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CobraCommander t1_j3sepgk wrote

No evidence has been provided that a) the migrants asked to be sent across the country and b) that it is not just a coincidence that they're being sent exactly where the TX governor has been sending migrants.


gravescd t1_j3srlt3 wrote

The state of CO's statement has been posted multiple times already - it clearly says that it provided voluntary travel assistance to people's destination of choice.

Believe it or not, NYC and Chicago are major destinations for immigrants.


DeNoodle t1_j3sfkc3 wrote

You're trying to create a false equivalency. The stated goals of TX and FL couldn't be further form those articulated by CO. You're welcome to use as broad a brush as you like, but we're also welcome to ignore you as a blowhard. Have a nice day, Bud.


daveeb t1_j3sgrmu wrote

Former CO resident here. Not familiar with any migrant transport practices from my time there, but I did learn quite a bit about how the transportation of the homeless was handled from folks who worked in missions. My understanding of how this played out in the past is…

  • Homeless person arrives in area in CO.
  • They’re asked if they have family/friends in any number of cities.
  • The homeless person identifies which city they have such connections in.
  • They’re given transit to the destination.

It wouldn’t surprise me if something like that happened here.

> Were you looking to go to Chicago? NYC? San Francisco?

And then they’re shipped off.

The morality of all that is… grey, to say the least. Snagging their consent to solve the immediate problem.


Sateloco t1_j3sm4y7 wrote

What if they want to stay in Colorado?


daveeb t1_j3sq0d2 wrote

For the homeless, they end up in the shelter system. Good people work at shelters, and I don’t want to say anything bad about them. That said, their overall effectiveness is questionable. Folks often bounce if they’re wanting to drink/do drugs, and it’s not a safe spot for women.

Everyone’s doing their best, but as you can tell from the number of homeless camps in Denver, it’s often just not enough.


Xx_Khepri_xX t1_j3sfsy9 wrote

Sounds like CO is pulling an Abbot.

Why would the migrants ask to be sent there specifically, makes no sense.


gravescd t1_j3sqq4a wrote

You're asking why migrants looking for work, housing, and legal assistance would want to go the New York, largest city and metro area on the continent?