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Thedrunner2 t1_j5l5fr8 wrote

Saved many lives that day. Awesome job.


ralpher1 t1_j5m7mdy wrote

Not just that, they traced the gun to the suspect and were able to catch him without having to rely on the public


methcache t1_j5mr761 wrote

“Catch” him. Dude committed suicide


sgSaysR t1_j5nm0my wrote

After. He was pulled over by the police.


DrDragun t1_j5lgcmo wrote

We all like to believe we'd do the same thing, but if you aren't expecting a situation and only have fleeting seconds to realize and act then 90% of us would choke. Hopefully this guy is treated like a hero around town for the rest of his life.


Dumdumgirlsbeeep t1_j5luehr wrote

I think I would freeze. And I hate that


bananafobe t1_j5m1esd wrote

If it helps, there are benefits to freezing during extreme circumstances, including enabling you to focus and possibly protecting against the development of PTSD related symptoms.

We often think of freezing as an inadequate response, but part of that is because we tend to consider it in situations like this (where it almost certainly wouldn't have been a helpful response), as opposed to situations wherein remaining calm enabled someone to navigate a potentially dangerous situation, and where it may not have been obvious that a "freeze" response was part of what enabled someone to remain calm.


Dumdumgirlsbeeep t1_j5m1yft wrote

You are so kind thanks for this. And truthfully I’m always the calm head in a crisis (the one to calm the patient, call 911 etc) so maybe that’s my gift. Hopefully if I’m ever in a situation like this there’s a Brandon Tsay around 😊


Millenniauld t1_j5qingv wrote

I'll be honest, as someone who has a major "fight" response to stressors, it doesn't usually mean being a hero, and it does put you in danger. I got jumped once when delivering pizzas and I got DAMN lucky that they weren't expecting a skinny delivery girl to turn into a rage filled "fire spitting" demon (I carried pepper spray.) They easily could have killed me, because I'm wired to react even if it isn't the right choice. Pretty sure they were caught off guard and squeamish about hitting a woman until it was too late and I had the upper hand.

For every Brandon Tsay out there, you have dozens of people who get themselves or even others hurt. Life isn't like the movies.

Having the ability to stay calm, call 911, and do first aid when others are injured...... That's an even rarer talent in my opinion.


MATlad t1_j5ntoju wrote

I think that's the point for a lot of emergency training (and 'refreshers'): so that when the alarms, or flames, or H2S sensors go off for real, or when you see an electrified coworker (grab something non-conductive instead of the coworker) or someone who's bleeding out, you don't completely freeze up, or only hesitate enough to evaluate.

Like how Gretzky (and others in that elite-amongst-elite tier of athletes) claimed they felt they could slow down time enough and make plays and analyses that the rest of us (and even many of their very-well compensated teammates) would just blink through.

And on the dark side... Before the mass murder / suicide of ~918 people at Jonestown happened, there'd been multiple "practice runs" prior with unpoisoned drink:

Heck, maybe his followers wouldn't have suffered as much if they weren't even told. But I guess Sunday picnics ("try the punch!"--or more insidiously, here's the "communion wine") aren't really compatible with paranoid cult leaders whose cults face apocalyptic ends to their supposed utopias.


keskeskes1066 t1_j5phwon wrote

Thank you for that. Now I have a response to my wife when she asks why I am "still just sitting there" after she asks me to do something.

"Just remaining calm and enabling myself to navigate a potentially dangerous situation, Babe.


SuicydKing t1_j5vviyy wrote

> a potentially dangerous situation

"I'll show you a potentially dangerous situation!"



emmywhichway t1_j5lykvm wrote

Why? There is no shame in self-preservation.


Whoretron8000 t1_j5lzhbj wrote

Because they want to not freeze. There is no shame for aspiring for something like that. So long it doesn't hurt self esteem/psyche.


Literal_star t1_j5m1662 wrote

Uhhh I don't think "freeze when you are confronted with what appears to be a mass shooter" qualifies as self preservation


emmywhichway t1_j5m2p66 wrote

I just meant inaction against a threat in general vs engaging with it directly.


keskeskes1066 t1_j5pjcdn wrote

Most of the time, the best response to a crisis is collect information before committing to action. Most of the time.

That few seconds or minutes of evaluating the threat can prevent impulsive, but deadly incorrect responses.

