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earhere t1_j4qlaow wrote

In the US, domestic abuse is required to be a cop.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j4qn3kx wrote

If you don't hit your husband/wife, how can you be trusted to shoot a dog kid criminal? ^^/s


earhere t1_j4qotv7 wrote

You joke, but I watched a documentary about police training in utah; and the trainer literally said "if you can't shoot a grandma or a little kid who has a gun, you need to find another job." It was so insane.


Thereferencenumber t1_j4r4jod wrote

They also pretty much tell you to assume every kid and grandma has a gun. Plus qualified immunity makes the response to that assumption pretty safe (for a cop using lethal force), even if he’s wrong


earhere t1_j4r5duy wrote

If a cop does a bad shoot, they just plant a gun next to the body.


bakeandjake t1_j4rpvn9 wrote

Crazy how the us/world Reddit news feed is half imperialist apologia and the rest is how fucked police officers are. Hopefully people start to see the connection


Bucket-O-wank t1_j4qkl02 wrote

What, they’re going to sack Bastard Dave(Carrick), Wayne (Couzens)the rapist, Mark (Lindow)the rapist sex pest……..?

Close ranks boys, can’t be having anyone think we’re a bunch of cunts now.

As an afterthought, is this a higher % of sex pests than the church?


privatelyowned t1_j4r1f1g wrote

Around 5% of the clergy are nonces which is in line with the general populace, not sure of the percentage for police


Jimmni t1_j4r3ghl wrote

I can't believe I'm going to say something that sounds like it's in defence of a churches, but isn't that 5% specifically the Catholic Church, and isn't it 5% have been accused?

Clergy is a pretty broad term and there are lots of denominations/sects where child abuse just isn't a major issue. And despite what reddit often loves to think, an accusation is just that. An accusation.


Old_Cheesecake_5481 t1_j4ruhzn wrote

It’s looking like the churches around the world have just as much a mass child raping problem as the Catholics.

What the Evangelicals get away with doing to children is far more terrifying Mainly because they try so much harder to hide it.


Jimmni t1_j4rwada wrote

I would never let a child anywhere near an Evangelical, accused or not.


Bucket-O-wank t1_j4r5nvd wrote

Imagine trying to prove accusations with a closed community…


Jimmni t1_j4r9vxi wrote

And that changes what?


Bucket-O-wank t1_j4rcbu1 wrote

Your reply apparently was a lesson in apologetics,



Jimmni t1_j4rfclr wrote

So you’re one of those who prefer feelings to facts huh.

Drag this site down even deeper into the circle-jerking misinformation to better support your desired views like a Republican if that makes you happy, I guess.

Expecting people to talk about facts not feelings is not apologetics. But if you feel like it is, I guess that makes it true!


Bucket-O-wank t1_j4rgi3b wrote

What the hell are you on? Leave your sanctimony at home.

You don’t agree that certain organisations suppress bad press? be it the Police, the Pope, indeed any such group

Yes they’re accusations, do you not think any of those are warranted?


Jimmni t1_j4rii3e wrote

Of course they do. But claiming 5% of clergy are pedos because 5% of Catholic clergy have been accused of abuse… that’s just a lie. You are happy to be a liar just because it suits your agenda? You do you but I prefer not to live my life with a bit more honesty.

You undermine your case with your dishonesty.


Bucket-O-wank t1_j4rmk7x wrote

You carry on bolstering their good name.


Jimmni t1_j4rpj9w wrote

You carry on smearing innocent people. (And don't try to twist that into me saying they're all innocent. They're not. They're just not all guilty like you claim. Hell, most of them aren't even Catholic.)

Also, who are "they" exactly? A lot of clergy do have good names, and support and help their local communities without diddling kids. I don't have a religious bone in my body but I don't let my lack of belief tarnish my opinion of all clergy, of all denominations and sects. Only an idiot would do that.


Bucket-O-wank t1_j4rq068 wrote

With a past history of denial of any wrongdoing, fuck, downright suppression of abuse.

If only 5% are charged you know damn well it’s at least double that.

Shit, you’re not allowed to question the rhetoric.


Jimmni t1_j4rq82y wrote

You're still acting like this 5% figure applies to all clergy. You do understand that it doesn't, right?

And you're still talking as if "clergy" = "Catholic." You realise it doesn't, right? It doesn't even mean "Christian."

What exactly do you think I'm arguing here? Did you even read my original comment?

Do you even understand that Catholicism is not synonymous with Christianity, and that Christianity is broken into many different denominations and sects?


Cindexxx t1_j4tcm1m wrote

Y'all are way too semantic for me. But I gotta say, the whole "it's a closed community" and "what does that change" is just dumb AF. It changes reporting. You see some rando steal from a little food truck operation when they're not looking and you might say something. It's shitty.

But you see your struggling to eat family "grab a little something to stay alive" and you're probably not saying shit. Assuming it's a family you love.

When the cops know the others are planting drugs, they don't say shit. "Back the blue" or "thin blue line" take your pick.

So when a church (any church, I don't give a fuck) has respected members being accused, if anyone knows anything they're afraid to be rejected if they speak up. So they don't. And now your witnesses are gone.

