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teddytwelvetoes t1_j5u13qb wrote

he's making employees post purposefully vague statements about "listening to people that you disagree with" which, as always, strictly means "please entertain our beloved neo-nazi grifters"


Morat20 t1_j5ue2lu wrote

FWIW, I'm pretty sure he's letting banned Nazis, fascists, and other grifters back on to drive hate-views and media attention to keep his metrics up as he desperately tries to raise ad revenue or sell Blue accounts.

Twitter's draining him dry and he has no ideas how to turn it around, so he's turned to stunts and penny-wise, pound foolish shit to try to generate anything at all.


Yousoggyyojimbo t1_j5ufwlo wrote

The funny part being that him doing that is contributing massively to the advertisers leaving in the first place.

He really has no idea what he's doing, and he cannot tolerate the idea that he made a mistake. So he just keeps doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on it


Morat20 t1_j5uik4x wrote

He's got a combination of "being in the news is good advertising, no matter why!" thinking combined with the usual hype man bullshit of "I can spin this/sell this".

Last time he tried to spin it to advertisers they were literally canceling ad buys on the call with him and he's actively gone downhill since.

It's desperate flailing.


Galaxy_Ranger_Bob t1_j5v1mwe wrote

He is abjectly refusing to listen to the companies that have ended advertising on Twitter when they tell him that "the content is the reason" and insists that it is only because of "activists" forcing them to stop advertising.


Morat20 t1_j5vch8r wrote

He also has not, despite this being the entire way social media and especially Twitter works, not figure out that Twitter's users are it's commodity and that the advertisers are Twitter's customers.

He's still literally trying to charge people for the privilege of making content he sells to advertisers.


RG_Viza t1_j62hawj wrote

That’s right. You monetize the content the platform generates not the platform


RG_Viza t1_j62h60c wrote

I wonder if he fails to comply would he even be allowed into Germany?


WildYams t1_j5vdxz9 wrote

> I'm pretty sure he's letting banned Nazis, fascists, and other grifters back on to drive hate-views and media attention to keep his metrics up

I'm pretty sure he's doing it because he agrees with their views and specifically bought Twitter because he was upset that hate speech he agrees with was being suppressed.


lew_rong t1_j5wjwck wrote

You can take the boy out of Apartheid South Africa, but you can't take the Apartheid South Africa out of the boy.


drunkpunk138 t1_j5v7vhm wrote

Sadly it will probably work for a little while at least, because it seems a lot of folks enjoy the rage bait.


Redqueenhypo t1_j5utbl3 wrote

It’s never enough for those dipshits to just espouse hateful views, they’re always selling a book or a dodgy looking course too. It’s not enough to say that Jews have “radical overrepresentation in positions of authority”, no, you have to also actively pump a book about how women are chaos or whatever


calm_chowder t1_j5wghki wrote

Which is insane. There's two countries on earth led by Jews - Israel (obviously) and Ukraine.


Redqueenhypo t1_j5wgzlw wrote

Ukraine is doing so well that I think England should follow its example and finally elect Sacha Baron Cohen to be their new prime minister. I’m sure he could do a sterling Margaret Thatcher impression


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chakravala t1_j5vptzb wrote

I believe we've seen enough discourse from the anti-Semites and bigots to be able to pass judgement.


theKetoBear t1_j5uacmq wrote

"WHOA WHOA WHOA Twitter practically runs itself man all Elon did was trim the corporate bloat and protect only the HARDEST core engineers. You think one of the richest people in the world wouldn't be aware of something as simple as specific regional compliance workarounds?

He wrote applications in C for God's sake!"


TheRainbowNoob t1_j5udss7 wrote

to be fair writing applications in C is a miserable process


mrcolon96 t1_j5vd4tp wrote

My C teacher in college taught me a very valuable lesson: I didn't want to work in IT.


Morat20 t1_j5vevrn wrote

I like C.

It lets me shoot myself in the foot very efficiently.