But be smart about it. When the fire alarm goes off, don't gawk around and ask others, "Is that for real?" Just get up an move to an exit.

Train yourself and family like the military - immediate action drills to immediate threats, (like near ambushes). Know what to do in the event of a kitchen fire, home intruder, tornado, etc. and teach yourself to collect information in less urgent situations.


tech_fu t1_j5oljs7 wrote

Most people do without training. In another life (not literally just many years ago) I was a Marine and heavily involved in several martial arts and MMA. There's a reason that there are so many variations of the phrase "everyone has a plan until they're punched in the face". Hand to hand combat with a gun in play is a more traumatic and stressful situation that 99.9999% of people will ever have to deal with. I wouldn't give yourself too hard of a time for hypothetically freezing in a situation like that.


fuck_the_fuckin_mods t1_j5mcjc7 wrote

I have extreme anxiety so I am on point when shit actually goes down. A calmness comes over me when things are seriously fucked and everyone else is frozen. I’m useless the other 99.9% of the time but I’m always ready for real shit. I honestly believe I would have done the same, as I have done similar in similar situations.


pheisenberg t1_j5mavhg wrote

Seems hard to say given the lack of experimental data, but an interesting question.

I once read that there’s a common mammalian threat-response neural network that generates flight behavior if the threat is far, freezing at medium distance, and fight up close. How the distances are set varies by species.

Based on that, fighting could be the expected reaction in this situation, but I think humans are a little different. A nearby human threat can generate other responses such as submission, begging, or tending. He had to realize those wouldn’t work and suppress them. Someone could appear to freeze if they were trying to decide whether to fight but having a hard time making the decision under stress. It probably helped that the killer appeared somewhat confused, therefore was not exerting any emotional dominance and was more vulnerable to counterattack.


bobo-the-dodo t1_j5nup5c wrote

I hope his family setup a gofundme for their dance hall. The sister indicated they had a hard time during covid and she kept it open as a promise for departed mom as place for seniors to find joy.


frenchfreer t1_j5o7owt wrote

I was in the infantry in the mid 00’s and I saw trained soldiers freeze under fire when confronted with real combat the first time, so I bet you meal team six is shitting their pants and hitting the road. I don’t think people understand the absolute panic that happens when someone is actively trying to kill you and how hard it is to override those emotions.


Chadmartigan t1_j5l5ocd wrote

>"He started prepping the weapon and something came over me," Tsay recalled. "I realized I needed to get the weapon away from him. I needed to take this weapon, disarm him or else everybody would have died."

The "something" was the immense gravitational field exerted by his balls.


biggoof t1_j5lmksz wrote

Braver than those Uvalde PD folks.


Coffee_And_Bikes t1_j5mk3ck wrote

Yes indeed, although that's a damn low bar to set. Nonetheless, much honor to this gentleman.


Dwayla t1_j5l4t2z wrote

A complete and total hero, bless him


FiveUpsideDown t1_j5mjozr wrote

You don’t need a gun to be a hero. Brandon Tsay is a true American hero.


guzhogi t1_j5pgknd wrote

Gotta wonder where all the “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” people are?


hello_world_wide_web t1_j5lbvpj wrote

Perfect example of being in the right place at the right time!

A very awkward interview by Roberts, however....


germinik t1_j5lfpg5 wrote

Yeah. He's a much better hero than an interviewee. And that's okay, we need less celebrities and more heros. He does deserve every bit of recognition and gratitude he gets.


hello_world_wide_web t1_j5lgkwb wrote

She should have let him talk instead of trying to control the narrative. She's no Barbara Walters!


Terrible-Terry t1_j5l8w9w wrote

Amazing example that real heroes don’t need flashy uniforms, don’t need deadly weapons and don’t need intimidating features.

The only true prerequisite is the courage to step up.

All the other things are “nice to haves,” but without the courage to step up, all the bells and whistles are useless.


impulsekash t1_j5l734w wrote

Fight or flight is a hell of an experience.


LDC1234 t1_j5ls8eb wrote

I always find it interesting when people say what they would do in that situation. But you'd never really know until you're in that situation.


4seasons8519 t1_j5luyni wrote

Yep exactly. You can train your whole life but once it happens, you may still freeze or run. And someone with no training will step up.


brohio_ t1_j5mhx1v wrote

It’s literally nuts. You’re on autopilot and it’s almost out of body. afterwards I was in shock.


