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Adenoid_Hinkel t1_j5ojd8k wrote

I wasn't planning on spending my evening watching a documentary about the leader of a foreign country, but now I am. Well done at the whole hiding information thing, Mr. Prime Minister.


Taniwha_NZ t1_j5pd2d1 wrote

He doesn't care about us watching it, nor even the tech-savvy indians who know how to get around the ban.

He cares about his voting base, the hundreds of millions of poor or poor-ish indians who have kept him in power and don't really use the internet to search for stuff. The ones who stick to facebook and a handful of other major sites.

As long as the people who actually vote for him don't see it, that's all that really matters.


LevelMedicine3539 t1_j5q6kkr wrote

You are wrong. His base knows what he did, that's why they voted for him. They are as rabid and hateful as their leader. This is more about saving his face in the world stage. So I would suggest everyone who can watch it to to watch it.


oogly24 t1_j5r4hld wrote

Yeah his main base is extremely proud of the fact their people got away with all the lyncing, raped and burning people alive (warning it is extremely deptessing). Delve into it a bit and you can see the hatred. There's also plenty of folk in the UK and US who feel this way too, they can be found excusing it all and victim blaming easily enough online and even Reddit.

He's literally their man and will always support him as he only did what they fantasised about.

The rabbit-hole gets pretty grotty though so it might not be even worth wondering how he got away with it on the World stage.


SpareBinderClips t1_j5rssvv wrote

This is usually the case; the politician is the symptom, the base is the disease.


GlitteringNinja5 t1_j5pvs1v wrote

You misunderstand. A lot of people (and i mean a lot) vote for him because of what he "allegedly" did in gujarat. The opposition parties despite being in power for 10 years after the riots couldn't do anything to him. This BBC documentary ain't gonna do shit. The opposition parties are as weak as ever.


weseire t1_j5r8x7t wrote

I think a lot of his base, actually approve of what he did in Gujarat. Honestly, not even sure why he is bothering banning it.


Severe-Experience333 t1_j5rkuzu wrote

People here vote for him BECAUSE of the things he did/ is doing. Like arundhati Roy said at the end of episode 2, I just hope there is record out there that not all of us are with this. There will be no change and no help. This is the new normal.


AttisofAssyria t1_j618pke wrote

His base loves mass murder, rape, and destruction of people that aren't them. They are monstrous


beefeatinghindu t1_j5oqc2g wrote

All the best. I've read the details of what was done to the victims. That was depressing enough. Can't bring myself to watch a full documentary on that.


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ronin_codex t1_j5qsbms wrote

This Argument is quite interesting. All this controversy made me watch the Documentary and the way it has represented facts it's dubious. There's nothing new the finding is saying that has already been not known to any Indian or the Supreme court of india. One question that really comes to my mind is the timing at which this documentary is released.


[deleted] t1_j5qsx7x wrote



ronin_codex t1_j5qtwsk wrote

Yeah exactly. Without citing your source how can you verify it's credibility? Also I don't get why the government banned it. I'm not in support of the ban. Personally I think this must have been seen in masses by people to make things more clear. I don't think someone will go to that length to make Rishi Sunak look that bad. Still this controversy is going to help modi more then the damage other think he was going to get.


Aggressive-Project-7 t1_j5qyjwf wrote

Very well said !

Most people in India don't give a rat's ass to the BBC documentary. If anything, it will make people like me vote for Modi for fervently.


Baka_Penguin t1_j5ohhjs wrote

Nothing says, "I have everything to hide," then a move like this. Well done, Modi.


zeddy303 t1_j5qagww wrote

Nothing says "he we should all watch this" like a country banning the movie. Thanks for the weekend suggestion!


designer_farts t1_j5pp7lw wrote

This will definitely make students question why so they'll have this need to watch it now


KneticTheory t1_j5ogwzq wrote

The forbidden fruit? What could go wrong there? Right, Barbera Streisand ?


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ThatFlyingScotsman t1_j5q8fpv wrote

The group of people attacking others in the theatre is just fascism. Violence to prevent the spread of information by civilians in service to the state with which they have no official connection to other than ideological. India is fucked.


ItsCalledDayTwa t1_j5sq8b2 wrote

Right wing paramilitary-esque goons doing the party bidding and violently intervening? If that isn't the story of fascism I don't know what is.


WirelessBCupSupport t1_j5ou69t wrote

I got a call from some scam about my computer virus program expired and this is support. So I asked the fellow, clearly speaking with an Indian/Hindi accent, "Did you watch the BBC documentary on Modi?"

He hung up after swearing something (bozdicke or similar sounding) about my mother. Hey, if that works...I'm gonna watch this Documentary and take notes!


tehtris t1_j5oyovm wrote

Wowwwww. This is nice. Imma go ahead and steal this one. K thx.