SirThatsCuba t1_j5ur357 wrote

So can I see:

Hello world

Hello world

Hello world hello world help hello world hello world hello world hello world hello world what have I done hello world hello world hello world hello world tell my cats I said hello world hello world hello world hello world


rtseel t1_j5x51yl wrote

We don't know if he ever wrote any C. The only known code he ever wrote was in BASIC.


Morat20 t1_j5udsfb wrote

He unplugged that server, I'm sure.

He honestly seems to think US law applies everywhere AND he doesn't seem to realize the EU is fucking slow, but they do levy actual punishments even Elon is gonna feel (especially having lost so much wealth), and they have every reason in the world to fuck over the rich American ignoring their laws.

Especially as Twitter is faltering, it's all upside to throw everything at him and no downside.


the_busticated_one t1_j5wdegp wrote

>He honestly seems to think US law applies everywhere AND he doesn't seem to realize the EU is fucking slow, but they do levy actual punishments even Elon is gonna feel (especially having lost so much wealth), and they have every reason in the world to fuck over the rich American ignoring their laws.

I think you're giving him too much credit. Chances are excellent he's simply never been in a position he couldn't pay/buy his way out of.

Now, he is, and he has absolutely no idea what to do when his defense of "But I'm Elon Musk, this rule doesn't apply to me" doesn't work.


Zeurpiet t1_j5ystqs wrote

> they have every reason in the world to fuck over the rich American ignoring their laws.

if we talk about Nazi symbols in Germany it don't matter who ar what


porgy_tirebiter t1_j5yfra8 wrote

He doesn’t seem to have any trouble censoring the BBC Modi documentary though.


Modern_Bear t1_j5trvtp wrote

>A group of Jewish students and an anti-hate speech association have filed a legal complaint against Twitter (TWTR.MX) at a German court, they said on Wednesday, arguing the company did not remove anti-Semitic content.

Of course Twitter didn't remove it. There are no rules on Twitter anymore except don't post anything that makes Elon Musk look bad, aka telling the truth.


cadium t1_j5u9dwb wrote

He's removed a video from India's user's feeds that is critical of Modhi. Seems like he filters based on just the whims of "right-wingers" now.


bewarethetreebadger t1_j5v0878 wrote

Because he’s desperate to be liked and admired.


snowtol t1_j5xksl0 wrote

That's what's amusing me most about this. Elon seemed to love how people saw him as the cool rich guy, a Tony Stark esque figure. Those of us paying attention knew he never was, but to the wider world that was a pretty common view of him, and he did a lot to try and cultivate that image.

But he just couldn't stop being an asshole in public and making terrible business deals for the lulz and now he's in deep shit and everyone realises he's just a whiny man baby with an infatuation for Nazis.


Outlulz t1_j5w3707 wrote

He claims he didn't know his company was doing so but he's too busy to fix every problem himself. Meanwhile he responds to every complaint Catturd has personally and today is busy complaining that Justin Roiland was fired for the felony DV charge and all the texts of him being a sex pest and grooming underage girls.


UXM266 t1_j5u0jub wrote

Or his location. Because that goes against free speech.


porgy_tirebiter t1_j5yg6rc wrote

Oh apparently posting anything that Indian PM Modi objects to. You can’t do that either.


LuinAelin t1_j5toh9y wrote

I've noticed since the Musk take over twitter is filled with hate and misinformation.


NBAWhoCares t1_j5tthc3 wrote

>I've noticed since the Musk take over twitter is filled with hate and misinformation.

He unbanned Nick Fuentes over the weekend who then immediately started praising hitler


xc2215x t1_j5tz20u wrote

Nick agrees with Elon politically so Elon will not go against Nick.


RonnieDobbs t1_j5u04yp wrote

Nick's account just got suspended again.


explosivecrate t1_j5utmjc wrote

Honestly I wonder what the last straw was.


Moneia t1_j5uvcnb wrote

Sometimes it's as simple as a "My decisions have made me the subject of ridicule. Again." volte-face


danmathew t1_j6264go wrote

He probably criticized Elon. That's why he rebanned Kanye.


