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999others t1_j3n1sdv wrote

Guy should have just shown up to play.


SuperstitiousPigeon5 t1_j3nays4 wrote

"I'm going to show up to play in a one piece bathing suit and flippers, or you're going to pay me not to."


MoesTavernRegular t1_j3nqwgn wrote

Yeah everyone is coming around… Well I’m not, Doug! This man is destroying golf. I just saw 2 big fat naked bikers in the woods off 17 having sex… How am I supposed to CHIP with that going on?!?

Damn you people go back to your shanties!


SharpieBass t1_j3nnoet wrote

I would love to see someone like him show up and put up an honest 125. Be hilarious.


Pattewad t1_j3nwflw wrote

It’d be hilarious to have one average dude behind all the pros at every pga tournament. Cut straight from the pros striping it to Gary, a 27 handicap currently +10 thru 3


SharpieBass t1_j3odz5d wrote

LOL. Checking the wind direction, throwing up grass, referring to your notes… and then shank a drive 80yards into the trees. I’d watch that shit!


SheriffComey t1_j3p5ed6 wrote

And then just says "That'll play"


SharpieBass t1_j3p8dkv wrote

Lol. Well struck!

Maybe that Kinda out of the box playing would shut up the “get in the hole!” Idiots for once. 🤪


SheriffComey t1_j3o2vdo wrote

"It looks Gary is currently getting some beer and flirting with the cart girl. You know Sean I think there's a 6 for 36 deal going on the Coors light"


SheriffComey t1_j3mur8v wrote

If only it had gone to The Man, The myth, The Legend... Scott Sterling!


LastOfLateBrakers t1_j3mvqvu wrote

18 hole-in-ones, all with his face. Carried like a dead serengeti by a leopard in the African Savannah.



swheels125 t1_j3oycz4 wrote

As Atlas carried the world on his back, so too has Scott Sterling carried this game on his face.


sue_donyem t1_j3p4syt wrote

Hits a golf ball, it flies wide, bounces off a tree, and ricochets into his face


DocSharpe t1_j3mwxn6 wrote

Came here to say that, but you beat me... TAKE MY DAMN UPVOTE!


aecarol1 t1_j3noiwe wrote

I would hope they wrangle a VIP invitation to watch the Masters for the Scott Stallings who accidentally received the invitation. It would be a nice gesture for him to get to see the tournament.


DocSharpe t1_j3mwrh7 wrote

Could be worse...(or better)... they could have sent it to SCOTT STERLING!!!


shewy92 t1_j3qxxln wrote

I thought that said Scott Sterling and was wondering if he got a golf ball to the face