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MrDangerMan t1_j62xa7r wrote

Every fucking day now with these fucking cops.


RantoniFantoni t1_j64m08y wrote

You missed Miami Lakes arresting a man over 100 times a year just to meet quota, including for trespassing at his own home and place of work in front of his boss. His boss turned over surveillance footage to the local news to get cops to stop illegally arresting him to meet quota.

And nobody ever got punished for it.



definitely_not_tina t1_j6599nj wrote

Yikes that led me down a rabbit hole to some major corruption. I don’t see how anybody can begin to “fix” that without a top-down approach


RantoniFantoni t1_j659lbr wrote

>I don’t see how anybody can begin to “fix” that without a top-down approach

Congratulations! You discovered systemic racism!

Now your considered woke, a believer in CRT (and naturally racist against white people) and a member of BLM/Antifa by Tucker Carlson!


definitely_not_tina t1_j65a2t1 wrote

In that Wikipedia article, the Alex Saleh referenced is the same person as the Ali Amin Saleh who was arrested in the posted article. Something is fishy.

Edit: why the downvotes? It looks like the police are racketeering (meaning they’re extorting or coercing) Mr. Ali and fired the only cop who reported it


rdxxx t1_j68czgx wrote

People talking about 'good cops' should read that link, these are not incidents it's systemic. 'Good cops' end up fired or leave.


RantoniFantoni t1_j6bll5u wrote

>'Good cops' end up fired or leave.

He sued the city and a bunch of the cops, one of the cops in the lawsuit felt bad and corroborated his story, and was fired soon after.

PD = Biggest Gang. If you snitch on PD Gang you get fired. Imagine that, cops get fired for doing the right thing. I guess enforcing the law is not the same as doing the right thing as we saw in Ulvade.

They truly are there to enforce law and order, and only do good or save your life if that happens to align with law and order, otherwise your shit out of luck.


buried_lede t1_j66b9d1 wrote

This is not that uncommon. I mean the sheer number is, but… Police do it to targets for lots of different reasons. They know you might believe one false arrest but no one believes you on two or three, unless they really know the criminal justice system. There is even a name for it among defense lawyers: “recidivist innocent.”


RantoniFantoni t1_j687z7w wrote

They targeted him and a few others because they gave up on their rights. Because after 2 or 3 of the bullshit stops and arrests on private property with witnesses that would be a slam dunk for a lawsuit in the minds of most reasonable people. But because this dude for whatever reason didn't exercise his rights and didn't fight the abuse, they used him as a door mat to meet quotas.


Ffffqqq t1_j62zzia wrote

deprivation of rights under color of law

>if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap...shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.


Sensate60 t1_j63d2jt wrote

This was in Florida. Christ, police in this country continue to get worse.


impy695 t1_j63eu0r wrote

It's a horrible crime, but I really don't like that the death penalty is an option for kidnapping or sexual assault, whether it's a hate crime or not.


LurkBot9000 t1_j63qhpo wrote

Cops are supposed to be a trusted government organization. If penalties arent as high if not higher for something like this then they're no better than a government backed street gang, or worse Home Owner Association


mohammedibnakar t1_j64zms9 wrote

Yep. If you make the punishment for a rape or kidnapping at the same level as murder you just incentivize rapists and kidnappers to kill their victims


Lostinthisworld313 t1_j63cgq7 wrote

They're really out of control. Smh


MrCookietv t1_j64prfz wrote

This is how it has always been. The only difference is that with video recording we can actually prove it.

They use to just take the cops word for it 100% of the time


charlezk t1_j645izm wrote

>Otano's attorney, Michael Pizzi, said his client didn't do what he's accused of and called his arrest a "horrible miscarriage of justice."

>"Charging a police officer with armed kidnapping when they were armed because they were in uniform on patrol in their own sector, risking their life to protect the public, that cannot possibly be armed kidnapping," Pizzi said.

So, their lawyer is going to argue that if the homeless guy had declined to be handcuffed and taken away to a place NOT 'in their sector', that those two officers would NOT have taken out and used their weapons?


BooBooKittyChris1775 t1_j6gez0r wrote

I was thinking similar as well!

The only horrible miscarriage of justice is that those two thugs ever became cops to begin with!


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[deleted] t1_j63my80 wrote



pickleer t1_j6321tn wrote

Right, so how do we weed out bullies? I think we can all agree that bullies don't need to be cops, yes? And I think we can all agree that those that don't agree to the previous premise are dicks, so can we vote them out of office?


