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--zaxell-- t1_j525lts wrote

That's $147,600,032 in Fahrenheit.


Stromaluski t1_j525xlz wrote

I had to double check the math, but you are indeed correct!


Art-Zuron t1_j52mf0s wrote

Accounting for inflation, it'd be about $2,483,403,742.37 Kelvin.


Katiari t1_j546q8z wrote

Wouldn't it be 102,500,273.15 Kelvin, including inflation?


Art-Zuron t1_j557yu1 wrote

Why do you think that?

Accounting for inflation from 1913, which is actually after Lord Kelvin died, but it's not a terrible approximation, we get about a 2998% inflation.

But that's just with USD.

It'd actually be more realistic to use the British pound. So, accounting for inflation from 1909, it'd be about 10,109,866,311.27 GBP. That'd actually end up at around 12,479,618,974.63 USD, about 6 times my original value.


Katiari t1_j55tb8p wrote

Because the court case is from 2014.

That would be like accounting for the Earth's position in 1666 to calculate where orbital bodies are now. The measurements and laws may have been discovered in past times, but the calculations don't get pinned to those dates.


bigbangbilly t1_j53bvlg wrote

Way more than 50 Cent and hotter than an Ice Cube in a glass of Ice T


boofbeer t1_j54vd6q wrote

I had no idea that Flo Rida was a rapper and Celsius was a company suing him for breach of contract or something. I thought this was a joke about another DeSantis stunt, mandating that in-state temperatures could ONLY be cited in Fahrenheit.

Only reason I clicked, really.


Bazin_B9 t1_j5227cc wrote

Rich rapper with his own company gets bilked on a promotion deal: >$80 million dollars award.

US Army vet gets threatened and tased by bloodthirsty cops: <$4,000 dollars award.

Christ I hate this fucking country.


IndieHamster t1_j52hw50 wrote

While I agree in theory, this isn't the best case to use as an example. Most of the awarded money comes from 750,000 shares that the company was supposed to issue to Flo Rida. He was supposed to be issued 250,000 in 2014 when it was trading around $0.40-$0.50 a share, and then was supposed to be issued 500,000 more in 2016 when it was trading at around $2-$2.60 a share. Today it ended at $97.81/share, and hit an all time high of $115/share in January.

To me, this just looks a guy finally getting compensated for what was outlined in his contract


[deleted] t1_j52ih2h wrote



brow47627 t1_j53aaw6 wrote

Well there wouldn't be any reason to speculate on proper damages if they didn't completely breach the contract he signed with them. They did this to themselves lol.


notasrelevant t1_j55dcb0 wrote

In this case, there was an agreement in place for compensation, but a party was not properly compensated. The suit ended with that party receiving compensation similar to what was supposed to be received, accounting for the growth on value as well.

It's a bit more of a straightforward case as conditions for receiving said compensation were outlined in contract, with specific numbers and the value at the time and present day values are known.

The case of the army vet is not a fair compensation, but it's hard to compare to a case when a contract between 2 parties was established and agreed upon and included specific details outlining compensation.


LiliNotACult t1_j523krc wrote

Why hate it? This is all by design. It's working as intended


kudichangedlives t1_j524fn4 wrote

You can't hate something that is designed to be predatory?


mr_potatoface t1_j52i3wn wrote

Gotta have money to make money.

Army vet should have pulled himself up by his boot straps and made himself worth 100 million first before getting tased and then he probably would have got 400 million awarded.

Pretty sure Bezos would get more than 4k if he were in the same scenario.


AStartIsBorn t1_j539in7 wrote

If you're being sarcastic might want to indicate that at the end of your comment.


[deleted] t1_j51uff9 wrote



misogichan t1_j53xi23 wrote

I would blame the executives more than the lawyers. It wasn't the lawyers that broke the contract and tried to rip off their spokesman. That said, it wouldn't surprise me at all if their leadership sacked their legal team and said "the problem is fixed."


fvb955cd t1_j55pl30 wrote

That's it. These two are both in the class that the legal system is most designed for. Two parties with sophisticated lawyers but without so much power and money that they can literally shape the law or bleed the other dry

In those situations, if you fuck up, the best lawyer isn't saving your ass.


Lastunexpectedhero t1_j51znri wrote

The "sipping on a Celsius, while talking to reporters" is just amazing


Jeffuary t1_j52n2jd wrote

I worked with him about 6 or 7 years ago and he was a super nice dude.


CaracalWall t1_j5478xu wrote

That’s good to hear that famous people don’t always let it go to their head. He seems like he is.


western_red t1_j52or1y wrote

I have no understanding of this title. Must mean I'm getting old.


SpuddMeister t1_j536aex wrote

I thought Celsius was another rapper.


