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TonightOk4122 t1_j3jwxc6 wrote

Friendly reminder for drinkers to not use acetaminophen (Tylenol). It's a bad combination.


Ericaonelove t1_j3k6moj wrote

My brother died from Tylenol, alcohol overdose. A very painful, and slow 4 day death.


doppleganger_ t1_j3kd17b wrote

Sorry to hear that. My son tried to commit suicide by taking 45 paracetamol and the doctor said that without the antidote it would have been the same outcome for him.


Ericaonelove t1_j3kn47j wrote

I’m so sorry. My brother did it intentionally, got scared and went to the emergency room, and they didn’t do anything. By the time he went to a different hospital, it was way too late. All his organs just shut down one by one. What a terrible way to go.

I really hope your son is doing ok, and in a better place now.


whatsnewpussykat t1_j3kiabt wrote

I’m so sorry, that must have been unspeakably hard as a parent, and obviously your son must have been in such a painful spot to take that action. I hope you’re both doing well now.


doppleganger_ t1_j3kj25h wrote

It was a tough time but we got through it. The guilt I bear for not doing anything about it when I first heard him vomiting, well, I don’t think about it much anymore.

He’s now the proud parent of two boys and will be moving into his new house later in the year.


IentrancedI t1_j3kg4c4 wrote

I’m sorry for your loss similar thing happened to a close friend passed away on 4th day right before liver transplant was to be performed…She was like a sister and far too young. May God grant you healing, peace and ease.


Pi6 t1_j3kg54h wrote

Ibuprofen is not much better with heavy alcohol intake. That combo destroyed my buddy's stomach and esophagus. Puking blood regularly is no fun. Sad reality is that aside from perhaps THC most of the painkillers we have are very bad ideas for alcoholics.


metametapraxis t1_j3l1zsl wrote

Paracetamol is bad for anyone in anything exceeding the stated dose. Would not be licensed for over the counter use these days.


No-Competition-9574 t1_j3lu4x3 wrote

Stop spreading disinformation. THC is not a painkiller. this has been well established in scientific study.


riggo199BV t1_j3m969t wrote

Hmm...sure helps with my arthritis. Off all opiods now.


ComprehensiveVoice98 t1_j3mlv42 wrote

I love cannabis and use it for pain, but I did find this recent study that found essentially there is no difference between a placebo and thc for pain relief, but it is more complicated than that I think.


No-Competition-9574 t1_j3mn4od wrote

I've heard people say that they drive better with cannabis and that it can cure cancer


ComprehensiveVoice98 t1_j3modiq wrote

Yeah I mean, there are probably a lot of benefits that we haven’t discovered, but there are also side affects we probably aren’t aware of. IMO there is no such thing as a miracle drug and no one should be driving while high.


drammer t1_j3mwdyq wrote

Been smoking cannabis for 50 years now with no adverse affects. Quit smoking tobacco 6 years ago and my lungs are fine now but I still smoke cannabis. You can not overdose with natural cannabis. It is not like hard drugs. We know the effects of tobacco on the body and the number of people it kills world wide but it is still legal. Same with alcohol. Sugar. Processed foods and so on.

And as a plant you can make everything from medicine, paper, rope, plastic, food, and many more things. And it grows quickly in all sorts of environments.


ComprehensiveVoice98 t1_j3n2vvr wrote

Yeah there are definitely a lot of good things about it, it’s the only drug I use, I don’t even take over the counter pain killers. My whole family uses it and my dad has used it for 50 years ish as well. It’s much safer than other legal drugs, like alcohol and tobacco. However, due to the fact cannabis has been illegal for so long, there are side effects some users suffer that have not been studied. My dads doctor recently indicated there may be a link between his high blood pressure and cannabis use for example, as well as this digestive issue he’s been having. I still think the pros outweigh the cons, just saying there is more research that needs to be done.