LimitedSwimmer t1_j5l6dxj wrote

No good guy with a gun needed just a little effort or maybe a drag queen with heels.


rhackle t1_j5mlnbh wrote

It helped the shooter was a 70 year old man. People tried to tackle the Christchurch mosque shooter in New Zealand and he just mowed them down. Same for the pulse massacre.

The guy for sure did the right thing, but this would've ended horribly if the shooter wasn't geriatric and thought his plan out.


Ed_Durr t1_j5nd8wi wrote

Yeah, this could have ended very differently if the shooter wasn’t 72 y/o and maybe 110 lbs.


arealhumannotabot t1_j5ll8s7 wrote

Every 'video' I click on is just stills from the security camera

c'mon., I wanna see some badassery!


Lumpy_Ad_9082 t1_j5shurd wrote

Scroll through r/publicfreakout I saw it posted multiple times over there :)


[deleted] t1_j5l71fl wrote



Velkyn01 t1_j5lty8w wrote

A fire medic, a Marine and a guy who does crossfit walk into a bar...


PoliticalLava t1_j5mfzao wrote

What a weird credibility you're trying to garner, which isn't needed for the point you're making.

You sound like you're trying to call yourself a hero with your profession. It's... weird. Not trying to attack you or your character, that's just what your message comes across as.


robvya t1_j5mo0sk wrote

Lol right. As a super duper normal medic I applaud this guy heroic action. Yes, me the super cool medic says he's a hero.


DeadSharkEyes t1_j5m0e65 wrote

Those who have the “fight” trait (in the best way) are bad asses. I know I don’t have it. Deepest respect, and I hope he gets some counseling for post traumatic stress.


Cluefuljewel t1_j5mjt70 wrote

You never know until you are in that exact situation. Another day or 5 seconds later you could make a different choice. You could see a moment of opportunity.


USS_Hornet t1_j5mqpln wrote

He helps run the place with his family. He had something and someone to protect. Running would have left his family or friends to die while saving himself. Thankfully he did it right.


Cluefuljewel t1_j5prsk8 wrote

Yes. Very true. He didn’t know the guy just killed and injured 20 people. He’s probably still in shock at what he had done. And the fact that he didn’t shoot at the suspect. He shooed him away! The hero said he had never seen a real gun. Not sure I have either. Except maybe in a cops holster.


USS_Hornet t1_j5rcv4m wrote

He said on the news he'd never held a gun so it might not have fired if he'd needed it too. The murderer was fiddling and cocking it repeatedly like he himself was having trouble chambering a round so it might not have been ready to fire. Thank goodness the murderer left and he didn't have to find out.


brainhack3r t1_j5n2mbe wrote

You do... it's part of you.

I had it happen once. A dude came up on my step daughter at a movie theatre and stared yelling at her. WAAY out of line.

I went over, grabbed him by his hair and the back of his jacket, and dragged like 200 feet to the security guard.

The guys was flat out drunk and belligerent.

I'm not a hero or anything or violent. There was just no decision.

It was instantaneous.


Dumdumgirlsbeeep t1_j5lf8l2 wrote

I’d say he was overcome with bravery and courage. What a hero ♥️ He no doubt saved lives that night


ther_dog t1_j5m9rwk wrote

Finally a real hero instead of the back-slapping, talking heads propped in front of cameras and reporters.


zwaaa t1_j5lt2cf wrote

Did it without a gun too.


Tim-in-CA t1_j5n708g wrote

This guy needs a presidential medal. He’s a real hero who saved countless lives.


Dumdumgirlsbeeep t1_j5novq7 wrote

I agree. He 100% saved lives that night. And I bet he’s sitting there going. “Aw shucks it was nothing” when it was everything to them ♥️ and us too honestly. I feel like I’m starving for this kind of greatness lately.


FlopsyBunny t1_j5mzadz wrote

Self-effacing too. Says courageous people are the wounded & families of the dead, but not him.


Nini_Errante t1_j5lobl8 wrote

I hope there would be more heroic politicians as this heroic bystander.


rubyblue0 t1_j5ltuk2 wrote

I like to think I would do something, but in the moment, I’d probably freeze up entirely. Kudos to the young man.


RenaissanceManLite t1_j5oac0f wrote

Watching the video I’m actually relieved the police didn’t show up at that exact moment. It’s highly possible they would have shot the hero.


keskeskes1066 t1_j5pk5gw wrote

Not sure they would have shot him, but absolutely positive they would have shot at him.


