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pribnow t1_j50fu7d wrote

Is it just Western Union transactions though? The article didn't really seem clear on that


Political_Fishbulb t1_j52ut63 wrote

"TRAC captures money transfers occurring through companies such as Western Union, MoneyGram, DolEx and Euronet through its Ria brand"

Seems pretty clear to me.


pribnow t1_j52xa6q wrote

well fuck me for not being able to read past the soft paywall


ultradianfreq t1_j50z791 wrote

Land of the free…….. time and time again we are presented proof that Americans don’t actually have the rights they think they do.


Yobanyyo t1_j51ix1y wrote

Yeah Republicans pushed that back in 2001 under the patriot act.


ultradianfreq t1_j51olzv wrote

Something their base conveniently forgets…. Patriot act is an absolute travesty of our time.


FormerTesseractPilot t1_j53yb07 wrote

Over 2/3 of the House Democrats voted for it too.


Yobanyyo t1_j545360 wrote

There were only 66 votes against it, which also included 3 Republicans. Ron Paul, Butch otter, and Robert ney.

But the other 63 were Democrats.


LiliNotACult t1_j51qv9u wrote

We have guns and meth, though.


Brix106 t1_j51vfia wrote

And little orange hands to rock us all to sleep.


titoCA321 t1_j59nopd wrote

Because drug runner get loans and money transfers from HSBC and Nigerian princes operate money order scams yet all the databases for what?


Ganon_Cubana t1_j52nyom wrote

Honestly with the patriot act I just assume they monitor any transactions or possibly even communications to specific areas or counties around the globe.


dxploys t1_j51j58g wrote

And now MasterCard has a panel at the WEF in Switzerland. They want to implement digital currency ha


TheGunshipLollipop t1_j55ya77 wrote

>digital currency

"We just had 10 bajillion customer accounts stolen by hackers! Oopsy. On an unrelated note, have you considered linking your checking account to your account with us?"


MindlessFail t1_j5d1j8j wrote

I am super disappointed in Reddit that I, when considering posting this article myself, had to search to see if anyone else already shared it and found this with just 635 upvotes....this should be front page Reddit.....

Thank you for sharing OP!


MarkHathaway1 t1_j51xke2 wrote

And all those Conservatives and rich people who liked the idea of spying on political enemies or corporate competitors, won't they have a pikachu face?


maralagosinkhole t1_j526u2t wrote

I would expect the US to track all money transfers between all countries. Isn't that an essential part of maintaining a sovereign currency?


titoCA321 t1_j59nj6u wrote

Who are you kidding, they can't even stop Nigerian princes from scamming grandma and grandpa.


intoxicatednoob t1_j534oom wrote

I now know why I didn't get that western union job. I went on a mini rant about how privacy matters and Snowden was shafted by America. I would have leaked this right away after joining their infosec team.


Even-Fix8584 t1_j50gzlo wrote

Well, let’s start bets on Trump vs Kushner…. Who wins? You decide! Epic rap battles of history!!!!