drammer t1_j3n6ewi wrote

That is true and can be said about most medications. I have lived in both the US and Canada. I know the Canadian government is very strict on approving new drugs, as in new to the system. Since legalization across Canada you find fewer than expected reports of cannabis related issues. Of course with driving we see far more alcohol related charges than cannabis. And other then stupid people leaving edibles out for kids to get, very few medical issues. Of course everyone reacts differently. I fully expect mushrooms will be legalized here shortly with microdosing being popular. Psilocybe cubensis and others in this family is even safer health wise than cannabis. Did you watch Dopesick? Look it up, great depiction of oxi contin.


drammer t1_j3muvn5 wrote

I was a musician for years (70s/80s/some 90s) giging mostly across Canada so long drives and lots of cannabis smoked. I would rather be with a driver who smoked pot then drank. No cannabis can not cure cancer but it does help ease the adverse symptoms of treatments for cancer. CBD basically fixed my loss of Cartlidge in my knees but it takes a long time to work. And even my dentist approves of me using it to reduce inflammation after dental visits. SO CBD and THC for a hangover works very well. There are many more compounds in cannabis that the medical/scientific community are finding.


Pi6 t1_j3mpk9x wrote

I don't know if you are nitpicking THC vs cannabis in general or if you are referring to a neurological definition of pain that isn't the common definition, but for the millions of us who get very effective relief for pain symptoms from cannabis, you sound like someone with a biased agenda, and frankly ridiculous.


ChiggaOG t1_j3kskc9 wrote

Can confirm it’s not a quick effect like after 15 minutes. Taking Tylenol and Alcohol at the same time or even if you take Tylenol 15 minutes before drinking alcohol is a slow walk to saturating liver enzymes and creation of a toxic byproduct. People will be admitted to the floor due to seriousness of condition. This link is about acetaminophen toxicity. The only treatment for acetaminophen toxicity is acetylcysteine.


pichiquito t1_j3kv7lx wrote

Could you take acetylcysteine to mitigate possible damage from the combo?


ChiggaOG t1_j3mnwsi wrote

You are not likely to be prescribed acetylcysteine by your doctor beforehand if you intend to take a pill before getting hammered and then take Tylenol for the headache, like 1 hour after stopping to drink. I should also state that the chemical composition of N-acetylcysteine contains a sulfur group, meaning the medication will smell. It is known the tablet form is horrible to take.

Just keep drinking water to stay hydrated. I drank a bunch of Pedialyte to stave off a headache with better success than Gatorade.


Extreme-Locksmith746 t1_j3mqahs wrote

I used to take N.A.C. as a health supplement it's an amino acid, and did not ever smell like sulfur, a bit like vitamins at worst. I took it on the basis it can help create glutathione, and reduce inflammation. It's actually one of the pills I will put in my mouth before finding water to drink since it tastes like a gelcap and then nothing if it dissolves. You can buy it at a health food store no dr. needed. No this doesn't mean you should od on tylenol or ever take it if you can avoid it.


Duchs t1_j3l3mqj wrote

Paracetamol for non-Americans.


technofox01 t1_j3li0ly wrote



The number of times I have seen people do this and nothing happen is insane but cripe, after reading that article I will be spreading the word to those that do this. I didn't even know it was that bad for you to do.


weedful_things t1_j3lmlmd wrote

Tylenol was my go-to hangover reliever for a lot of years. I popped a couple at least a few times a week. I stopped using it when this issue first came to light.


hypnocentrism t1_j3jk0mo wrote

We really need a new drinkable alcohol-like drug that encourages sociability but that doesn't metabolize into a literal body/brain-damaging toxin.


Karenomegas t1_j3k8cr6 wrote

In my festie days we would just put a drop or two of acid in a decent sized water bottle and sip off it throughout the day.


calm_chowder t1_j3kopfm wrote

Which would be an excellent alternative if LSD were a legal option and not one of the most tightly controlled drugs in the country, if not the world.


S_K_Y t1_j3jqi7z wrote

Marijuana infused drinks are the alternate option. They give you the "high" but so far hasn't to my knowledge inflict any long-term damage that I have read anywhere.


