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Modern_Bear t1_j3nskgc wrote

Right wing fascist jackasses destroy everything they touch.


Dzotshen t1_j3pb8zn wrote

Amygdala apes are what I call them- fearful, xenophobic, paranoid, irrational, and dumb as fuck.


jadedflames t1_j3nueym wrote

Oh man. That clock makes me sad. That’s completely destroyed.


coffeeandtrout t1_j3oeo7f wrote

Nuts, fucking zealots of all kinds despise things that are beautiful and make people feel good. Reminded of those giant Buddhist statues destroyed by the Taliban: Zealots hate free thinking.


GhettoChemist t1_j3nly2b wrote

Im kind of focused on Trump's damage to democracy, but thats still fucked up they destroyed artwork like that


TUGrad t1_j3p8fi6 wrote

His cult also did tens of million in damage to the Capitol on 1/6.


apgren87 t1_j3ncw31 wrote

It's Trump fault. I didn't vote for him. I knew he would do damage after he left office


Co1dNight t1_j3nnktl wrote

This hurts to see. So sad. Fucking terrorists.


TUGrad t1_j3p88eu wrote

They weren't protesting anything, they went there to cause damage and destruction. These people are nothing more than violent criminals.


Al3rtROFL t1_j3podi7 wrote

The Republicans might use this Rhetoric if the Ds lose via the electoral college again despite the last time where women patted their crotches.


Teriyaki_Salmon t1_j3r5ao7 wrote

Just like those pseudo “climate activists” trying to ruin oil paintings, all these crazy extremists have a thing for destroying art…


axonxorz t1_j3o6440 wrote

Weird that two commenters within 5 minutes are in here are talking about Trump losing an election. What.


Puzzleheaded_Moose38 t1_j3p41qj wrote

I mean, it does seem like what happened in Brazil was a copy of January 6th


axonxorz t1_j3pcwlk wrote

I get that, fully agree. It just seemed strange to me to mention Trump as the perpetrator, not Bolsonaro. I'm not saying Trump isn't tangentially responsible, it was just odd for two comments to be made so close to each other with the same "distraction"


[deleted] t1_j3nby8l wrote



pegothejerk t1_j3nkbb3 wrote

It’s definitely damaged, this wasn’t the intent of the artist. It is definitely an artifact of history now, showing was awful people the far right are.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_j3p05u1 wrote

Sounds like what climate change activists do


Pippin4242 t1_j3p7woq wrote

What, gluing themself to roads or making a mess on top of the glass protecting works of art, for a good cause? Yeah, super similar...


Intelligent-Bed-1654 t1_j3ne8pr wrote

This art has been damaged by the lack of support from the public and the fact that many people have lost their jobs and their families. It’s just sad that this has become such a problem for many people in Brazil. The Brazilian population has grown so rapidly that the country has been unable to cope with its own economic crisis


Available-Camera8691 t1_j3nsweg wrote

This is like saying the Jan 6 raid on the Capitol was justified because some fucknuts didn't accept the results of a fair election.