MrJoyless t1_j5tvqsd wrote

>I've noticed since the Musk take over twitter is filled with


>hate and misinformation.

It's always been there, there's just more now.


Rulare t1_j5u4b7m wrote

And now it's promoted content.


Morat20 t1_j5ueqjz wrote

I took a peek around -- in addition to their algorithm being deeply broken (it was not unusual for me to log on, see the newest post being 12 to 20 hours old, half "recommended for you" shit -- none of it I was interested in, etc -- I had to turn to chronological to have a readable feed) a casual look at, say, any trans account would see a horde of new bots just responding with basic misgendering to any post. (just auto-replies of "Okay Sir" to trans women, etc). I suspect you'd find various other forms of cheerfully botted bigotry towards any minority on there, and of course as noted he's actively re-platforming actual Nazis.

This is important because Twitter is fucking bleeding Elon's money dry, and their algorithm is what drives their ad sales (the idea that they can put the right ad in front of the right eyeballs) and the bigots drive away ad sales.

He's basically stomping on his own nuts, and costing himself billions a year. It's fucking amazing. I've literally never seen someone that rich so determined to go broke.

I'm literally wondering if he's a masochist.


overpregnant t1_j5tovxw wrote

absolute shitshow in its content as well as performance


Rxke2 t1_j5tquba wrote

Yeah, before it was a bastion of civilized discourse.... /s

Before The Elongated One took over, I often flagged blatant racism, but often I got a reply it was not against their rules.

It has probably gotten even worse, but don't pretend as if it was okay before the sink was let in....


Orx-of-Twinleaf t1_j5tsyg4 wrote

Well no it wasn’t great before but holy shit did it get waaaaay worse than I think any reasonable person could have predicted. Like even if you were expecting Musk to fuck it up for no goddamn reason, it’s still gotten significantly worse.


Rxke2 t1_j5ug3bf wrote

I don't see much difference, but then again I avoid political circlejerkers etc. I use twitter for updates on fusion, NASA, stuff like that. When I start to follow somebody politically active, it's indeed like opening a sewer. So I try to avoid looking at comments. Lots of gruesome uncensored stuff from ukr/rus war too, lately. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, because some of that stuff is blatantly lying (old vids from other wars etc.)

Then again.... I'm against censorship, but some stuff is clearly manipulative lies... Obv. paid by somebody to sell certain narratives...

And lots of people fall for that kind of stuff. It can be very insidious.

Where will it/we all end?


yearz t1_j62nyt6 wrote

You know what your problem is? You don't hate Elin Musk for ambiguous reasons


Rxke2 t1_j64p48u wrote

I do now! I feel better already. Thank you kind stranger.


Isocratia t1_j5uf7a2 wrote

I repeatedly reported an account called adolf_hodler and they always replied that it didn't violate the rules.


Redqueenhypo t1_j5utlpn wrote

Oh god, a Nazi and a crypto bro, the worst combo on earth


Morat20 t1_j5ufphy wrote

You have no idea how much worse it's gotten.


The_Holy_Bison t1_j5uk293 wrote

I only have a Twitter account so my discord bot can scrape tweets of people I follow so I don't have to look at Twitter, before Elon my suggested follows and tweets were almost all tangentially related to my follows. Now it is full of GQP and other shitty people.


bewarethetreebadger t1_j5v0f7k wrote

Yeah. That’s what happens when you dissolve the team who’s job it is to filter that out.


smolyetieti t1_j5tucs8 wrote

Twitter has always been a pit of hate and misinformation. It’s not a Musk in charge problem, it’s a human problem.


DragoneerFA t1_j5tvtqh wrote

Twitter has been a shit show in the same way Reddit often is. There's a lot of dark places. The difference is there was once equilibrium. The good outweighed the bad and held it at bay. It was always there but now it feels emboldened.

