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hungaryhasnodignity t1_j3svhaq wrote

I think you need to go travel the border. I went up and down the Rio Grande this summer from Laredo all the way to almost El Paso and actually illegally crossed into Mexico at three points just to do it. The water level was so low this summer many points of crossing were available where water was barely knee deep.

I talked with a lot of people down there and what the cartels are doing is horrific. The amount of rape and human misery is staggering. To do nothing about this crisis is deplorable immoral and exploitative. This isn’t a positive thing going on in this country and the fact that the absurdity that is the Republican Party are the only people willing to speak about this issue should really concern working class voters. What we are allowing to happen at the border is not a humanitarian gesture.

The fact that Colorado is overwhelmed enough to pay people to leave and they aren’t on the border speaks loudly. I understand that Republicans are amoral fear mongers, but what is happening right now not ok. We don’t even have enough housing for people who live and work here legally. Where are we going to house millions of people arriving who come unannounced? To pretend that unfettered migration isn’t damaging the economics of lower income people who are legally here is just putting your head in the sand.


gravescd t1_j3sxksa wrote

Colorado didn't "pay people to leave", they bought tickets for migrants who got stranded in the state en route to somewhere else.


hungaryhasnodignity t1_j3t2jzj wrote

That’s a really elaborate way to say they did a human trafficking


gravescd t1_j3t3xmp wrote

Voluntary assistance to a destination of their choice isn't trafficking.

If your flight gets canceled during a layover and someone pays for your ticket on another carrier, are you being trafficked?

The trafficking from TX involved lying to people about jobs and legal assistance in specific places, and then sending them to completely different locations.


hungaryhasnodignity t1_j3t5bhw wrote

So the nearly 10,000 people Texas has sent to NYC we’re all lied to? The system they’re using is very similar to what Colorado was doing until like literally yesterday. They just chose to make it a media event. People are sleeping outside of churches on the border because they ran out of room to house so many people. It’s madness


gravescd t1_j3t6vgg wrote

I'm talking specifically about the ones that were turned in to media frenzies. The ones at Martha's Vineyard and Kamala Harris's house. Those people were not assisted by social workers, they were lied to by political staff, and they were not sent to where they wanted to go.

If a program provides voluntary assistance to where someone is actually trying to go, then it's legal and a good thing. Helping people make transportation arrangements is normal work in social services.


mrm00r3 t1_j3swcvd wrote

Lol admitting to multiple felonies and concern trolling for the GOP. I guess we know you aren’t vegan.


hungaryhasnodignity t1_j3t2djq wrote

First off fuck the GOP

Secondly if illegally crossing the border is a felony then why aren’t the millions who crossed illegally in prison and then deported as criminal aliens?


mrm00r3 t1_j3t3ree wrote

Because you’re an American citizen doing something very different than seeking asylum in a foreign country, dipshit.


hungaryhasnodignity t1_j3t4m8s wrote

You seek asylum at points of entry . You don’t seek it by illegally crossing. If you illegally enter it means you are attempting to not seek asylum moron.


mrm00r3 t1_j3t8539 wrote

This is coming from the admitted illegal border crosser.