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Modern_Bear t1_j5trvtp wrote

>A group of Jewish students and an anti-hate speech association have filed a legal complaint against Twitter (TWTR.MX) at a German court, they said on Wednesday, arguing the company did not remove anti-Semitic content.

Of course Twitter didn't remove it. There are no rules on Twitter anymore except don't post anything that makes Elon Musk look bad, aka telling the truth.


cadium t1_j5u9dwb wrote

He's removed a video from India's user's feeds that is critical of Modhi. Seems like he filters based on just the whims of "right-wingers" now.


bewarethetreebadger t1_j5v0878 wrote

Because he’s desperate to be liked and admired.


snowtol t1_j5xksl0 wrote

That's what's amusing me most about this. Elon seemed to love how people saw him as the cool rich guy, a Tony Stark esque figure. Those of us paying attention knew he never was, but to the wider world that was a pretty common view of him, and he did a lot to try and cultivate that image.

But he just couldn't stop being an asshole in public and making terrible business deals for the lulz and now he's in deep shit and everyone realises he's just a whiny man baby with an infatuation for Nazis.


Outlulz t1_j5w3707 wrote

He claims he didn't know his company was doing so but he's too busy to fix every problem himself. Meanwhile he responds to every complaint Catturd has personally and today is busy complaining that Justin Roiland was fired for the felony DV charge and all the texts of him being a sex pest and grooming underage girls.


UXM266 t1_j5u0jub wrote

Or his location. Because that goes against free speech.


porgy_tirebiter t1_j5yg6rc wrote

Oh apparently posting anything that Indian PM Modi objects to. You can’t do that either.