Racism is more in the open, anti-Semitism has become common, and it's a trend in LGBT accounts to have trolls post pictures of woodchippers and imply they need to be purged. There's just tons of people who think Kanye was in the right, and now literal Nazis like Fuentes are back? Yeah. That all vastly escalated after Elon "Assassination Coordinates" Musk said he was freeing speech for all of humanity.

Shit happened before, sure, but now reports against it are largely ignored. You just see it waaay more now.


hydrOHxide t1_j5tuoro wrote

It's very much a Musk problem in that the quantity has substantially increased.


yhwhx t1_j5txyu2 wrote

I believe Musk gutting or eliminating the departments that had been responsible for trying to curtail hate and misinformation makes the current state of Twitter a Musk problem.


d36williams t1_j5tyrtc wrote

Twitter was pretty nice once they asserted themselves and kicked people like Donald Trump off. Still the platform was worse off for it, the community had experienced that poison. Now with Musk, there's no brakes. It's all right wing, kill this, racist that, threaten this, its much worse. Believe it or not, there were some guide rails in the past. For example, they weren't breaking the law in germany and now they are.


Morat20 t1_j5ufvea wrote

Oh bull fucking shit.

Musk broke, fired, or deliberately removed every mechanism to try to curtail that shit and openly and personally invited every worst actor back on.

So fuck off with that "it's not a musk in charge problem".


OuidOuigi t1_j5txujy wrote

So it turned into Reddit?


yhwhx t1_j5tz4l6 wrote

Reddit still seems to be moderating against hate and misinformation; Twitter under Elon does not really seem to be doing that.


SWG_138 t1_j5u519r wrote

Problem with reddit is the racists usually use dog whistles, so when reporting the bots don't see it as hate speech, so it often remains.


Elanapoeia t1_j5u9mjk wrote

I've had the bots start to pick on 40% type dogwhistles lately. Things are improving


pontiacfirebird92 t1_j5udrts wrote

>Reddit still seems to be moderating against hate and misinformation;

That really depends on the subreddit.


InterlocutorX t1_j5vcyuz wrote

Reddit isn't headed to court in Germany over anti-Semitic content, so no.


Morat20 t1_j5vf0gt wrote

Reddit bans shit that gets them bad press, too.


billpalto t1_j5ts0ma wrote

Hmm, platform of hate and anti-Semitism. Won't pay their bills. Right wing billionaire floundering at the top.

Sounds familiar.


DeanXeL t1_j5tr6pe wrote

Let's see how this turns out. The Germans don't take kindly to this, but the legal proces could get drawn out.


hydrOHxide t1_j5txc8i wrote

There recently was already a decision by a Frankfurt court that even the previous content removal regime in regards to illegal and defamatory content was not good enough. The court noted that having been notified that certain content is illegal, Twitter has to proactively remove equivalent content and not just wait until those get reported, too.

Wonder how Elon wants to do that when he fired most people involved in the process.


Manbabarang t1_j5vwvwd wrote

He's just not going to do it. He's been telling all regulators (FTC, EU, and more) to sit and spin and thinks he's too rich to ever Find Out.


hydrOHxide t1_j5w3vvb wrote

The EU has taken on Microsoft, Facebook and Google - he has been warned often enough there are rules to follow. He has no one to blame but himself if he thinks they won't come for Twitter


PdtNEA1889 t1_j64p5q8 wrote

He's been operating almost entirely under the US legal system as a rich guy until now, though. And he's probably right that they will never do anything approaching sufficient to be called justice. The abject failure of our system gives a lot of these assholes the false confidence to think that will work just as well everywhere.


hydrOHxide t1_j654pyq wrote

He's already run into problems with Tesla's gigafactory in Germany. He's already been bitching and moaning about regulations during the construction period. Now, he's offering less than industry standard (in a country with no less than three of the world's leading car makers!) and wondering why he has massive recruitment problems and why everyone he talks down just gives him the finger and leaves.

With Twitter, courts in Ireland have already noted you can't just fire someone implicitly - least of all for not following requests for more work hours when the law explicitly says refusing to go over the legal limit temporarily must not have negative consequences.


