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WirelessBCupSupport t1_j5ou69t wrote

I got a call from some scam about my computer virus program expired and this is support. So I asked the fellow, clearly speaking with an Indian/Hindi accent, "Did you watch the BBC documentary on Modi?"

He hung up after swearing something (bozdicke or similar sounding) about my mother. Hey, if that works...I'm gonna watch this Documentary and take notes!


tehtris t1_j5oyovm wrote

Wowwwww. This is nice. Imma go ahead and steal this one. K thx.


Hour-Temporary-2171 t1_j5pqjlr wrote

I'm going ask that question too now every time I get an Indian call centre cold calling me. Thanks man.


sandwichcookie t1_j5q0fki wrote

just got a scam likely call from an accented fellow and I tried it.. worked like a charm! kind of shocking how well that worked, LOL