Hour-Temporary-2171 t1_j5pqjlr wrote

I'm going ask that question too now every time I get an Indian call centre cold calling me. Thanks man.


sandwichcookie t1_j5q0fki wrote

just got a scam likely call from an accented fellow and I tried it.. worked like a charm! kind of shocking how well that worked, LOL


Sunapr1 t1_j5oxxpa wrote

Yay I am an Indian and thos documentary is already viral within my college 😆


jonathanrdt t1_j5pa28n wrote

I mean...of course it is. Who is most likely to see it and share it? The young, the educated, and the connected.


notqualitystreet t1_j5pgomc wrote

Would you recommend it?


Sunapr1 t1_j5pk2zk wrote

Most of thing are known by me so it was not a surprise but for an outsider sure :)


cranberrydudz t1_j5r9o89 wrote

any inaccuracies from the film? lots of outsiders will be watching this for the first time.


Sunapr1 t1_j5rpfl3 wrote

Might create a thread thanks for suggesting


MrStomp82 t1_j5ohtm5 wrote

Nothing would guarantee students would see it more than telling them not to watch it lol


confidelight t1_j5q53lu wrote

I'm out of the loop. Can someone catch me up on what's going on?


eight-martini t1_j5qeuc3 wrote

Limp dick modi doesn’t like a British documentary about a controversy he was part of in the early 2000s, so he banned it in India. Now a bunch of people are watching it.


confidelight t1_j5qifzs wrote

Why is IU telling the student not to watch it? That's weird


eight-martini t1_j5qiwxu wrote

Because it’s a public university run by the government. And the more nationalistic leaning students might try and start something. The university staff might also be in the same camp idk


ronin_codex t1_j5r72ym wrote

Because based on the central Government the university officials are inclined to a particular ideology. Now the central government is currently politically Right wing so anything that's causing them trouble or might caught them trouble will be banned. The vice versa happens when the central government is following any other ideology. In short the university is full of shit show on a daily basis and students are just a tool to satisfy someone else's agenda. (I'm currently in the same university and know people who organized the event).


ghostalker4742 t1_j5qq2y1 wrote

I dunno either, but we should download this video to see what everyone's talking about.

It's gotta be good if people are openly fighting about it!


vpsj t1_j5yfw8o wrote

Oh it definitely is. I mean, I already knew most of what's in the documentary (his "alleged" role in the Gujarat riots) but for an outsider I think it's a very important documentary to watch


MerryGoWrong t1_j5pitt3 wrote

Modi is apparently unfamiliar with the Streisand Effect.


gimperion t1_j5ppruu wrote

What fascism looks like irl


BioDriver t1_j5oerlt wrote

Guess they should just broadcast it more, now


reddteddledd t1_j5oubcq wrote

Nothing screams I am innocent, than trying to block any critic


Factsaretheonlytruth t1_j5pfcmo wrote

Best way to get young people to do something is to tell them they ae not allowed, so...


Showerthawts t1_j5ozwa0 wrote

When is India going to kick Tripathi Trump to the curb?


Aurion7 t1_j5rilxp wrote

Modi is considerably more popular in India than Trump ever was here, which is in its own way a very interesting commentary.

There will be people who try to deny the events mentioned in the doc on the internet, then they'll turn around and vote for him precisely because of what happened. Always an interesting phenomenon.


cone10 t1_j5pgh0j wrote

The only university left in India -- Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) -- where the students have any fighting spirit. Kudos to them. Also a sign of how effectively dissent has been crushed everywhere else.


MpVpRb t1_j5psk8r wrote

Bit by bit they are making the documentary irresistible


Snoo98655 t1_j5q1z5f wrote

This should take his approval rating to an all time low of 75 percent.


Street-Engineer-5079 t1_j5rfal1 wrote

From what I studied in last few years it's very clear that Hindu-majority governments, discriminate Muslims, minorities and lower caste groups, such as Dalits and Shudras. This worsened under the current administration led by Modi, as the government has been abusing the power to control the media, businesses, police, and courts. I think that these marginalized communities may require international support in order to defeat this extremist government. Well Done BBC!


AttisofAssyria t1_j61967q wrote

Now they don't just discriminate, they lynch, rape, beat near to death, drive them out of their homes and neighbors, etc. The Hindu Nationalists are utter trash.


Dtsung t1_j5ozq3b wrote

We all know what happen when you tell student not to do sonething


Cynykl t1_j5p6aee wrote

Nord VPN sales just skyrocket on that campus.


Manav_Khanna17 t1_j5pd1my wrote

“The following screening has been brought to you by Nord VPN!”


backcountrydrifter t1_j5pcz86 wrote

Seriously. I think nord owes a couple of shitty BRICS leaders some beautiful gift baskets as thanks for a great fiscal year.


aarocka t1_j5pjfpk wrote

Lmao that dude is a fascist that was unable to put the poo in the loo and various false promises


sasksasquatch t1_j5pb5mh wrote

That is basically a way to make sure they all watch it, tell them they aren't allowed to watch, and then they will be wanting to watch it to see why it is banned.


