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Emotional-Text7904 t1_j3oa4bm wrote

Same issue in Texas, doctors have a malpractice cap so they can only pay a certain amount max no matter how badly they fuck up. Doctors who cannot practice in other states due to lack of malpractice insurance or too expensive malpractice insurance can practice in Texas. So Texans, beware


TheGrandExquisitor t1_j3opltb wrote

Fun Fact - The British doctor who started the "vaccines cause autism," thing was struck off in the UK for being a shit doctor, but then moved to Texas!

Welcomed with open arms.


Thegarbagegamer97 t1_j3ovx6f wrote

I’d add it to the list of mistakes my state has made over the years, but for the past decade or two ive been running out of paper to write on faster than i can restock


Coogcheese t1_j3od50k wrote

Put in place by a total asshole who would not be where he is today and still benefits from a judgement from before those limits were put into place.


TUGrad t1_j3ok22f wrote

Malpractice insurance industry consistently pushes the lie that caps reduce healthcare costs.


SkyeSpider t1_j3sxj1f wrote

I ran into this in Oklahoma. A surgeon permanently screwed up my dominant hand. Every lawyer I spoke to said damages were capped at $150k (dropped to $75k a few years later), and the cost to go to court was more than that. I lost everything and couldn’t do anything about it. Fuck tort reform.


Emotional-Text7904 t1_j3sxry2 wrote

That's so awful. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I know medical tourism is a thing but you don't expect to need to take into account malpractice limits when choosing to have surgery ffs. And not everyone can afford to travel to a different state. That sucks so much


SkyeSpider t1_j3sy7fe wrote

I ended up moving to New York to avoid it happening again. I’ve had six surgeries on that wrist with no luck, but at least I’m protected from mistakes up here.