AStartIsBorn t1_j5395fu wrote

As did I.


dominus_aranearum t1_j539z2e wrote

Couldn't be. Celsius is spelled correctly.


Docthrowaway2020 t1_j542dp0 wrote

Essentially same mistake here- I thought Flo Rida was another temperature scale


rnd765 t1_j53ol9h wrote

Not really just out of touch. Flo Rida has been around for more than a decade. So has Celsius.


anallover1220 t1_j53v0at wrote

Yeah unless they haven’t stepped into a club, bar, wedding, house party, or turned on a radio since 2008 I don’t believe they haven’t heard the song “Low” by Flo Rida ft. T-Pain. That is one of the most played songs for at least a 10 year period that I could think of.


trueredtwo t1_j54qu57 wrote

When you get to adulthood you'll find most people don't know the names of new artists, even when the songs are massively popular


SaltyShawarma t1_j54211b wrote

Some of us just don't get it much, anallover.


anallover1220 t1_j54ig9u wrote

You don’t have to. His music has also appeared in 128 movies, tv, or music videos. Most notably Deadpool and most recently The Simpson’s.


thejoeface t1_j55w4yz wrote

I worked in a stripclub for a decade. I know the words to any of the popular songs during that time, but that doesn’t mean I know the artist or even the song’s name.

You can define it as “out of the loop,” as the music I liked wasn’t really what’s played on the radio. There’s a lot of stuff out there and it’s hard to keep track of it all, and in the end not really worth it unless it matters to you personally.


anallover1220 t1_j586o0r wrote

That wasn’t the point. People acting like they have no clue who he is but a quick google search would clue people in. “Oh, it’s this guy.” I’m not saying you have to know anyone’s name. Just a trend I see on Reddit of people acting as if they are “out of the loop.” I see it as a tired and lazy comment that’s repeated in every thread.


boofbeer t1_j54wkk0 wrote

I've been to a couple of weddings, mostly listen to public radio. I've seen Deadpool, so I have probably heard "Low", but it didn't make an impression --- I just found it on YouTube, and it doesn't ring any bells. Sorry. I know lots of movies (and I do watch lots of movies) include music, but unless the songs are already familiar or you take notes during the credits, associating even a memorable song with the artist(s) that produced it is not a given.


AStartIsBorn t1_j5394oi wrote

I was thinking this is the most Onion headline I've ever seen.


boofbeer t1_j54vtu5 wrote

I AM old, and I thought this was a story about new DeSantis mandates. I've never heard of Flo Rida the rapper or Celsius the drink company. I thought the Florida GOP was cracking down on the "woke" behavior of using undesirable words like "centimeters" and "celsius" LOL.


ghostalker4742 t1_j55fhzx wrote

Would you really be surprised to see Florida ban the metric system, after everything else?

I wouldn't.


boofbeer t1_j55iifx wrote

It wouldn't surprise me at this point if they declared that the only textbook that could be used in Florida schools was the Holy Bible, and My Pillow airbags were required in all new vehicles sold in the state.


RPDRNick t1_j5217lo wrote

Shawty got dough, dough, dough, dough, dough, dough.


jofizzm t1_j51udjd wrote

I was January 16th 2023 days old when I realized that dude's name spelled "Florida".


AintEverLucky t1_j53a33a wrote

Anybody know if the lawsuit revealed why Celsius tried to stiff him? Did they simply think he wouldn't lawyer up and get what he had coming to him?


Kumbackkid t1_j53k3jg wrote

He had bonus shares of 500,000 if they met certain numbers. They claimed they didn’t until he actually dig into it and they actually exceeded expectations


AintEverLucky t1_j53osmu wrote

did they even provide him with the original 250,000 shares? because the numbers I've seen ITT -- an $82MM award, divided by a share price of about $98 each -- tells me that they stiffed him about all of it. not just the 500,000 bonus shares


Foodwithfloyd t1_j53uaub wrote

That's correct. They essentially tried to stiff him on both the initial vest and bonus vest. No idea how anyone thought this was gonna fly


AintEverLucky t1_j540mrd wrote

> No idea how anyone thought this was gonna fly

Jesus tapdancing Christ. "Hey, you signed the deal -- how about you honor the deal?"


MultiStratz t1_j51ucqq wrote

That's gotta be more money than his music ever made him- cheers!


HurricaneDDT t1_j524c94 wrote

No way he's made or been on atleast 20 songs that have made the top 100 charts and that doesn't include songs that have sampled him or artist on his own label


MultiStratz t1_j525f0h wrote

But 82 million? Artists don't usually get that rich off their music alone. All the highest net worth rappers own crazy diverse portfolios. 50 cent and Jay-Z aren't banking off their music anymore, but they're still banking.