Zeurpiet t1_j5yt8a2 wrote

this is not a slow EU process, this will not take years


[deleted] t1_j5yd9xs wrote



hydrOHxide t1_j5yfuzx wrote

a) There is nothing that prevents YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter from using algorithms solely to alert a human reviewer (except personnel shortage, which can be remedied by hiring more personnel). In any case, shortcomings in algorithms are reasons for better algorithms, not excuses for spreading illegal content.

b) With statements about a person having been found illegal in court, the victim has a right under German law to be protected against any further spread of such statements. How Twitter or anyone else implements that is not the concern of the court any more than "I didn't see the speed limit sign" is a valid excuse for speeding.


yhwhx t1_j5tui7u wrote

I'll be curious to see what happens first: this complaint being decided or Twitter declaring bankruptcy.


bruinslacker t1_j5ukkn7 wrote

Twitter will keep operating after they declare bankruptcy. And hopefully this lawsuit will continue.


Redqueenhypo t1_j5utroa wrote

I still don’t get how American companies can go “I’m bankwupt, no money for debts or lawsuits!” but like…keep all their assets and keep operating and give the C suite bonuses. It didn’t make sense when PG&E did it


mrcolon96 t1_j5vdltf wrote

I'm only assuming because I'm neither American nor well versed in law but isn't it to avoid mass layoffs and have a lot of people lose their job all of a sudden? Which would be ironic in this case but I'm talking about the law in general


fyzbyt t1_j5vrp1c wrote

So there's 2 different major kinds of "bankruptcy" that are most commonly seen here in the US.

Chapter 11 is the one you see a lot, which is basically "our debts are too big" and what happens is that the company generally restructures the debt, but is not relieved of it, and is allowed to continue operating. The idea is "they're making money, just not fast enough" and they keep making money and having to pay the debt, but maybe in a lower payment over a longer time, or similar. This allows for all the bullshit loopholes and IMHO shouldn't really exist, but it is what it is.

Chapter 7 is what most people think of when they call something bankrupt. Which is where the creditors come in and liquidate everything. Sports Authority is a great example of this, or Toys R' Us, where they basically had to shut down every store and sell everything off and close down.

There's also the illusive "chapter 13" which is where you eliminate debt through a repayment plan. This generally results in a shorter repayment window where you have to pay back some of your debts in a structured way, and then the rest is forgiven, but it's not particularly common from what I've seen.


the_busticated_one t1_j5we86q wrote

>There's also the illusive "chapter 13" which is where you eliminate debt through a repayment plan

Chapter 13 applies to individuals, not businesses. It's referred to as an 'individual debt adjustment"

There's also Chapter 9 that applies to municipalities, and a few other types that are fact-specific.


fyzbyt t1_j5wnvj3 wrote

That would explain why i've never seen it.


Masark t1_j5x3sbr wrote

Processes similar to chapter 11 exist in most countries. It's just called something else like bankruptcy protection, protection from creditors, administration, etc.


fyzbyt t1_j5x4nwn wrote

Right, but they were asking about why the US called it that.


TenderfootGungi t1_j5xah6m wrote

If they declare bankruptcy, Elon will likely lose most of the money he fronted. It is not going to happen unless things really go bad.


Doctor_Amazo t1_j5uqzkl wrote

I was wondering how long it was going to take before Elon's pro-Nazi policies start bumping up against the EU's laws.


ArtMartinezArtist t1_j5wzqyu wrote

What are Elon’s pro-Nazi policies?


Doctor_Amazo t1_j5x0gl5 wrote

Oh are we gonna to continue to pretend he isn't what he is while he gives Nazis a huge platform to monger hate? Is this really the game you want to play?


ArtMartinezArtist t1_j5x0n4s wrote

Dude I asked a question. Never heard of Elon’s pro-Nazi policies and I thought it was interesting that you said that so I’m wondering what you know. Do you really want to get all frustrated and crybaby with strangers on the internet? It’s a question you choad.


yearz t1_j62o31l wrote

He isn't pro-Nazi, people hate him because he's a conservative and in many people's eyes that means your a Nazi.


