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macross1984 t1_j3ornug wrote

That part of the world has one of the most active volcano zone. Krakatoa in Indonesia had massive explosions over 26–27 August 1883, which were among the most violent volcanic events in recorded history.


Dropped-pie t1_j3p0l27 wrote

Those poor bastards. The Kimberly region (North WA, blue dots bottom left) are getting smashed by floods. I think they got over 800mm of rain in 24 hours, and it’s been raining for a week, they don’t need an earthquake.


ImJ2001 t1_j3ooss3 wrote

I swear everything in (and around) Australia tries to kill you. I still want to visit one day though.


Tichey1990 t1_j3p19gk wrote

Ill be honest, as an Australian, as long as you stay out of the water id say its safer than North America. A few venomous spiders and snakes but no one really dies from them. As for this earthquake, less than 0.5% of our population lives in the area that got effected and was still pretty minor. Not even being reported in the news here.


Altruistic_Price7572 t1_j3q6yfz wrote

Why stay out of the water, what’s in the water…..


Pawneewafflesarelife t1_j3syx39 wrote

Stonefish, blue ring octopus, sting rays, jellyfish, sharks, rip currents. Mostly similar to stuff NA has in the water, aside from the cute deadly octopus.


AsherGray t1_j3w4aac wrote

To be fair, the US doesn't see stonefish or blue ring octopuses, both of which are lethal. The box jellies in Australia are a different species than those found around the US, which are also deadly, while the US species are just painful. The US has bull sharks which are some of the most aggressive sharks, but they're in the Atlantic. I'm thinking that's why the Aussies love going to Hawaii


Pawneewafflesarelife t1_j406gj9 wrote

Yeah I'm anxious about stonefish. Newish to Australia and Aussie husband tells me that rock socks (dunno what Aussies call them, the water shoes with rubber base) won't stop a barb. Will the stingray shuffle form of walking avoid them?


Tichey1990 t1_j3t3x43 wrote

On the venomous side, you have box jellyfish and blue ringed octopus as the most dangerous. Both can be fatal. On the oh no! its going to eat me side there are plenty of sharks in the ocean. Salt and Fresh water you get salt water crocodiles, these are only in the north of Australia but anywhere they can be, stay out of the water or you will die.