BigBrownDog12 t1_j3jucc6 wrote

Marijuana and alcohol highs are not really the same and can't really be used as a substitution for someone looking for the other


S_K_Y t1_j3k0oi5 wrote

True but my point was that it's currently the closest thing on the market. I drink alcohol and I've had marijuana drinks. There is a difference but I can't think of anything else that is close and readily available.


Kevbot1000 t1_j3ksc0q wrote

My partner and I go for zero-alcohol beers, then drop water soluble THC in it (benefits of Canadian weed legality) and that's been a game changer for us.


marasaidw t1_j3mrh5x wrote

thats a good idea, because weed beverages always have too much thc to just be drank as a bottle.


come-on-now-please t1_j3kguzh wrote

I wonder how much of a "Social Lubricant" alcohol is vs a placebo, I mean obviously slamming back shot after shot and being absolutely blitzed surrounded by other drunk people is one thing, but if you're only gonna have 1 or 2 light beers how much of the socializing was because of the alcohol vs other factors(atmosphere, ritual of drinking,

Me and my Spouse have started buying NA Beers. They're actually pretty good and honestly if I had to choose between only having one "normal" beer and a NA one, if I a not trying to get tipsy I'm choosing the NA one because there's literally no reason to be putting alcohol in my body.

There's actually a pretty big explosion of NA drinks going on now, I remember trying NA beer like 3 years ago(before the pandemic) and it wasn't exactly great(the NA Stella's didn't seem that bad to me).

Really, I think during the pandemic everyone who was working from home everyone had the "oh oh oh, I'm going to be naughty and DRaank on the job tee hee" urge for a week or too (did anyone else remember the virtual happy hours?) And then we all had a come to Jesus moment of "holy crap I shouldn't be drinking like this" and we al realized we only had maybe coffee and tea as a non water option and we want something different now

Sorry for formatting


whatsnewpussykat t1_j3ki4xu wrote

I’ve been clean and sober for 11 years and the boom of non-alcoholic beverages and mocktails has been great for me in the last few years!


weedful_things t1_j3ln4sn wrote

I stopped 2 years ago and I worry that drinking a NA beer will do nothing but put the taste back in my mouth and make me give in to temptation.


cassinonorth t1_j3m0flf wrote

Everyone's different of course but I was a full fledged craft beer nerd, now 4 years sober. I drink maybe two 6 packs of craft NA a year, it's nice for tailgates and parties to not feel weird but they're not cheap and the calories just feel empty.


weedful_things t1_j3m101m wrote

haha, I probably would have stopped years before, but I discovered the local brewery scene.


cassinonorth t1_j3m1bkq wrote

Yeah, it's a dangerous "hobby" for sure. Tons of lining up for releases, trading beers, seeking out breweries on trips. Just became such a burden.

I'm sure COVID when all the breweries around me were delivering it would've been a nightmare at home.


whatsnewpussykat t1_j3lrzi3 wrote

I personally don’t do NA beer for that reason, but just the variety of options beyond pop is awesome!


weedful_things t1_j3ltpnq wrote

Give me some unsweetened and flavored fizzy water and I'm good to go. Maybe some Earl Grey tea if it's not too late.


SaladUntossed t1_j3okf4h wrote

Good move on avoiding the NA beer (which isn't even fully NA). That was my brother's big mistake, and the taste came back 10-fold.


come-on-now-please t1_j3kk04q wrote

Honestly with the health boom and everything we know, I can kinda see drinking beers casually kinda going the way of tobacco. Like if some one "just wants to drink one or two after work to relax" it's gonna be NA beer.

Shrubs too! They're cocktails that use vinegar instead of Alcohol! Need to start making myself those as well!.