Isocratia t1_j5tuak5 wrote

Just wait til Elon Musk's account is withheld in Germany based on local laws.


hydrOHxide t1_j5txiva wrote

The way things are, Twitter might get shut down completely for Germany or even the EU for failure to comply with the law.


Redqueenhypo t1_j5utyv2 wrote

The EU doesn’t play when it comes to hate speech laws bc their memory goes back longer than like, the year 2000. It’ll be either the hate speech or inevitable GDPR violations that gets Twitter banned there


Elanapoeia t1_j5u97tx wrote

finally. The conduct Musk has explicitly condoned on twitter has always seemed like it breaks several hatespeech laws we have over here

the dude purposefully unbanned SEVERAL out and about prominent nazis and white supremacists and frequently interacts with anti-semites

no wonder he's not removing any of it, and not just cause he basically removed 100% of the moderation team, the dude WANTS that stuff to be on twitter and his new "for you" page has been promoting a suspicious amount of hate speech (not jsut anti-semitic) by rather prominent right wing talking heads


trollthumper t1_j5uc1zj wrote

Wonder if this has anything to do with Nick Fuentes getting banned within 24 hours of being welcomed back to Twitter.


mindluge t1_j5va91i wrote

wow, a country that learned from its history and has no problem with critical race theory.


VidE27 t1_j5vs498 wrote

I don’t think Germany is calling theirs “Race Theory”. Not anymore anyway


InterlocutorX t1_j5vc7ek wrote

It's almost as if the Twitter was moderating itself for good reasons.


Bhimtu t1_j5vhuax wrote

Good -Twitter will ban people for the stupidest shit, then let these cretins spew with impunity. Hope Musk is sued into oblivion.


GiggityDPT t1_j5x7d0y wrote

I really wish everyone would just stop using Twitter. Make the platform die. That's the only power we have.


oceanicfeels t1_j630rf3 wrote

It's such a waste of time. Every time I go to it I waste 20 minutes reading opinions I didn't need to know.


Pieter350 t1_j5wfutk wrote

Are we really about to do a remake of the 1920s to the 1940s IRL?


H0vis t1_j5vmih6 wrote

This will have to take a ticket and wait in the very long line with the other threats to the continued existence of the platform.


RG_Viza t1_j62gzoo wrote

Then there’s Germany Elon. Did you think of Germany!!!?


eros56 t1_j5ue6m0 wrote

US Citizens need the legal right to sue these platforms for promoting hate speech and incitement to violence. We need accountability.


sb_747 t1_j5w1qka wrote

You can.

It’s harder, but it’s still a legal option.


Federal_Ranger6102 t1_j5ugglj wrote

Umm who's holding you at gunpoint forcing you to use Twitter?


bruinslacker t1_j5ulxrp wrote

I don’t use twitter. And even if I did, I wouldn’t be worried about having my fifis hurt by people saying mean things. I’m worried about getting shot in a gay nightclub or a Jewish temple because a bunch of idiots are tweeting conspiracy theories that I groom children in one and program space lasers to kill gentiles at the other.


eros56 t1_j5uhlpk wrote

I don’t use twitter.. or Facebook… or instagram.. or tictoc.. but I still recognize the pernicious effect they have, and given my religious and political affiliations, could easily become another victim of the violence these platforms inspire..


[deleted] t1_j5ynw3c wrote



shariewayne t1_j5yv10y wrote

Only that the German constitution forbids discrimination and hate speech of any kind. But go on, enlighten me why Roma are excluded from that.


teeburdd t1_j5utnmh wrote

HAHAHA america would never


Good_Will_Cunting t1_j5v4ef2 wrote

Is Germany suing them for copyright infringement?


Elden_Beast t1_j5v7ax8 wrote

So people getting offended? THIS is news? Lmao wow.