[deleted] t1_j5mg8u4 wrote



LampardFanAlways t1_j5mot0d wrote

How about Netflix making a documentary on him? /s


IPromiseIWont t1_j5n1cjs wrote

He will have 10 minutes screen time in a 5 part mini series of the killer.


piranhabait89 t1_j5n2uzm wrote

Only acceptable time to shout “let’s go Brandon”


fallbrook_ t1_j5mxn4r wrote



Incorrect-Opinion t1_j5nfd8b wrote

I hope there’s a GoFundMe to give this man $1,000,000. He deserves it!


SatisfactionNaive370 t1_j5lxjug wrote

Responsibility is but our response to our abilities.

He had the ability to disarm the gunman and responded heroically.


percy_faucet t1_j5mwy9j wrote

Good guy with a gun saves the day! Oh. Wait. Just a good guy with a strong sense of purpose. He should train cops.


NoChance182 t1_j5o3gpd wrote

Then something just snapped, something inside of me.


dasherchan t1_j5oirpx wrote

Guns + mental health issues = mass shootings.

Politicians aren't doing something to solve these 2 problems.


jheidenr t1_j5ootlp wrote

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is…..


sweetpeapickle t1_j5qn1i5 wrote

I see & read about people like this, & I just always weonder if I would have the ability to do that. I have no problem dying for someone else, I just hope I don't screwup & cause more problems.


[deleted] t1_j5mw3ep wrote



snsdfan00 t1_j5mx2ej wrote

He calls the cops right after the old guy leaves. Obv he didn’t know about the mass shooting yet, for all he knew, it was just a crazy old dude bringing his weapon into his business.


ramdom-ink t1_j5n2hqb wrote

If the guy came at him, he would’ve had to shoot him. Some people don’t want to cross that line, plus, he didn’t know the guy had killed others either. He could’ve asked him to lay on the floor and put his hands behind his head, but who knows how that would’ve played out? I’m some ways: he did the best thing for the situation at the time w/ what he knew.


spookyghosties t1_j5ljeo0 wrote

At this point, it's not a matter of "Will I encounter gun violence?" It's WHEN. If we all plan on living here for another few decades we need to expect gun violence may impact us and our communities and to be ready when it does.


Music_City_Madman t1_j5m8tit wrote

Absolute scaremongering. You’re more likely to die from cancer, falling in your bathtub or a car wreck.


Geenst12 t1_j5njn33 wrote


Darnell2070 t1_j5omp6b wrote

Regardless, most shooting homicides are committed by people you know, not strangers committing mass murder.


Geenst12 t1_j5oxoxf wrote

Why does that matter? You'd rather have your neighbor kill your children than a stranger?


Darnell2070 t1_j5p3u3z wrote

My main point is that it's not as likely as OP makes it seem. Being shot by a gun in America is no where near an inevitably.

I'm not trying to defend gun deaths. I'm not pro-gun by any means.

I just think it's important not to lie about it.

Statistically, the average American adult, average American child, is not very likely to be victim to him crime. That's just a fact backed by imperical data.

This is due to total population. If there are 350 million Americans. Currently 40,000~a year die from gun violence. Probably averaging around 45,000 now.

But of those deaths, 55%~ are suicides. So that leads to 20,000~ people out of 350 million being victims of gun related homicide.

And even as rates increase, US population is also increasing, so percentage stay pretty consistent.

Total deaths of 45,000 is .01 percent of 350 million.

Total homicides of 20,000 is .005 percent of 350 million.

If that number leads you to think that it's a question of when and not if, you either don't know the real statistics, or you're just very bad at math.

And to be sure, I believe 45,000 or even 20,000 is too many gun deaths. America needs to get it's shit together for sure.

But this ain't it -> >At this point, it's not a matter of "Will I encounter gun violence?" It's WHEN.


TheFearAndLoathing t1_j5m2nnq wrote

Not really unless you find yourself in gang activities or plan on using one on yourself.


Demiansmark t1_j5m4yv2 wrote

I don't think 'everyone' will be exposed to gun violence but saying that you won't unless you're around gangs or have one yourself is incredibly naive.