Congrats on the Sobriety!


iloqin t1_j3klws8 wrote

There is a difference between smoking and drinking though. America went through prohibition and that failed miserably. Finally the message about smoking got through for the most part. Also I’m kind of a health nut, the health industry is booming and more x-fit and big box gyms and personal trainers exist, but the world is getting fatter still. The addiction to sugar is real, just ask all your coworkers if they’re willing to only eat meat and veggies. I’d figure 98% of health problems go away, less diabetes/heart/ back and arthritis easily. Easy to say, hard to do. I know I’ve done it for half a year, all health markers improved and fat was lost. HDL up and triglycerides down.


come-on-now-please t1_j3kn20i wrote

Prohibition wasn't voluntary though. I think there's gonna be a sobriety wave soon(like in 10 years or something), dry January is a thing, and people are starting to take breaks from drinking. Although it might be from more of a "I don't need the excess calories" rather than a "alcohol is bad for you", ibknow personally when I'm out of shape my desire to drink goes down massively, and if I do it ends up being something harder like rum or whiskey(of which I'll probably dump half of it anyway).

I dont necessarily think suger is the issue in and of itself, I think it's just absolutely everything about modern life subconsciously forces you to eat to healthily if you're not specifically looking out at all times


calm_chowder t1_j3ko5fw wrote

>but if you're only gonna have 1 or 2 light beers how much of the socializing was because of the alcohol vs other factors(atmosphere, ritual of drinking,

If that's your normal amount of drinking then you don't have liver disease to worry about in the first place so.....


come-on-now-please t1_j3kp2ry wrote

Not a doctor, but I think it's 1 standard drink for a guy and maybe half that for a women per day is the max that you can have and not have it affect your liver over time.

There are people who don't binge drink, but drink constantly, "only" having 1 or two beers a day means you're drinking 7-14 beers a week, probably of varying alcohol contents(and a standard drink is way smaller than people think).

Yah you're not gonna die from alcohol poisoning, but the point is that this stuff builds up and sure people have it sneak up on them and they don't realize it until it hits them


lvlint67 t1_j3ktyd7 wrote

If you follow the science there's basically no account of alcohol that is good for you. They said, in the majority of cases, a healthy human body will deal with light-moderate drinking.


lvlint67 t1_j3ku5qw wrote

> I wonder how much of a "Social Lubricant" alcohol is vs a placebo

Depends on the person. Some people already have lower inhibitions in social situations.

Stone people will sit in a corner, catatonic in a social situation without "lubricant"


[deleted] t1_j3klcva wrote



come-on-now-please t1_j3km29z wrote

I wouldn't say it makes you brave, but I'd say it makes you not care.

Apparently the way it makes people/groups more social is that as a depressant it slows you down and it stops you from picking up social ques. So a sober person might see a yellow light and not talk, a person who has drunk a little still sees a green light and goes right ahead


thenewestnoise t1_j3kmtnl wrote

GHB? It's illegal but I don't really know how bad it is for you.


funksoldier83 t1_j3mb2k5 wrote

Cannabis beverages exist. Can be psychologically addictive, sure… but it’s not going to destroy your internal organs nearly as badly as alcohol. And no hangover.


HironTheDisscusser t1_j3mmt2g wrote

many drugs that work on the same receptors as alcohol (GABA mainly) already exist they're just illegal


MaracujaBarracuda t1_j3k3a6h wrote

Kava. It can cause dependence and health problems but probably less than alcohol.

Edit: I am not promoting kava, I’ve never even tried it myself, I am coming from a harm reduction perspective


dariadarling t1_j3k97rz wrote

Isnt kava linked to liver or kidney issues?


another_bug t1_j3kwnzu wrote

As I understand it, the liver issues mostly came from unscrupulous extract sellers who were using the stems and leaves.

Basically, you drink the dried & powdered roots of the plant, but for a while there was a big boom on making pills with extracts. Demand exceeded supply and some people started using the parts of the plant not traditionally consumed. These parts have some other compounds in them that you don't want (similar to how tomato and potato leaves contain solanine), and now people were taking basically concentrates of them. This is where you get problems. The roots have hundreds of years of traditional consumption in Polynesia, the leaves, not so much. Supposedly they were traditionally used as an abortifacient, so probably not something you want to drink.