XL_Chill t1_j63p369 wrote

You can tell they’re bullies by the badges


TechBansh33 t1_j65n6kg wrote

Not all police are bullies, and I completely support removing ANY officer who treats people like this. Any officer who kills should be removed immediately from their job. If it comes out that there was irrefutable proof that they were in danger or taking down an active shooter, they can be reinstated. Of there is ANY question that or was not necessary, they should lose their job And right to carry any firearms.


XL_Chill t1_j65uszy wrote

The stereotypes of high school bullies becoming cops and cope being wife heaters are around for a reason. Sure it isn’t every single cop but you can’t possibly deny there’s a culture of violence and power abuse in policing


TechBansh33 t1_j65v1wm wrote

Edited for typos: Correct, but the overgeneralization that all cops are dangerous is not accurate nor helpful for solving the issue. It’s not a binary situation and should not treated as such.


XL_Chill t1_j65w46d wrote

That boot won’t start tasting better just because you keep licking it


TechBansh33 t1_j6682a2 wrote

What boot? There are good officers, who do not deserve to be punished for the others. There are good doctors even though some push opiates. There are good teachers even though some are a waste of space. Everyone who cannot perform their job with integrity should not have that position.


Original-Document-62 t1_j67012d wrote

Not all gang members are murderers, but they're still gang members. Police forces are legalized gangs.


Keylime29 t1_j675dzc wrote

I agree not all are bad. There are a lot of good ones.

What I can’t wrap my head around is how many bad ones there are!

I also believe there aren’t consequences for the evil ones and that the current training seems to encourage violence


gizmozed t1_j63c643 wrote

Actually I see a silver lining here. 10 years ago this would have been swept under the rug and forgotten.

I believe that the smarter police departments have figured out that without the trust of the public, their job is going to get really tough. I think that these departments are willing to hold officers accountable in ways that simply didn't happen in the past.


Lostinthisworld313 t1_j63crfu wrote

Technically yeah, but the more incidents like this come to light, the more people lose confidence in the police.


awesomesauce1030 t1_j63l20h wrote

Maybe that's what needs to happen.


[deleted] t1_j63nuvh wrote



awesomesauce1030 t1_j63o5up wrote

I expect there to be protests but from what I've heard from people who live there (granted it's a small amount of people) Memphis doesn't really riot like you might see in other cities. Not to mention they've already charged the officers involved.


Etzell t1_j64rw8q wrote

So you're saying the problem isn't that these things are happening, but that people are finding out about it?

The police don't deserve public confidence if this is what they do with it.


strywever t1_j646vp7 wrote

This is the second time this week that cops have actually been charged with their crimes. I guess it’s finally gotten bad enough?

Ten years ago my white, Republican, multi-millionaire uncle told hubby and I that we should avoid ever calling the cops if we possibly could, because engaging with them for any reason is so risky. When even the rich white guys are acknowledging their lawlessness, it’s bad.


OverthrowYourMasters t1_j64qtwo wrote

Warning: story about mild sexual assault on minors by police in Hialeah

>!When I was 17 back in the 90s, me, my gf, and a few friends were skipping school at Amelia Earhart. We were driving out of the park when a police patrol car was driving in and stopped us. They had us get out, place our hands on the patrol car, and patted us down. I don't know why they felt they needed to pat us down since we were just teenagers skipping. The cop grabbed my genitals like 3-4 times while patting me down.He didn't pat it or slide his hands over. He full-on grope my dick and balls enough to get a good feel multiple times. They then escorted us to school and ensured we walked in. When I talked to my gf about it, she said the cop grabbed her tits and ass a few times as well. Fucking bastards.!<


GregoryGregory666666 t1_j62w10o wrote

Retired career LEO here. While everyone deserves a fair trial I will say if this is true then they deserve the max time in prison for this. Absolutely no excuse and something the profession can never tolerate.


MrDangerMan t1_j62ww1y wrote

The profession seems to tolerate terrible shit quite easily actually.