Personally, I'm early 40s, never owned or wanted to own a firearm or have been involved in 'gangs'. In the last 20 years I've been at a bar where two guys came in with guns and started firing, been mugged at gun point a block away from the University of Florida, been blocks away from a mass shooting (Madden one), and been in an area where guys in truck drove by and shot out the windows of closed businesses. I hope most people don't experience gun violence but it's can certainly find you in all sorts of circumstances.


TheFearAndLoathing t1_j5m7sa2 wrote

I’m early 30s and haven’t been around any gun violence, and don’t expect to be around any in the next 10 years when I get into my early 40s. I guess we even out then


Theonetheycallgreat t1_j5m4v27 wrote

Or go to a concert, or shop for groceries, or go out to eat, or go to school, or drive on the highway, or drive on a backroad, or jog on a backroad, or jog on a main road, or walk at night, or walk at day.

At this point in America there is not one activity that is safe from being the target of a shooting.


TheFearAndLoathing t1_j5m7wrc wrote

Crazy, I’ve been doing all those things for over 30 years now and haven’t been shot at doing any of them and have no worries about being shot doing any of them. Sounds paranoid to worry about something that is statistically very unlikely to happen


spookyghosties t1_j64aqlf wrote

30 years ago there weren't this many shootings every single day.


TheFearAndLoathing t1_j64g7nz wrote

Sure, and statistically the majority of those every day shootings are self inflicted or gang related


ScreamingMemales t1_j5l94p4 wrote

Is the shooter's race known? Looks like an Asian guy in this picture.


HerpToxic t1_j5l9tvf wrote

It was a 72 year old Vietnamese guy


sdforbda t1_j5lf864 wrote

I was so surprised finding out that he was 72 when the initial reports said somewhere between 30 and 50. It's hard to imagine anybody doing what he did but a 72-year-old?!


veggeble t1_j5llvcf wrote

Guns making killing people a lot easier than other methods


sdforbda t1_j5lmgio wrote

Not that he wasn't physically capable, just you wouldn't expect somebody that old to go on a shooting rampage. Or I wouldn't have anyways.


haysu-christo t1_j5lz3jc wrote

>I was so surprised finding out that he was 72 when the initial reports said somewhere between 30 and 50.

Asian don't raisin. You forgot to add 20 years to the estimate.


sdforbda t1_j5nln86 wrote

Yeah I guess that part surprised me too and I did phrase it to make it seem like the visual was the main thing, though I actually meant that a 72-year-old would do that.


spyder728 t1_j5lssy8 wrote

I find it crazy how Tsay took over the gun but just tell the gunman to go away. I would've fired the whole magazine back on the guy if the guy moves a single muscle.

Let's be real, it is the US. Most gun owners have more than 1 gun. All mass shooters have more than 1 gun.

I ain't taking my chance like the guy did. This ain't some kiddie superhero movie "heroes don't kill" shit, this is survival.


cinnamon-swirl-girl t1_j5ltbzd wrote

the kid is only 26 years old and i dont think he is the type to fire a gun at somebody if its not absolutely nessessary. Everyone is different and they respond to stress and situations differently. He is a family member of the owner of Lai Lai dance studio


spyder728 t1_j5ltxaz wrote

> the kid is only 26 years old and i dont think he is the type to fire a gun at somebody if its not absolutely nessessary.

That I do share the stance, that's why I used the word for survival.


cinnamon-swirl-girl t1_j5me588 wrote

I honestly think he noticed Huu Can Tran did not have another gun or isnt trying to actively grab for another gun so he knew maybe he have won the fight by getting ahold of it and tried to escalate as less violent as possible without hurting himself or anyone else.


spyder728 t1_j5mehwa wrote

Maybe, but sometimes it is fucking hard to tell especially in tense situation like that. I ain't risking that bet if Tran pulls anything funny. Not a game there.

Especially letting that guy go. Like who knows wtf is he going to pick up and come back. That ain't something I would let him do.


HardcoreSux t1_j5m9ixn wrote

guy talks about kiddie superhero movie and thinks he would be a hero in his situation

real good job internet hero


spyder728 t1_j5meb2o wrote

It is not being hero. This is about survival. Who fucking knows if he has another gun. You gunna let him pull it and fire at you before you react? That situation is his life or my life.


sirthunksalot t1_j5mcslo wrote

I agree I would worry he had another gun in the car. I'm sure he wasn't thinking straight after fighting some maniac with a gun.