Among those who drink traditional varieties of kava in Polynesian cultures, I do not think the liver problems have been well documented. Which doesn't mean it doesn't cause problems, it could also be due to it being a relatively less studied topic.


educateyourself1 t1_j3kdf5a wrote

I enjoyed Kava until I went to the doctor with hives. When he told me it was probably from the Kava I insisted it wasn’t until I was driving home and realized my denial. Stopped taking it and the hives went away.


ricardo9505 t1_j3jm86z wrote

Or take responsibility and not drink. Some ppl are more prone to become alcoholics or abuse things. Recovery doesn't happen overnight or a week. It's a lifelong struggle for many. Avoid parties , bars, social events.


Sneakysteve t1_j3k0i8b wrote

I mean thousands of years of human civilization we've been drinking alcohol and we haven't even remotely addressed this problem properly, but "don't drink"... damn, that must be the missing piece of advice that alcoholics needed all this time.

It can't possibly be more complicated


Saltyspaghetti t1_j3k3coh wrote

Don’t forget to avoid social settings


Sneakysteve t1_j3k4h7k wrote

Lol yes, thanks bro. Be sure to turn off all ads and media that feature alcohol as well. I think there's a lever for that somewhere.


ricardo9505 t1_j3k8k0q wrote

Weak men make excuses like you do. Takes a strong man to overcome addiction and I'm sure aside from pop tarts you have no clue about the issue in reality.


kafka_nova t1_j3lzmzw wrote

I am absolutely opposed to any form of alcohol consumption, but even more against backward toxic men who believe there can talk to other about strength or any nonsense about "you have failed as a man". you are responsible for the decline of humanity.


CelikBas t1_j3khtt1 wrote

The real problem is that the majority of human societies have spent the past few millennia centering huge parts of their culture around drinking literal neurotoxins, to the point where it’s considered weird not to get at least mildly buzzed on a regular basis.

Fortunately, all we need to to is invent time travel and alter the course of civilization as we know it, and the problem will be solved!


ricardo9505 t1_j3k8e8c wrote

See a therapist, get help. Alcohol is big business so there's that aspect. But failing to take personal responsibility for yourself first is a sign of weakness that hurts you. Say what you want but if you're an addict the world doesn't care much. You have to want the help. It ain't easy. Growing as a person never is.


kafka_nova t1_j3lzphy wrote

I am absolutely opposed to any form of alcohol consumption, but even more against backward toxic men who believe to want to talk to other strength or any nonsense about "you have failed as a man". you are responsible for the decline of humanity.


3v3ryt1m3 t1_j3k1wff wrote

If I changed nothing, I would be part of this statistic. Instead, I found recovery cuz some other drunks carried a message that I could be sober and my life would get better. Thanks to AA, stopdrinking sub, SMART recovery, years of intensive therapy, and the gift of desperation caused by organ failure, I will celebrate 10 years clean and sober tomorrow.

If you drink heavily, you feel that life is pointless, nothing good will ever happen for you, and that you lost the ability to control and enjoy your drinking, I was once in your shoes. The hardest thing I ever did was ask for help, but I believe in you. We can recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.


Tobiko_kitty t1_j3k7xxr wrote

I too would have been one of these statistics almost 11 years ago. Depression, disability, and a generally sucky life led to full-time drinking and I couldn't stop for more than a couple of hours without getting violently ill. I was placed in a skilled nursing facility to live out my last 30 days in as much comfort as possible. While in withdrawal delirium, I tripped and fell and shattered my leg. I ended up staying 3 1/2 months. After going through that, the last thing I wanted to do was drink again. My liver wouldn't take it again. I attended AA for a year and realized how fortunate I was to have the day-to-day fight to stop taken out of my hands. I was also very fortunate to have the support of my parents through the whole thing.


weedful_things t1_j3lmuol wrote

r/stopdrinking helped me a lot when I decided to stop drinking.


lethargicbureaucrat t1_j3mcgiw wrote

Same here. AA wasn't for me, but r/stopdrinking was a huge help for me. Good people there.


whatsnewpussykat t1_j3kile5 wrote

That’s fucking rad! Congrats on your sobriety! Let’s keep trudging the road of happy destiny ❤️


DarkthorneLegacy t1_j3kdskl wrote

"New treatment" = mental health The headline made me think it was something actually new


autotelica t1_j3jrm5p wrote

I wonder if anxiety is increasing among young people and whether this explains the uptick in alcohol-related liver disease. People self-medicate more when they are anxious, so there's that. But anxiety can also make people take risks out of fear.

