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Myrskyharakka t1_j4kp6pt wrote

This was two days ago already and they say it was a rupture rather than sabotage.


VyrPlan t1_j4krhwv wrote

thanks, saw the date and i didn't feel like chasing down the follow up


MalcolmLinair t1_j4mulfz wrote

They kind of have to; confirmed Russian sabotage of a pipeline between two NATO nations, on NATO soil, would more or less necessitate WWIII.


Yakassa t1_j4mxg0j wrote

Attack while they are weak.

We would be in moscow by friday.


HouseOfSteak t1_j4nauvh wrote

Well we actually wouldn't since a nuke would probably fly in that case.

But they'd have no more soldiers in Ukraine, and no more nautical assets.....anywhere.


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redux44 t1_j4skmvf wrote

Yea I mean its so outlandish to think Ukraine/US would be the prime suspects in blowing up a critical piece of infrastructure that gives Russia long term leverage over Europe.

Of course it was the Russians who blew up their own pipeline and it's even more obvious now as their spending resources to repair it as a cover to sweep away the evidence.


ohimjustakid t1_j4nxfj4 wrote

According to the Economist, >"Estonia and other Baltic states have only a limited grasp over what was going on under the Baltic because of quirks of hydrology, scarce surveillance platforms and lack of communication between countries."

Here's a 2020 report

Even just asking ChatGPT3, >"Another geological factor that can affect the surveillance of undersea telecom cables is the presence of underwater mountains, valleys, and trenches. These can make it difficult to lay and maintain cables, as well as to locate and repair any damages. Furthermore, the Baltic Sea is known for having a harsh marine environment, with strong currents and severe weather conditions, which can cause wear and tear on the undersea telecom cables over time. Finally, the Baltic Sea is known for having a high level of seismic activity, which can cause damage to pipelines and undersea telecom cables, making them difficult to locate and monitor."

I'm not saying it's sabotage just pointing out that speaking in certainty is fucking stupid. Think of how many corporations refuse to publish anything about data leaks because it looks bad to future customers and investors yet puts people at risk of identity theft, there's plenty of reason to not jump to conclusions in an area that actual experts have proven to be unknown.


Myrskyharakka t1_j4p3gg6 wrote

You might want to get even the basic facts right first - the pipeline in question isn't an underwater one. This would've been obvious if you actually read a news article about the incident or maybe looked at the map.


Konras t1_j4ldgl9 wrote

Do you think they would publicly admit if it was a sabotage?


Myrskyharakka t1_j4le3jp wrote

Almost certainly, and Lithuanian government would call for more actions from NATO to safeguard Baltic infrastructure from Russian sabotage.


Strykker2 t1_j4m2a7t wrote

Why the fuck would you not publicly announce "hey someone is attacking our infrastructure!" In a case like this.

Jeezus you conspiracy nuts are wild.


Konras t1_j4m5i8g wrote

There are many reasons why they would not admit it. One would be that they would admit that Russia has capabilities of executing such operation and there is no need to elevate fear in the population.

You need to chill a bit. If I really was a conspiracy crazy person so you think personal attack is a way to go? Definitely not, that only alienates conspiracy theorists and we need to deal with flat earthers, anti vaxxers, 9/11 deniers, whole maga nonsense and more.

Did discussion and debate died on internet?


Myrskyharakka t1_j4mj7io wrote

I'm not sure what your viewpoint is and how much you have been following the Baltic politics on the subject, but hushing something like this would be quite the opposite of how Lithuania has acted in the past years. They have been repeatedly warning that the Baltic countries are vulnerable and that NATO and the West should reinforce them before Russia acts. An act of sabotage would in a fact be a proof that those fears are very real.


Konras t1_j4mquz8 wrote

True. However I understand they may want to be careful with initial press release and keep the information flow behind the public. There was a medial mess after rocket hit Poland territory last year.


internet_chump t1_j4l9knb wrote

Built in 1978, had undergone recent maintenance, and consisted of two parallel systems but only one was damaged. This was definitely not sabotage.


J-C-M-F t1_j4m3989 wrote

So how much will this actually effect gas prices in the US and when can I start blaming Biden?

Asking for a family member.


Mr_Mouthbreather t1_j4mbks8 wrote

Well, if it helps, tell your family member they can blame Obama why we figure out how to pin this on Biden. /s


txdv t1_j4n18vs wrote

You can start blaming Biden for not sending enough fire power to Ukraine immediately.


plutus9 t1_j4lzgvx wrote

It’s just a coincidence that all the gas lines are exploding in a relatively short amount of time

Edit: of each other