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damnthistrafficjam t1_j3v8hq3 wrote

Somehow I knew tonight was not the night. Glad I saved the $2 for the next drawing. I promise that if I win I’ll attempt a hostile takeover of Twitter.


Acidflare1 t1_j3vm3az wrote

Sorry dude this jackpot is mine and I’m going to build a new rail system like a rollercoaster.


bt65 t1_j3vs6ux wrote

I would invent a remote for the sun that can adjust its power and how long it will shine, and then every country pay me a monthly fee to get some sun, and if any country or person aren't nice to another, ZAP! I get the guilty one a beem to remind them to play nice, one more time and they never see the sun again.


SefetAkunosh t1_j3wyv2u wrote

If you need someone to clean the shark tanks in your volcano lair, hmu.


MedicalJargon-itis t1_j3vv6tx wrote

If I win, I'm going to post a picture of the ticket on Facebook and give $1,000 to everyone that "likes" it and $2,000 to everyone that "shares" it.

It's really the only sensible thing to do.


surfinwhileworkin t1_j3w29x5 wrote

If I win, it’ll be tricky to move my money, so I’ll need the help of someone in the US who can deposit a check for $1.1 billion and then they can send me the $.1 billion while they keep the difference.


keeepinitgansta t1_j3v5ys0 wrote

The previous one grew to 2 Billion, seems like this one is on track for the same.


Chadmartigan t1_j3whib2 wrote

Once it crosses that $350-ish million mark, the jackpot starts increasing nine figures per drawing. Those jackpot billboards are the most effective marketing in existence.


WirelessBCupSupport t1_j3xv9zo wrote

I'm surprised that Gaetz didn't play his favorites: 7, 13,14, 15, 18 and mega BALL 9


edave22 t1_j3yt9nc wrote

I won $200 for matching the mega ball plus 3 numbers. Most I’ve ever won from any lottery.


petit_cochon t1_j3x3434 wrote

Sure but I got a good feeling about this next one! /s

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have enough money to never worry, but I don't know about having that much money. Lottery winners tend to end up in some really bad places. I guess I could never really move freely again. I'd have to hire security. I'd have to move out of my quiet neighborhood and into a safer home. I'd never know if people liked me or my money. A few million would be nice but a few hundred million...too much. Even if I donated most of it, who would believe I had? I'd always be in danger.


buddycheesus t1_j3ze77w wrote

I’m gonna win this thing. Count it


SilverIdaten t1_j3vqhxc wrote

Winning a lottery jackpot is miserable, and I would never wish it on anybody.


Pulp_Ficti0n t1_j3vvock wrote

Speak for yourself. I'll gladly live alone in the woods.


SilverIdaten t1_j3ww8a3 wrote

-shrug- I will always refer to this post which reinforces how miserable it eventually will be winning a lottery jackpot. Unless you live in one of the states that lets you claim anonymously, you’re fucked.

I’ve think the real prize is second or even third place. A comfortable amount of money without the worries of being harassed for life.


TitsMickey t1_j3wxaa0 wrote

Nice thing about that is you don’t even need to win the lottery to do that.


_MrBalls_ t1_j3wzamu wrote

Please, I would like the misery of winning the jackpot. Wish that misery onto me.