"If I don't go to happy hour, I won't be seen as a team player and I won't get that promotion and thus I'll be some kind of a loser."

"If I don't do shots like the rest of the gang, they won't invite me to hang out with them and I won't have friends and thus I'll be some kind of a loser."

"If I don't do some pre-gaming before our dinner date, I'll be a nervous wreck the whole time and he/she'll think I'm a weirdo and they won't want to go out with me and thus I'll be some kind of loser."

I don't know if anxiety has increased, but I wouldn't be surprised if it has.


ShoestringTherapy t1_j3k7eim wrote

I've lived the 2nd example.

Your circle of friends can definitely get smaller when you quit drinking. Shared interests and all that.


Texasraised420 t1_j3k99h5 wrote

My in-law family all likes to get together and go drinking. It ALWAYS end in someone getting mad or upset. My wife has never drank nor will ever start. They would always get onto her for not wanting to have fun and telling me to slow down drinking. Now that I have slowed my drinking I see how annoying they all are while drunk and how most of it is just fake drunk love. Ironically they all judge me for smoking weed despite it being legal in the state I moved too.

Ever since I stopped going out with them they have since turned to the youngest 16 year old and trying to get him to start drinking. Like how are you going to be mad as a grown adult I smoke weed but then encourage your underage children to get drunk with you because you're a depressed adult who likes company in misery..

Sorry just going on rant. Cutting out drinking is making me not able to stand these people and hurting our relationship. Meanwhile just about every other aspect in life and my relationships with people who care is improving

If people don't respect your choices and encourage you to drink... they aren't good people IMO


autotelica t1_j3lgkfy wrote

I don't really like the taste of alcohol, so when I go out with friends for happy hour, I usually nurse one cocktail to their two or three beers. I am lucky that this doesn't bother them and that no one in the group is trying get wasted.

But when I know the situation is a "let's get wasted!" one, I just can't with that. I am at that stage in my life where I don't care if this means I don't have a lot of friends. The way I see it, if a person doesn't want to be my friend unless I get wasted with them, they don't really want to get to know me as a person. They just want a drinking partner. I would rather be lonely than be that.


cassinonorth t1_j3m1gd8 wrote

You find out your "friends" aren't really friends at all, just drinking buddies.


PhilosophyKingPK t1_j3kva06 wrote

My wife joined a weight loss support group that meets over Zoom. She told me that everyone (~10) on the call (except her) said that they were casual drinkers before the pandemic but it turned into a problem since the pandemic. Obviously, the empty calories are bad for their goals, but my wife and I have suspected that more and more people turned to alcohol during the pandemic/stress of day normal life now. This seems to support that.


Shadowkiller00 t1_j3jpo31 wrote

I didn't read the article, but I decided that what it says is that people get half of their liver removed at 20 and it gets put on ice. Then, at 40 or 50, they have their destroyed liver removed and the half that they had removed at 20 put back in.


TockyRop10 t1_j3k7q6z wrote

a confounding issue, which is widely known in the hepatology community, is the liver is already breaking down earlier and earlier from metabolic disease. More and more young people are developing fatty liver from diet and this accelerates in the presence of alcohol. Sure, some people burn their livers super fast….. but have a heavy drinker with no confounding metabolic disease vs a heavy drinker with fatty liver from poor diet and your gonna see the one with fatty liver from diet have issues decades earlier….


747Bclass t1_j3klbyj wrote

I have that. Because of alcohol when I was younger. I lucky caught at a younger age. I had type two liver cirrhosis. I quit drinking, helped a lot. I can’t reverse my liver damage but I can maintain a healthier living style but exercising and eating healthy. Eating healthy is a big deal with liver cirrhosis and I cut out sodas.


xwing_n_it t1_j3jrixy wrote

Is the new approach to drink more alcohol? God I hope so.


