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hungaryhasnodignity t1_j3tgyf6 wrote

I just spent most of June and July working full time as a volunteer with homeless drug addicts in Colorado. Again I’m speaking from experience. I like these people, but most of them would never choose housing over drugs. If people don’t want treatment you can’t house then because it gets destroyed. I and many like me gave up traditional housing because it’s a scam anyways. Visit r/vanlife for an example. Why would anyone pay 1200-2000 a month in rent? I don’t know what you think you know about marginal communities but I’ve spent 8 months in the last 2 years volunteering with unhoused and displaced people full time and I could educate you.

No one who works with homeless communities thinks that drug addicted ones want housing fyi. We know they don’t because they tell us they don’t.


The_Poster_Nutbag t1_j3thit0 wrote

Trustfund kid vanlife and people who are unable to stop using heroin to the point where they live in the streets are not remotely the same thing. You sound ridiculous.


hungaryhasnodignity t1_j3tj5ez wrote

It’s two sides of the life. First of most people living in vehicles are marginal as fuck. In spent two years in mine after Afghanistan. I’ve spent over a year of my life living in a tent as well.

Secondly, not every homeless person on drugs is on heroin, and in fact many aren’t serious drugs addicts.

It’s a super diverse community. You don’t know these people and I work with them for months at a time out of pocket. These TikTok people trying to monetize homelessness aren’t the people in the trenches of the housing crisis.

There are many people living in cars and RVs right now to avoid insane rents. I sold RVs and live in one so I know it’s happening. They buy buses too. Anything is better than rent for many of us. Why would you spend 50% of your income on housing? If you don’t have rent or a mortgage you don’t have to work full time to survive.

I work half the year and can still save moderately.

I dunno what to tell you, but housing is optional to a lot of people.

I would like to see the prices of rent normalize but that ship seems to have sailed. Instead they’ll keep passing anti camping and anti RV laws to try to force people back into working for Blackrock capital.

Like I said I don’t feel sorry for them, but I’ve spent thousands of dollars and months of my time feeding and helping people who lost their homes or chose not to have one. I just try to help when I can.

I just think it’s tragic what’s happened to this country.