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hungaryhasnodignity t1_j3szhks wrote

Immigration and illegal migration are two very different things. Legal and controlled immigration should be encouraged, but until you stop the flow of millions of migrants across the border you can’t have a functional system. There is nothing ethical or moral about an open border. It’s only good for those who exploit the working class and the migrants.

This is a country that was built by giving away land to emigrants and immigrants. I have no negative feelings about these people, but the idea that we should celebrate the Democratic Party allowing this to fester and grow for two years is ridiculous.

I mean honestly before this article did you know Democrats in Colorado was also bussing migrants away? People can attack me all they want for saying it, but if you went to these places first hand like I did you’d realize how serious the situation is.

This is the same mentality I see on Reddit when then think that magic “insurance” pays for the shops that were burnt down in the riots of 2020.

We saw all that damage, and the loudest activists bought mansions and the Police just set a new record for officer shootings. Yay!

People take so many positions because they are cosmetically progressive, but take very little time to consider the lives of other people that are impacted.


mrm00r3 t1_j3szr3q wrote

Oh cool, this’ll be easy.

You’re wrong.


hungaryhasnodignity t1_j3t1ngn wrote

A 2017 report from Doctors Without Borders said 31.4 percent of women had been sexually abused during their trip to this country.

You keep on being right


mrm00r3 t1_j3t34n4 wrote

Cool bait and switch edit, but you’re still wrong.

You sound like a bitchy J6er. I think Doctors Without Borders did a study on that too. It said that 4 in 10 people are sick of listening to your shit.