No-tomato-1976 t1_j3m8yxo wrote

I’m recovering. Most addicts are just addicts, they can truly get or become addicted to anything. There is no changing that. The key is to become addicted to healthy things, like weight lifting, running, eating nutritious foods, etc.

Once you can replace bad habits with healthy habits 1/2 of the battle is won. The rest is still a challenge but it’s a helluva lot easier when you have a reason to stay clean. That reason is YOU!


InsuranceToTheRescue t1_j3mwlu1 wrote

I'm not surprised. I'm one of those, I guess. I drink too much; a few fifths of vodka a week. My doctors tell me I need to quit. I worry about cirrhosis somewhat.

Getting blackout drunk makes the empty time between work & sleep go by quicker. And I don't really have anything to live for. No friends, no family, bleak future. So, while I don't have cravings and I'm not physically addicted to alcohol, I can't think of a good reason to stop and extend my life.


grungegoth OP t1_j3n58nl wrote

Wow. You've got to find something that excites you and make you want to live. A hobby, a craft, working out, something, anything.


InsuranceToTheRescue t1_j3nguuz wrote

I've tried for a long time to get better. A decade at least. Nothing seems to help. Tried a lot of different meds & therapy. Tried things I used to enjoy and new things I think I might. I've given up hope that I might be happy or content one day. I don't even remember what they feel like.

Anyways, my post wasn't meant to focus on me. Just to provide a window into the people in the article that're effected by this. The future looks bleak, there's no chance for many to improve their lives, and our government only seems to care about making the rich richer. It's no wonder that depression & alcoholism are on the rise.


Boredandtiredbroke t1_j3kr5y5 wrote

Just give us legal access to other drugs. I sure as shit would rather be nodding off or stimmed up wankin my dick fruitlessly trying to get off when on crystal.

Alcoholism sucks and it just becomes a chore at this point. Quick, run to the store just to feel normal and kill the shakes.

Fun, everyday is an adventure to quell this bullshit, peace be upon you that have mouthwash on hand, at least you have something.

I don't like this article lol


[deleted] t1_j3ktxku wrote

Dude meth addiction is not better than any other. Been there and it’s an ugly ass road. Legal weed or even coke I can back. But not crack, meth, opiates. And really not sure if I actually back those others. I used to use anything I could get my hands on and I hate that part of my life.

Maybe just having safe havens to use is the answer. So if you OD (which I did and luckily got saved) people are around to help you


Boredandtiredbroke t1_j3lx3m7 wrote

Are you me? For real though, I'm up for safe spaces to use. I know addiction can be tough as fuck but some people just need relief from the real world. Hard or soft substances, matters not, as long as said person isn't put in a position that endangers themselves or others.

Also also, meth addiction really sucks but alcoholism is the fuckin worse. The whole dying thing isn't cool and if you're epileptic that sorta makes things worse.


GreyScope t1_j3lwh39 wrote

Advocating for Personal Responsibility?


AzureSniper t1_j3no5xi wrote

Reasons I am glad to be 5 years sober.


gnomewife t1_j3oo3hw wrote

Combining physical and mental health treatment! What a novel concept!


ChucksNorris243 t1_j3pja21 wrote

Liver issues have to be increasing over. NAFLD is likely going to hit many many adults. Avoiding it is hard it seems


Showerthawts t1_j3nib0z wrote

Some of you really need to get on the marijuana train and stop binge drinking. It's legal now in many states, and you don't even have to smoke or vape it.


[deleted] t1_j3jjm3x wrote



Anonymoustard t1_j3jkz6s wrote

I think what they are saying is that it is because of alcohol in these cases . Not that other things aren't a problem for your liver too.


cosmicmountaintravel t1_j3l0gxf wrote

Alcohol still killing people. Meanwhile THC is over there being all illegal and curing cancer. Seems legit. Smoking: yes. Drinking: yes. Cancer cure: Illegal.