your butts, because they're looking at buying WWE next.


McBurty t1_j4uuv71 wrote

Its rumored that WWE was just sold to the Saudi investment fund.


lumpkin2013 OP t1_j4tsp3t wrote

I think what we need is for investors to start lawsuits against the boards of these corporations.

A shareholder should be able to get a lot better return on investment by the company investing in new products, or the company, or acquisitions. Giving gigantic payouts to small groups of individuals cannot be a good return on value no matter what those individuals do.

Don't forget he's the CEO but all the other C-levels and board members are probably getting millions of dollars as well.


dew22 t1_j4twh0e wrote

There’s already an activist share holder trying to get a seat on the board. Who knows maybe something will happen


Martholomeow t1_j4wc28l wrote

Disney has almost 200,000 employees. If the average salary is $75k then $76m adds up to around 1000 employees. But as far as i can tell they laid off around 4000 people.


thenextamerican t1_j4t5gps wrote

When I grow up I want to be an ousted CEO.


thrawn815 t1_j4tfmbi wrote

I want to be a failed division 1 football coach


teecrafty t1_j4tzc6l wrote

Just molest children and you in


plassteel01 t1_j4u0im3 wrote

I thought that is how Republicans got their congressman


monogreenforthewin t1_j4wi2q4 wrote

that got stale. Republicans are all in on fugitives from Brazil now.


Exseatsniffer t1_j4u3h9z wrote

Unless peachy paterno and the penstate powers that be are your bosses, then it's "just carry on" and "could you be more discreet? It'll disturb the season if it comes out!"


mejok t1_j4urpsd wrote

I want to follow the Jose Mourniho career path. Get a job, get a lot of praise, but after 2-3 years fall out with the boss and get fired with a multi-million payout. Then on the basis of the initial praise, get another job and do the same thing.


rtb001 t1_j4v45w1 wrote

Mourniho wasn't getting jobs just on the initial praise through. He was successful or better at each stop, winning league titles, UEFA Champions League, Europa league etc.

What you want is Doc Rivers. Luck into one championship when your GM creates one of NBA's earliest superteams for you, then ride the coattails of that one trophy for the next 15 years, blowing one playoff after another (damn near blew a 3-0 lead last year! ), sometimes throw your own players under the bus after those losses, yet never without a job, and somehow makes it onto the NBA's top 15 coaches of all time list, because the American basketball world loves to screw over Rudy T for some reason.


mejok t1_j4v8dm2 wrote

Yeah true. I was just joking because there was some graphic floating around after he got fired from man united showing his lifetime earnings just from being fired and it was like in the tens of millions. Dude wins something everywhere he goes..well except at Spurs, but they’re…well Spurs.


Villedo t1_j4xk7gh wrote

Rudy T was dope.


rtb001 t1_j4xup2j wrote

How he couldn't even make the HoF until 2021 is beyond me.


Villedo t1_j4xv9oj wrote

Almost like the HOF’s really enjoy trolling as they all like to play the heel role.


rtb001 t1_j4xw7ap wrote

I think it is only the baseball HoF which pulls that stringent shit. All the other HoFs let mostly anyone of note in, which is why Rudy being snubbed for so long is such a mystery.


Villedo t1_j4xwivh wrote

I think the Rock & Roll HOF is pretty troll too.


redditdave2018 t1_j4zz359 wrote

Don't forget trade for your son, give him most playing tine hes ever gotten in his career then sign him to a multi million dollar contract.


b1droid t1_j4x2ote wrote

The Luke Walton plan, did it in the same state too, talk about efficiency without any of the praise as well


rtb001 t1_j4v5gum wrote

Actually a moderately successful FBS coach is way way more lucrative. Just look at the money super agent Jimmy Sexton got for James Franklin, Mel Tucker, and Jimbo Fisher! All getting nearly 10 million a year just based on like 1 good year of results.


patrickclegane t1_j4vf1dl wrote

Worth about the same, Bryan Harsin also got 20 million to go away


mejok t1_j4url2z wrote

no shit. If I get fired from my job all I get is my remaining vacation days paid out.


