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grublets t1_j64k9y5 wrote

Right, their screens were blue. So back up like people did before rear cameras were a thing.


The69BodyProblem t1_j64l1nk wrote

Iirc the backup cam has been mandated in new cars for a while, so this may be something they're required to do by the government


mtarascio t1_j64nt0s wrote

Yeah, if someone had their rear view mirror broken off, you wouldn't say the broken rear mirror caused the accident.


tinman82 t1_j64orm6 wrote

Some new cars don't have rear view mirrors. Just a mirror shaped screen that shows the rear view camera all the time. Also some vehicles you just can't seeout the back. But yeah no excuse for not using mirrors and if the back up is acting fucky it would be worth a walk around to save a toddler or dog.


n3m37h t1_j64qhoy wrote

Not made for anywhere that had snow in otherwords


tinman82 t1_j65d1jf wrote

Panel vans are just a fact of life but yeah the other group is the new sports cars with tiny rear windows. Mustangs are spinny in good weather I'd love to see them in the snow.


n3m37h t1_j65d9o8 wrote

Any high gp rear wheel car is shit in snow, not enough weight for the torque


FordTech81 t1_j663mg7 wrote

Still spinny in snow. We have a 13 charger and when it snows it doesn't move from the driveway. 4500lbs and rwd with a V8, snow/ice is not friendly. I can make it to work, but we just mainly use the awd Ford edge in snowy weather. Much better handling.


dogswontsniff t1_j66nzos wrote

Hell chargers and mustangs are only decent in a straight line on a GOOD weather day


FordTech81 t1_j66zd69 wrote

Yep. They don't corner worth shit. But they sure are fun.


thegreger t1_j687bm1 wrote

I was reversed into, while stationary and honking my horn for attention, by a young driver in a huge-ass SUV whose excuse was that she couldn't see me.

If you're not 100% certain what's behind your car, you do NOT reverse. If in doubt: Stop, get your lazy ass out of the car and check, then go back into the car while keeping an eye on your surroundings for anything that might enter the space you're reversing into.

Why is it that the dumbest drivers always feel like they must have the biggest cars with the most tech? If every SUV driver were forced to drive a Fiat Panda, the world would be a better place.