GloriousStoat t1_j62xuyo wrote

I had a local cop contact me on Grindr a while back. The things that fucking man said to me. If half of it were true he needs to be in a cage for the rest of his life. Or General Population. Cops are on some dark shit y’all.


rfdavid t1_j66459a wrote

Share it


GloriousStoat t1_j6654wj wrote

Honestly I’m terrified to even go into that town. Made it pretty clear if he were to see me he was going to plant drugs on me and arrest me unless I agreed willingly to go with him and live in a dog kennel in his basement. Had my name on it and everything. He would delete stuff as soon as I saw it and never had a chance to screen grab.


rfdavid t1_j665c22 wrote

Damn, it’s probably worth reporting that guy before he hurts someone. I’d think Grindr keeps messages even after they are deleted.


GloriousStoat t1_j666p8o wrote

I mean all I would be able to say is that one of the officers who is white and has a smallish penis said he did this this this and this. But then if had found out someone said something. He would know it was me. It’s terrible. And horrifying.


rfdavid t1_j66kqv5 wrote

Sorry to hear that. Makes sense he is angry with the small pp.

Stay safe.


Anonymoustard t1_j62w5p4 wrote

In your professional opinion, will this happen?


GregoryGregory666666 t1_j62wei7 wrote

The max? Not sure but I see some very long prison sentences being handed out. I can't imagine these two even considering this but it makes me wonder if there are other similar cases involving them. The one just likely started his career but the other may already have several years in uniform so he's had the time.


Blinky_OR OP t1_j62wu0g wrote

>Orfila also told the officer that they had dropped Ortega-Gutierrez off and "roughed him up," Fernandez Rundle said.

According to the off duty officer that found the victim and called 911, one of them admitted to "roughing him up". Given how cavalier this admission sounds, I highly doubt this is the first time this has happened as well.


GregoryGregory666666 t1_j62xnbm wrote

I'm sure more cases will turn up with both of them or at least the older one who will have more time on. I can tolerate known criminals/felons doing things as we expect it and we just move on. No way in hell I could ever tolerate this from two entrusted with the jobs they have. (Had)


jennanm t1_j62ycdp wrote

Ok pig


DeviousDenial t1_j63aj3f wrote

Well aren't you a brave little twerp hiding behind your keyboard.

Now go out in public and try it and hopefully the vid will be posted to YouTube so we can watch

Edit to add. Y'all are fucking stupid

Read the officers posts. He was saying that those bad cops do need to pay. And he was still insulted. WTF?

What did y'all do when that small lady officer pulled her steroid crazed sergeant off of the subject and was grabbed by her throat by him. Did you fucking insult and boo her too?


Lostinthisworld313 t1_j63cn14 wrote

It's not illegal to call cops pigs in real life. Watch auditors videos.


DeviousDenial t1_j63ls4t wrote

Have you ever done it?

And are you defending what they did? Because who they were responding to was making some very good posts stating that those officers do need to pay. And yet he was still fucking insulted by someone that would never have the balls to really try it.


Lostinthisworld313 t1_j63ng6b wrote

I was not defending anyone..Just responding to your post which was challenging the other person to express that in real life. Maybe some anger management classes are in order...


fight_your_friends t1_j63hiv3 wrote

So you're insinuating they'd get assaulted by cops for calling them pigs, and you think it's funny that cops would do something like that.


DeviousDenial t1_j63jocj wrote

No. I am insinuating that there are a hell of a lot of very brave people on the internet that do crap they would never do face to face in the real world

Now where in the hell did I say anything about anybody beating anybody.


Karenomegas t1_j63lp00 wrote

You came to a place where cops kidnapped and beat a man. To talk about the real world and simp for authorities. Cool cool.


DeviousDenial t1_j63mmmk wrote

Are you saying that that policeman was fucking wrong in saying that's those cops should pay?

And he deserved to be insulted?


Mentalpatient87 t1_j63p5mg wrote

>Now where in the hell did I say anything about anybody beating anybody.

Everyone can see what you implied by the "hopefully the video gets posted" remark. Just admit it and don't be a little weasel.


DeviousDenial t1_j63qewf wrote

Damned right I want to see a video of a poser actually doing what they think they would do. Especially when they just insulted an officer that stood up and says that the bad cops do need to pay.

Everyone can see that you think that officer is just a pig too.


fight_your_friends t1_j63qgwz wrote

>Now where in the hell did I say anything about anybody beating anybody.

What does the word "insinuate" mean?


DeviousDenial t1_j63qjwx wrote

That explains a lot


fight_your_friends t1_j64dd3j wrote

Next time you make a statement about how psychedelics helped you see the value in people, remember this moment where you thought it'd be funny if some random guy got beaten senseless for offending law enforcement.