Edit: I looked it up- Flo Ridas net worth was 30 million before this suit.


MrZero3229 t1_j52auie wrote

50 Cent made his fortune by partnering/investment in Vitaminwater


MultiStratz t1_j52axyg wrote

Yep. Smart move!


JohnHwagi t1_j53rz34 wrote

50 Cent sorta went broke for a minute though with a series of dumb shenanigans


FaceMaskYT t1_j53x73j wrote

He didn't really go broke, he just had short term liquidity issues which needed to be dealt with through bankrupcy, he still had a shit load of assets


crunchsmash t1_j52ab47 wrote

"Net worth" searches on google are never accurate


BubbaTee t1_j53vm5z wrote

>No way he's made or been on atleast 20 songs that have made the top 100 charts

You're over-estimating how much recording artists get paid.

I saw a story of Lisa Lopes talking about how, at the peak of TLC's popularity, they were taking home ~$50k/year each. That was despite having just released one of the best-selling albums ever at the time, CrazySexyCool, which went 12x platinum. It later came out the group only got 56¢ per album sold - at a time when CDs cost $18 each.

"Industry rule number 4080: record company people are shady." -A Tribe Called Quest


WhyDoIHaveAnAccount9 t1_j521dnz wrote

that dude made 5 songs that I know of and they all sound the same


MultiStratz t1_j5228ln wrote

I know his name, but can't think of a single one of his songs.


secondsbest t1_j52a8pm wrote

You don't remember the boots with the ferrr? Thats low.


MultiStratz t1_j52adi5 wrote

That was him? Ok, yeah! I thought that was Nelly for some reason. My memory is shot! Yeah that's not a bad jam!


spectert t1_j52cwbk wrote

You must have been spun right round to think that was Nelly.


Might_Aware t1_j52swqi wrote

Nelly is - 🎶Come on shawtee take a wit ride me, something something inside of me- Hey! Must be the monay! 🎶


randy88moss t1_j53rukz wrote

Also Nelly 🎶 Must be your ass ‘cuz it ain’t your face 🎶


Tesus4 t1_j53zsef wrote

I have seen a video of Nelly saying he thought it was him singing😃😃


dalenacio t1_j53c7ju wrote

Well there was that one song that made every national radio about teaching a girl how to suck his dick. Sorry, I mean how to whistle.


karavasis t1_j51wade wrote

So he owns Celsius now?


shavemejesus t1_j540z9q wrote

Sounds like this Celsius guy is an absolute zero.


Katiari t1_j546l14 wrote

When a state sues a measurement of temperature...


mynameisalso t1_j52u2dt wrote

I can't believe I never noticed Florida flo rida


irkli t1_j57lzdg wrote

Dammit I thought you the article was DeSantis opposing centigrade/celcius as foreign influence, in favor of farenheit.

You realize that's possible.


kzlife76 t1_j53n9gi wrote

Take that International system of units.


vox1028 t1_j55zx7e wrote

this title is insane. i thought the state of florida had won against the celsius system of temperature measurement


shewy92 t1_j56d7kz wrote

I didn't even know Celsius was around back in 2014


GunKata187 t1_j5b09vk wrote

Does Celsius even have any real money though? Or will he take payment in magic beans?


Majesty1985 t1_j52ymcl wrote

Didn’t Pepsi just buy them out? Like less than six months ago?


JohnOfA t1_j55bteb wrote

I should share this with my elderly aunt on Facebook. Just to see her comments.


spacepeenuts t1_j55p3zn wrote

I hope he uses some of that to get some singing lessons because I’ve seen him live and he could use a few.


Enderswolf t1_j5395zw wrote

Fahrenheit for the win.


teastain t1_j53l2wz wrote

Florida should ban The Entire ISO Metric system, especially teaching it in schools.

(just kidding, jeeeeeez)


PMzyox t1_j536zsd wrote

Florida doesn’t need that money


Fulker01 t1_j52a57r wrote

"I just want what I worked for."

Nobody "works" for $82 million dollars.


BubbaTee t1_j53xh8x wrote

So you're basically arguing workers should never be given stock options or other ownership shares as compensation, because there's a chance those shares could one day increase in value. How very robber baron of you.


Fulker01 t1_j54tfg1 wrote

You sound like a guy who owns a few NFTs.


mlc885 t1_j55e4g1 wrote

Why would we let some shady company ignore his contract just because the amount of money is silly? I don't think we can really claim that he took advantage of them, if the agreement added up to many millions and they never paid it then they still owe it to him. Just like a company could owe me 1k or 10k or a million.


CharlotteTheHarlot22 t1_j532bdd wrote

Well your mom sure didn't, or else your childhood nickname wouldn't have been Payless Patrick.