Starbuckshakur t1_j5qeuab wrote

>Indian university reports power cut

They must have hired the same people who were in charge of maintaining the cameras in Epstein's cell.


SemiDesperado t1_j5rjzll wrote

At first I thought it said Indiana University and was very confused...


hawkseye17 t1_j5rmu3f wrote

Streisand Effect about to strike again


Bnagorski t1_j5rwybo wrote

Totally the best way to get college students to not do something.


darthveda t1_j5p50gu wrote

One should never ban anything, banning it causes it get more traction and defeats the purpose of the ban itself. exceptions are always there like revenge porn, child porn, etc..


slo1111 t1_j5q4204 wrote

I was just thinking that as I watched a clip last night about Stalin as a youngster getting his hands on illegal literature.


JPINFV2 t1_j5prkrs wrote

Instructions unclear. Modi has a BBC?


AtomicBlastCandy t1_j5q7pvj wrote

A lot of Indians are Hindu nationalists. I think watching this documentary might actually raise his numbers.


HustlinAndGrindin t1_j5rabev wrote

Britain is always trying to cause destabilization in India, nobody has made a documentary on Churchill! Typical Divide and rule. I bet they don't know about the Scottish and Northern Irish separatists.


Aurion7 t1_j5ri648 wrote

I'm not sure if this comment points to colossal ignorance (no one has made a Churchill doc? Really?) or if it points to you just throwing disconnected phrases around desperately hoping they equate to a rebuttal.


ultratorrent t1_j5qagzl wrote

Don't project it on the outside of university buildings? Because I'd be screening it on every available screen, as publicly as possible for reasons of not trusting people when they demand things like this. Why are we hiding from reality here, but other cultures don't hide from it?


BD_9x t1_j5qfajw wrote

Guess now I know what to watch tonight


Grandmasterz9 t1_j5qmdgk wrote

Where is this documentary available? Any links?


Bacon1884 t1_j5qntyb wrote

😂 definitely watching this sh**


AlesusRex t1_j5qr8zx wrote

Right, because telling young men and women who are going to university to actively seek out knowledge to then not, view something, is a great idea


alaralpaca t1_j5r5krq wrote

These people will never understand the Streisand effect


Aurion7 t1_j5rhuc5 wrote

Well, that's one way to ensure people hear about said doc's existence.


goltz20707 t1_j5rjond wrote

The Streisand Effect strikes again!


justforthearticles20 t1_j5udvro wrote

The absolute best way to ensure that students go looking for it.


Xanthus179 t1_j5ozplx wrote

Reading bad today. I was confused for a moment about why IU wouldn’t want their students to watch this.


dagbiker t1_j5r7a8o wrote

There is no war in Ba Sing Sae.


HyperbolicLetdown t1_j5uufxi wrote

And no one is to laugh at my dear friend Biggus Dickus!


dajadf t1_j622qxw wrote

I'm pretty sure every single indian college student knows how to access this


HustlinAndGrindin t1_j5r7sgn wrote

They will try to cause destabilization and demoralize India. India must watch out.


unforgiven91 t1_j5p0593 wrote

I haven't done any research, but is the documentary factual? Or is it another "2000 mules" scenario?

If it's factual, then lol. fuck modi


Taniwha_NZ t1_j5pdcvh wrote

It's a BBC documentary, not some right-wing hallucination. It's going to be at least basically true.


unforgiven91 t1_j5pfl27 wrote

oh, neat. I didn't know that bit.

Well then, yeah. Fuck modi for being a sensitive little bitch

thanks for responding and not downvoting me. I only have a passing interest in the subject


CosmicCosmix t1_j5pih77 wrote

You speak as if BBC is a white angel who doesn't shit talk about India at all.


ThatFlyingScotsman t1_j5q8ygh wrote

The Modi nuts cover themselves in enough shit as it is, the BBC just needs to show you a mirror.


[deleted] t1_j5pwm82 wrote



Thomk065 t1_j5q31xt wrote

What do you think the “left”doing? The left doesn’t shoot at politicians homes, or break in when a hammer, they don’t storm capitals, they don’t take automatic weapons into places on the name of a reality star. So, I’m confused.


Mushroom_Tip t1_j5qsgss wrote

Funny you say that given that we have a certain "anti-woke" governor that is forcing school teachers to remove their classroom libraries just in case the books have something that might offend a conservative, cancelling college-level courses because they might offend someone, and replacing college boards with climate change deniers and covid conspiracists.

Why don't you go ahead and tell us why that's different.

Which do you think is a more apt comparison to this story an India, a power hungry politician censoring education to boost his chances at winning the Republican nomination or some students protesting things they dislike (whether those things are silly or not is another question)?


Aurion7 t1_j5ribgt wrote

This is the sort of comment that says volumes about how fucked up you are and absolutely nothing about the thing you think you're critiquing.