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black_flag_4ever t1_j36w6kp wrote

A dangerous treadmill people have to pay a monthly subscription for. The future sucks.


HardlyDecent t1_j36wfnu wrote

We were on the path to flying cars and Rosie the housekeepers...yet here we are with man-eating treadmills.


dkran t1_j388ve0 wrote

Leave my childhood out of this, those were good times.


eastbayted OP t1_j3659lg wrote

Peloton had received more than 150 reports of incidents involving people, pets or objects being pulled under and entrapped at the rear of the treadmill, by the time the company informed regulators, the CPSC said.

Those reported incidents included the death of a child and 13 injuries, including broken bones, lacerations, abrasions and friction burns, the agency said.


colossalboom t1_j382zya wrote

We've had treadmills for ages, can Peloton test their equipment first, at least?


dkran t1_j3890co wrote

Lol seriously have the execs never been to a gym and seen someone struggling on a treadmill? The least they could do is incorporate safety features for overpriced treadmills


DeNoodle t1_j38xf24 wrote

Rich people are smarter than fatty poors who don't know how to live right. /s


IkLms t1_j395knd wrote

Oh they can. They just didn't like the aesthetics of making it safe.


TheodoreK2 t1_j3807es wrote

How are they different from any other treadmill? Almost every treadmill I’ve ever seen has an exposed back end that could pull something under.


cadencecarlson t1_j38kcwu wrote

They’re higher off the ground than the average treadmill.


finalremix t1_j38vlyv wrote

Plus, their model torques up and then starts accelerating backward and forward to try to further mangle dislodge the obstruction when it senses one.


dustofdeath t1_j3967t7 wrote

Do they have a safety strap if some kind? Magnetic key or similar that would turn it off?