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RyVsWorld t1_j58phyg wrote

Holy shit. I am still speechless this that this went down. Even after reading that, im completely baffled that college aged and law school aged adults fell for this. And then the school, law enforcement and parents were so ineffective.

And OF COURSE this guy rubbed shoulders with Guiliani and Trump associates. Of course, you cant make it up.

I also didn’t see any consequences for the guy chen his landlord who participated in the sexual assault


ThePresbyter t1_j58r1av wrote

That was one of the craziest things I've ever read. And yea, scumbags flock together.


Karl_Havoc2U t1_j5b14de wrote

Holy hell. Every single sentence of that piece was like a Mad-Lib, raising far more questions than answers.


meatball77 t1_j5a67qw wrote

College students are super high risk for joining cults. There are several which are known for hanging around college campuses.

You have young often sheltered students (if you spent all your time in high school padding your college resume with hellicoptor parents you're going to probably not have many street smarts) who are living in a new place where they don't know anyone and they're looking for something to belong to.