TheKrytosVirus t1_j4uw42c wrote

Wow, look at this guy, getting unused vacation paid to him. My company makes us accrue vacation time on a per hour worked basis over the course of the fiscal year and none of our time (sick, vacation, holiday) rolls over. Use it or lose it.


mejok t1_j4uyu72 wrote

Mine adds up. Well we don’t have anything like sick time. I mean you can sick but there is no limit. We have 25 Vacation days per year and unused days roll over, so like I I don’t use them I can use them the next year. After a certain period of time they get paid out. I didn’t use much vacation time during 2020 and 2021 so I had like 40 vacation days in 2022. Used all but 4 days. It was nice


TheKrytosVirus t1_j4xw5g5 wrote

I am insanely jealous. If I call out sick or to stay home with my sick kids without paid sick time available, I get 1 mark against me. After 7, I'm on a 1 year probation, two more during that 1 year (measured from when the 7th was tagged) and I am terminated. Marks only go away after 12 months from the day it happened. Our attendance system blows.


L00pback t1_j4uu5c5 wrote

Can’t believe he didn’t get as much as Bob Nardelli did when Home Depot ousted him. $121 million and that was 16ish years ago.


bonesnaps t1_j4xl3o9 wrote

Young Timmy, let's be realistic here. At least aspire to be an astronaut or something. ^^^^/s


SilverCamaroZ28 t1_j4tbe0w wrote

Fuck CEOs and their golden parachutes. There is no way this should be legal or allowed. You do a shitty job, you get fired. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and go find another job. Use your savings to get by. Fuck these people.


Narberal_Delta t1_j4tf0i4 wrote

boot straps? Fucker got paid more money then both of us will ever make in our entire lives. I could retire on 5 million. let alone 70+


Awkward_Bowler t1_j4tubqv wrote

I've actually calculated it and I need about $2 million to make all my dreams come true. Obviously that goes up quite a bit if I want to take care of my family and start one of my own, but just for the shit I want to do in life to be fulfilled? That's it. I'll never understand all the billionaires who continue the race to the bottom to accumulate more and more fractions of wealth. Literally makes no sense to me, just seems like a sad way to live your life...


vikingzx t1_j4txa7c wrote

Meritocracy is all but dead in America.


Konras t1_j4ud83e wrote

Imagine this guy now finding a job with regular pay. Why even bother. Anything apart another CEO position is like working for free.


NikeSwish t1_j4v4txc wrote

It’s part of his negotiated contract. Disney doesn’t want to pay him this amount


AcidTWister t1_j4tbtuf wrote

If you guys are just handing out money, I can fuck some shit up for like half that much.


JennJayBee t1_j4trdd0 wrote

I just need 24 hours to fire all the janitors and tram operators, turn over all food vending to the folks in charge of the Italy booth at EPCOT festivals, switch out all the ketchup packets, shut down the eggroll cart, release 100 limited edition Starbucks cups, take away free parking from passholders, cancel all ride repairs, and put up even more walls at EPCOT.

How much do I get?


rtb001 t1_j4v5w8s wrote

Alright there Elon, you're already "running" 3 companies, at least wait until Twitter is in the ground before you go after another CEO gig.


JennJayBee t1_j4vh0n1 wrote

The funny thing is... Those are almost all basically exaggerations of things Chapek did. (He never shut down the eggroll cart.)

The janitorial staff has definitely been cut, and he still hasn't managed to get trams back up and running. Food quality has dropped as prices continue to rise. He actually did switch out the ketchup packets from Heinz. Some merchandising/supply issues ended up with long lines stretching through parks and even a few fights, though this was at least not necessarily his fault. He cut passholder perks while raising prices and referred to them as "undesirable." And construction slowed on EPCOT projects despite having plenty of downtime to have worked on them— resulting in what guests refer to as "Wallcot."


CoastingUphill t1_j4tw7zr wrote

Ok but you still have to be the target of at least 1 lawsuit from Scarlett Johannson first.


mushpuppy t1_j4wh5ay wrote

It's true. Practically any subreddit could've run the company at least as well as Chapek did. /r/wallstreetbets maybe.


[deleted] t1_j4sx628 wrote



upvoatsforall t1_j4tf60h wrote

It was made to look like a slap on the wrist but it was actually a diamond studded gold slap bracelet they were giving him.