So it stands to reason, that IF there's an average of 5% of members being accused (seems high but I'm not checking, it's not important) then it's nearly impossible the actual number isn't more than that. Because they don't turn on each other. It's "us" vs "them". The more personal the "us" is the more you overlook.


Jimmni t1_j4tglyr wrote

I never claimed abuse wasn't rampant in the Catholic Church. I do not deny it's a closed community. I just think it's incredibly stupid and counterproductive to pretend like it's something rampant in all faiths, denominations and sects. Harping on and on about the Catholic Church isn't going to change that, just reinforce my point.


Bucket-O-wank t1_j4wnfkj wrote

Don’t argue with this nob, he doesn’t know of what he speaks.


He thinks I’ve got a hard on for Catholics


hillsons t1_j4rxnyd wrote

If you're nervous about losing your job as a public servant because you're a convicted sex offender, you might be a piece of shit.


bewarethetreebadger t1_j4r6m8n wrote

Police being held accountable? There’s gotta be a catch.


MGD109 t1_j4scy3v wrote

I mean its the UK. They have their problems, but generally they do like to hold the police to account.


bewarethetreebadger t1_j4sm28g wrote

Isn’t the UK government just now trying to pass legislation to allow police to crack-down on protesters? And isn’t it being criticized by other nations and Amnesty International as an “abuse of power” and an “affront to democracy”? That same UK?


TogepiMain t1_j4su3u0 wrote

Listen, we can hold then accountable for most things, but oppressing the poor? We might as well disband the police entirely if we have to start doing that


Cindexxx t1_j4td220 wrote

Dude put the /s, some insane asshole is gonna think you're serious.


TogepiMain t1_j502x6n wrote

I mean, where does the sarcasm end and where does getting rid of the police start?


MGD109 t1_j4vxw5j wrote

The one in the same.

I mean that's a different issues all together. The public like to hold the police to account for breaking the law. But what do you do when the bent government insists on rewriting the law?


Beautiful_Golf6508 t1_j4so6uc wrote


captcha_trampstamp t1_j4tapmg wrote

Hell, all of Ireland for quite some time. There’s a reason everyone tells you not to order a “black and tan” in an Irish bar.

I mean, you can…you just might not leave said bar with the same number of teeth you walked in with.


PGDW t1_j4svnl6 wrote

That's hilarious. If they regularly held them to account, there wouldn't be hundreds facing it now.


MGD109 t1_j4vycfn wrote

Why not? Everyone's got to offend a first time don't they? And its not like they can do anything about it until someone actually makes a complaint about it.


[deleted] t1_j4qlah1 wrote



WorldlyNotice t1_j4t4kdp wrote

Would you really want these people at clubs around drunk young women?


Fuzzy_Logic_4_Life t1_j4tb4q2 wrote

I think that’s their point.


WorldlyNotice t1_j4tfda0 wrote

Oh right. Thought they meant the job market for bouncers would be saturated by laid-off coppers, thus hard for folks to get a job.


analdominator1 t1_j4qg9u1 wrote

I’m glad they will face sack just like their victims had to


speculatrix t1_j4qjt19 wrote

They should be in prison, not just fired.


MGD109 t1_j4sd4xw wrote

I mean if their found guilty of a criminal investigation, their go to prison.


TogepiMain t1_j4sudpa wrote

Does that happen? Genuine question from someone used to US cops


MGD109 t1_j4vyjgw wrote

Yeah, there aren't many cases where their found guilty of a criminal investigation that doesn't end with them going to prison.

Unless said crime was something minor that doesn't come with a prison sentence. Even then they still lose their job and are banned from all forms of law enforcement within the country.


himit t1_j4s6vy0 wrote

...I'm unsure if this is a rape joke or a nod to the victims being fired while the perpetrator gets kept on.


HardlyDecent t1_j4r15pb wrote

These guys definitely earned a face sack. Glad there's some justice happening, rather than them getting PTO as they do in the States.


Neanderthalknows t1_j4qyigf wrote

The abilities to be aggressive, racist, obey shitty orders, hit and arrest, and abuse those in your personal life are the requirements to be a police officer. World wide.

When are these people going to wise up and start hiring police officers who are not as fucked up mentally as those they are trying to arrest and investigate.


hallonemikec t1_j4rxeow wrote

Hey fellow Americans.....this is awesome news. Cops are shitty everywhere, not just in the U.S.


BaconPhoenix t1_j4s734a wrote

At least cops in other countries get fired and possibly even punished for being shitty.


dissjsjs t1_j4si9rh wrote

I’m sure they could always get a job across the pond.


nsci2ece t1_j4trnl7 wrote

Thankfully, law enforcement is not the type of occupation that qualifies one for a work visa.


feral_brick t1_j4rkwqw wrote

Send them across the pond! They're well qualified applicants for American cops


DontRe-enlist t1_j4qmw04 wrote

They gave the sack now they risk receiving one themselves. A proper British teabag I believe they call it.


theomegawalrus t1_j4rj43s wrote

I'll take "Things that Happen in Europe but not America" for $300 Alex. Daily double!


TheRealBroHam t1_j4tq6t7 wrote

At this point, it's not even a surprise hearing news like this. And that is worrisome.


XPaarthurnaxX t1_j4u9wli wrote

Strange since DV is a prerequisite to becoming a cop.