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SunsetKittens t1_j3pammb wrote

Other nations already got space covered. Instead do the oceans Britain. There's a ton we could do there a lot to still explore and nobody seems in a hurry to do it.


cboel t1_j3ps26c wrote

Plenty of nations are exploring the ocean and have been doing so for quite a while now. It's just that the ocean is so huge, they've barely been able to scratch the surface.

For those interested, check out this channel on YT:


blisstaker t1_j3psc6q wrote

did i just read a comment correcting someone about a discussion on britain that the oceans have been being explored for awhile


cboel t1_j3pts3x wrote

Informing yes, correcting no. OP is still correct saying greater ocean exploration is needed.

I also think the UK could contribute to space exploration and that it's not necessary to think a failure should lead to a complete abandonment of a lot of talented people working hard in that area of science.

But that's just me. Thanks for the previous downvote Far Cry fan.


blisstaker t1_j3q55y3 wrote

ok u dont get the joke about the british exploring the high seas for almost all of global history prior to modern times

what’s the far cry reference? i only played like five minutes of the first one


fighttodie t1_j3px9u5 wrote

It's not just about exploring it's about inhabiting. If we could live under water that would free up a lot more space. Plus be cool. Maybe a good way to hunker down in bad weather too.


JohnPlayerSpecia1 t1_j3qodqr wrote

it is harder to construct a big enough living space under the ocean water pressure than a vacuum in space. the trick is getting there.


Agent_Angelo_Pappas t1_j3qswmw wrote

Water is a hostile environment for humans. We’re better off trying to keep our surface environment safe than we are trying to move to one we never evolved to live in.


Rawrsomesausage t1_j3pf9pv wrote

This 1000x. If we spent more of the resources in the ocean rather than space, we might know a bit more than the 5% currently charted.


JohnPlayerSpecia1 t1_j3qo6yv wrote

the British already did the ocean when it was commonwealth and with its east Indian company.


DecreasingPerception t1_j3ryjux wrote

Britain has a pretty prosperous space sector. It was only due to American shenanigans that we stopped launching orbital rockets ourselves. I don't think Air Launch is a good solution but having some domestic access to orbit is probably good for the industry as a whole.


Superbuddhapunk OP t1_j3p2mna wrote

Well it happens. Every space programme has a number of failed missions. 🤷🏿‍♂️


SentientHotdogWater t1_j3sn4br wrote

It's pretty common for new rockets to have failures on the first few launches. Keep at it, you'll work out the kinks.


Kelmon80 t1_j3r9xak wrote

>Matt Archer, the director of commercial spaceflight at the UK Space Agency, said he was hugely disappointed that the mission had not been successful – but still pleased that the first launch of satellites from Europe had taken place from British soil.

It's almost as if other nations launch their rockets from the equator for a reason...


Appropriate_Tip_8852 t1_j3rhyap wrote

The satellite was intended to be used as a way to forecast future Prime Ministers.


[deleted] t1_j3pipzg wrote



thecoffee t1_j3pr8vw wrote

Don't need to be an empire to make something escape orbit. And one failed launch doesn't mean you can't try again.


TurboSalsa t1_j3pxqw4 wrote

I bet if the UK committed as much of its GDP to its space program as the Soviet Union did they'd have no problems.