DeviousDenial t1_j64ekn5 wrote

I definitely saw the value in what the officer that was insulted was saying. The same as I saw the value in that female cop that pulled her piece of shit sergeant off of the person in the back seat off the squad car. Or the value of the DA that has the balls to bring attempted murder and kidnapping charges against these monsters.

They are actually trying to solve the problem and y'all are going to insult them for it? That is seriously fucked up.


wart_on_satans_dick t1_j641slu wrote

For being cops, they did a poor job of covering their tracks and ensuring there would be little to no evidence.


Blinky_OR OP t1_j642c7g wrote

It's almost like they thought that there would be no consequences....


wart_on_satans_dick t1_j64384j wrote

Sure, but I mean I am more interested in the psychology behind it. There are criminals who plan their crimes so that they don't get caught then there are those who are impulsive and reckless. Organized criminal vs. disorganized criminal. They tend to have different motives. I don't think its that they thought there would be no consequence if they were caught, I think its that they were disorganized criminals who thought being an officer was all they needed not to get caught.


zensins t1_j651w79 wrote

Imagine if you were 100% sure that you would face zero consequences. That's them.


bob0979 t1_j64v14v wrote

'"Charging a police officer with armed kidnapping when they were armed because they were in uniform on patrol in their own sector, risking their life to protect the public, that cannot possibly be armed kidnapping," Pizzi said.'

The words of the attorney defending one of these scumbags. Arguing that they're only armed because they're cops. Yeah, they only had authority and equipment and handcuffs and the threat of a gun but they weren't armed. They were just some guys. Some dudes hanging out, your honor.

Fucking idiots.


zensins t1_j6535i2 wrote

The lawyer is just the mouthpiece for the client. He's literally paid to voice the cop's position in the case.


jetbag513 t1_j64merh wrote

Florida is definitely the anus, dick, and taint of the country.


sparkydaman t1_j68qdz5 wrote

The younger officer was 22 years old. This was an initiation. Once they have the younger cop involved in their criminal activities, the older cops can trust him. It’s a gang initiation.


jusmellow t1_j64h8vt wrote

They treat the homeless populace terribly. I know firsthand.


BruntFCA_ t1_j63pypa wrote

*2 enemies of the people


RevaniteN7 t1_j667jai wrote

They’re going for a record on headlines now, aren’t they?


Ambereggyolks t1_j6bq81k wrote

Fuck Hialeah PD. They are some of the worst people you could encounter. Motherfuckers told me they were going to let my dad die as he was trying to put out a fire in our house because they didn't let the fire department in the neighborhood because they were beefing with them. I tried to hand the cop a fire extinguisher and he said nah fuck your dad let him die. I almost swung the fire extinguisher at him but my neighbor dropped me to the ground andasked me what the fuck I was doing, and then I told him what he said. After the fire was out, my dad heard what happened and almost had a stand off with the police department. The Sargeant or whatever on duty tried to calm everyone down saying that it was a stressful situation and people say things they don't mean.

Fuck that cop wherever he is. He doesn't deserve shit.

Another time I got arrested for skateboarding in a park and they raided the park from all angles. They went in the grass and said we were destroying sprinklers. We had never stepped foot in the grass, my one friend had a broken leg and was just trying to learn to push again on his board. They tried to use that friend to testify against me in court saying they had video of me destroying the property. When my friend asked for the footage, my case was suddenly dismissed.

Another time I got stopped. I admit I was waiting in a weird part of the city but I was waiting for a friend to get home and I was in my early 20s and didnt want to go home and wake my parents up only to leave the house half an hour later. The cops pulled up and immediately had their guns drawn. I complied with all their requests. Cop looked at my id and asked me what my name was, he kept asking me and told me I had a fake Id and there was no way that was my name. When he would ask me a question and I would respond he'd walk up and put the gun to my head saying that he didn't give me permission to speak. If I didn't respond he'd get at me for not cooperating. For a good half hour he kept tapping my head with a gun saying he wished he could unload the magazine on me. it was chaotic. No rhyme or reason for what the fuck was going on. Eventually I just realized they were fucking bored and we're doing that to keep them entertained. I just went home after that. I was exhausted, I told my parents the next morning and my dad almost was close to going and finding the cop.

This city has constantly had corruption issues with the police department and they're routinely some of the shittiest people I've met. Miami Dade PD look like saints next to them.