CliffRacer17 t1_j4tc8cf wrote

Millions of dollars of wealth created by artists, writers, sound designers, park employees and countless others... All going to one undeserving man. When do we start owning businesses together, as workers? Instead of all these out-of-touch shitheads?


mugen__870 t1_j4tt02s wrote

That’s what socialism would provide. The US seems to be very slowly learning that is the only logical way forward.

The workers do the work, not the bosses, let the people run the companies and vote on decisions.


dak4f2 t1_j4u5ihm wrote

What makes you think the US is learning anything?

Please give me your optimism and some hope! No seriously. What have we learnt? I feel a bit hopeless but don't want to.


Ikea_Man t1_j4vbc8z wrote

i think it's slowly changing as an older millennial in corporate management

people in 20s - 30s are really bucking the "everything for the company" mentality trend that older generations instilled in themselves. no more bragging about not taking sick time, no more loyalty to companies (aka jumping around for raises)

workers not putting up with things as much, noticing how shitty the system is, almost like people are waking up a little

honestly think the main thing that needs to change is that the 60+ crowd needs to die off and let the next gen move in. values are different and i think will lead to a better workforce


TheThirdJudgement t1_j5na9m2 wrote

To learn that you would need to be able to tell the difference between socialism, communism and soviets.

That battle is hard lost in the States.


unknowngodess t1_j4sxpwe wrote

That's one hellva golden parachute!


sciguy52 t1_j4tihi5 wrote

CEO's: when failing at your job and getting fired only makes you richer. He should get two weeks severance not millions for failure.


EtgBobitto t1_j4sxbt7 wrote

Meanwhile, I get fired and told, "What check Punk!"


ChimericalChemical t1_j4t3xbq wrote

“Go you’re trespassing I don’t know you, collect final check from the state”


snarkycouple t1_j4tvin2 wrote

I was in management at Intel and was just laid off. This guy makes 200 times what I did to fail at his job.

CEOs are making more money than ever despite bringing little to no value. On top of it they are perpetuating the myth that C level execs are worth that kind of compensation.

I know, some "free market" fan boy will correct me soon and say that's what the market demands for execs but I would counter that C level execs are price fixing and artificially inflating their own salaries.


Hiddencamper t1_j4vzi9w wrote

Part of this issue, is laws meant to force CEO pay to be public has only resulted in the CEOs getting more negotiating power with each other. So their pay has skyrocketed.

The public outage and shareholder outrage apparently isn’t big enough for them to care.


Thedrunner2 t1_j4syp7n wrote

“And I want fast pass access at all parks for one year. Especially at the Avatar ride.”


trer24 t1_j4tqr7o wrote

Corporations collude to keep wages depressed for workers ..why don't they work together and stop offering these golden parachutes?

What is wrong with our culture, that we think paying one man all this money for nothing is more important than paying 1000 workers who actually do work?


mac3414 t1_j4sz49h wrote

Great, another thing to worry about. I hope he'll be okay. /s


JonathanDP81 t1_j4szhs4 wrote

Nice job if you can get it.

How much park refurbishment would that have paid for?


Amelia_Blake_ t1_j4t9gqw wrote

I wish Disney would fire me. I could use a raise


ryeguymft t1_j4trtdt wrote

man imagine getting paid that much because you got fired for being bad at your job


clumsy_aerialist t1_j4sz02i wrote

He should split it with Scarlett Johansson. Also, he should be banned from the parks.


[deleted] t1_j4tnc90 wrote



AdeptLegacy t1_j5mcmbi wrote

You'll have to pillage and ransack a whole generations dreams.


broforce t1_j4twwwg wrote

He laid me off with a dear valued employee email.

In that company, we always used the term cast member. Never employee.

Damn that man.


Tinosdoggydaddy t1_j4trk9m wrote

Fuck up Disney, get fired, get $20M for your efforts. Who owns that place….they may want to look into this.


JennJayBee t1_j4tsl5c wrote

Dude... Multiple things in the parks, including the castle in the Magic Kingdom, literally were on fire while this guy was in charge.


