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whistlingbatter t1_j57tnqn wrote

is it really spelled Hepkens, but just pronounced Hipkins in kiwi?


P1nk-D1amond t1_j58im1v wrote

No it’s spelled Hipkins, but pronounced Hupkuns in kiwi.


mtarascio t1_j58f8ql wrote

This isn't quite right.

It's more a caretaker role in that it's designed to lead straight into an election.

Edit: Provide some arguments

Edit 2: Y'all are fucked with your takes whilst refusing to provide words behind your thoughts (downvotes).


The_Permanent_Way t1_j58kz88 wrote

The election is still 9 months away so it could amount to more than just filling the seat


mtarascio t1_j58l80l wrote

It's etiquette in the system to not pass anything major.

Yes, etiquette exists here. But only because voters still hold them to account.

Also why the election was announced when she announced she was srepping down.