Bufflegends t1_j4wkwv8 wrote

meanwhile, disney staffers are struggling, the parks are in disrepair, parks still badly understaffed, lots and lots of work needs to be done to regain public approval… but no, chapek needs $20M. that sounds like a better use of resources. 🤦🏻‍♂️


VexatiousBoner t1_j4td8pd wrote

Poor guy. I hope he can make it out there.


danuffer t1_j4tq7jd wrote

Do you realize how expensive this guys lifestyle probably is? Guy might have to scale back to flying first class commercial between his seven houses for the next few years…


lostpawn13 t1_j4ty9ua wrote

How much it cost to be Bob Iger’s fall guy for covid and overpaying for properties.


-OQO- t1_j4v68d8 wrote

For context, that’s only one days take at Disneyworld.


macross1984 t1_j4thfqb wrote

Got away committing perfect crime.


New_Average_2522 t1_j4tua0z wrote

What does his job entail really? Seems like it would be a lot of handshakes and the occasional “hard no” on penetration in the cartoon movies. What else am I missing? Disney is a national treasure and doesn’t rely on one guy to run it. These bloated positions need to go when you’re not a start-up.


2ndHandTardis t1_j4u2gh3 wrote

Just imagine how much Bob Iger is getting for coming back.

Executive pay is beyond insane.


ReflexImprov t1_j4v1hsj wrote

They should stream his cleaning out his office on Disney+ and then pay him a fraction of that amount because of the way he treated Scarlett Johansson.


Ronin_Y2K t1_j4v8ofr wrote

Consequences are for peasants


662willett t1_j4w57tn wrote

Rat gets payout from mouse


bandit69 t1_j4w5m4z wrote

Damn, I can fuck up a company for a hell of a lot less than 20 million. Hire me!


Senyu t1_j4w5yme wrote

How long will the people allow the oligarch CEO's of America continue?


oneradtech t1_j4w8enw wrote

Thanks for fucking everything you touched up.

Here’s $20m.

Yay, capitalism.


derplurkins t1_j514fau wrote

I was an investigator for abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation among the developmentally disadvantaged for three years before I couldn't stop thinking about my cases or taking those thoughts home with me. When I left, I didn't even get a goodbye party. Fuck your 20 mil.


Ckss t1_j4t3ut5 wrote

Better be paying some damn taxes like the rest of us!


immortal_duckbeak t1_j4tnssa wrote

I have no problem with CEOs getting millions if they get results but this guy underperformed and was replaced.


Jmanmyers t1_j4tvgof wrote

Must be niiice, trying to be like you my boy


Gonkimus t1_j4ua31q wrote

It makes no sense, it's not like he needs that 20 million LOL, backwards world of horror is what we live in.


SunnySaigon t1_j4ud4x8 wrote

Sponsored by Disney Plus subscriptions


sedition- t1_j4ujg8f wrote

If anyone from Disney is watching this thread I promise I can do a much worse job than him for half the cost.


donutseason t1_j4usg7f wrote

To quote legendary Formula 1 racer, Kimi Raikkonen, “FOR WHAT?!?!?!?”


Screamingboneman t1_j4v0jg1 wrote

That fuck deserves nothing. His actions almost brought down the company!


Marthaver1 t1_j4v5bfl wrote

Fired TV hosts like Matt Laura & Bill O’Reilly got more for sexually harassing women at their work place.


Zimmy68 t1_j4vbnjr wrote

As Coach O said to LSU. Where's the exit and what door do you want me to use?


ThisOneForMee t1_j4vmg98 wrote

People acting like this wasn't part of his contract which was signed when he was hired. Wait until you hear how much fired football coaches get paid


trent58 t1_j4vmurc wrote

For the immense third degree profesional burn. I still think this is too much. But in America CEOs can earn whatever the fuck they want.


snewz404 t1_j4whate wrote

Shit better cut 10k jobs now.


Greeky_tiki t1_j4wsedn wrote

They should pay it out in Disney coupons


Local-Talk-3831 t1_j4xvo1j wrote

As he should. Ordinary folks aren’t worthy. /s


boostedbeas t1_j56buba wrote

New CEO should make all drinks free but charge $5 for bathrooms.