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alien_from_Europa t1_j62m3ai wrote

It would be a travesty if the judge keeps this sealed while Pelosi's assault video is being released, fueling domestic terrorists.


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KulaanDoDinok t1_j63fxj4 wrote

Really? Because the last I checked, they were busy shooting up power substations to bring down the energy grid.


destinationnewmexico t1_j63c0of wrote

Oh shit is that singular judge down there single handily keeping the city from burning down???


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TagMeAJerk t1_j67r40b wrote

You see riots are bad because stealing... But attempted sedition, attempted murder of politicians and their families, and terrorist attacks are good things


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PurpedUpPat t1_j6cxitv wrote

Lol I don't think you know what a trump supporter is supposed to look like because I know plenty of black,white ,and spanish ones so you would never in your life know what politicians they support if any at all. It's like assuming no trump supporters are pedophiles when the old men cat call 14 yo girls and talk about fucking Greta thumburg and praise trump and hate pedophiles even though they are pedos. If you don't think their are republicans taking advantage of the chaos you are too far gone.


Treczoks t1_j62vi3g wrote

What exactly are they looking for? This whole lawsuit is not about freedom of speech, it is about knowingly spreading misinformation for commercial gain, and about the damages these lies caused to others.


homer1229 t1_j63kyzx wrote

Unsealing the docs may show that Fox people knew they weren't being honest. That said, I think news orgs asking for release of sealed material is basically SOP (e.g. footage of Paul Pelosi attack).


SnakeDoctur t1_j6536g7 wrote

Hate to break it to ya the entire MAGA movement knew it was total horseshit all along. They just wanted to overthrow our government and install a Christian Theocracy and "election fraud" was a convenient excuse


Q_OANN t1_j65a0ei wrote

We have the evidence already from their shows spreading the information compared to texts we’ve seen from a few of them saying they knew it wasn’t legit


gecko090 t1_j6ib2yk wrote

It's already known that at the same time Fox was promoting the conspiracy against Dominion, Dominion was communicating with Fox to get a rebuttal aired.

Fox ignored them.


jonathanrdt t1_j63pwtn wrote

They want to publish stories so they can get eyeballs to ads. That’s what news is and does. Gotta get the dirt so you can get the eyeballs.


Shlocktroffit t1_j6466kh wrote

This is an important point that a lot of people don't understand...newspapers are ads surrounded with some engaging content.

The advertising is what earns the money. If surrounding the ads with nothing but stories about cats and cat pictures got people to look at the newspapers then that's exactly what the publishers would do. But people want to read about the misfortunes of others and dirt on celebrities so that's what they print. They're not inherently interested in reporting on useful information. Just selling ad space.


Ansuz07 t1_j647at6 wrote

> newspapers are ads surrounded with some engaging content.

Yup. Ads are the product - news is what gets you to consume them.

I had a buddy that worked in TV advertising who used to joke that tv shows were just the filler they put between commercials. The commercials are the actual point of the broadcast.


HermanDinklemyer t1_j62e3y7 wrote

This is why Murdoch isn't going to merge the two news agencies.

Edit to correct spelling.


NAGDABBITALL t1_j634vdr wrote

If Dominion settles. I'm a gonna scream and break shit.


Ansuz07 t1_j63obpv wrote

They have been pretty vocal about not settling. They want their name cleared, not the money.


ironroad18 t1_j63p95e wrote

The proponents of "business" and " free market", slandered and libeled a huge corporation with deep pockets. Wtf did they think was going to happen?


Ansuz07 t1_j63pfrx wrote

They thought they’d get away with it because they usually do. Worst case they’d pay a fine and move on.

Dominion is one of the few companies that doesn’t care about the cost or financial damages from the case. They want their name cleared in a very public way.


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Ansuz07 t1_j63vqrb wrote

I would speculate that their hope is that between a full exoneration in court (e.g. proof that FOX knowing lied about the anti-Dominion stories) combined with a significant enough amount of time passing (so people forget about it) their business can recover.


ironroad18 t1_j63vy4v wrote

>Next I want to see people going to jail for interfering with democracy

One can dream...I mean there are laws on the books against sedition and treason, but nobody wants to enforce them. Just look at all the January 6 coup leaders and plotters still running free.


Bagellord t1_j63vriw wrote

Frankly, I admire them for doing it and will continue to do if they stick to their guns. I just hope they are able to keep their employees paid while going through this, because it ain't cheap.


AlphaB27 t1_j64guho wrote

Fox has also tarnished Dominion's name. No election official is going to want to deal with the blowback of using a Dominion voting machine


FlaxxSeed t1_j63n9wg wrote

I wonder if FOX is reporting on the FOX in the hen-house?


WolfThick t1_j63zuvb wrote

They just want to wear down public opinion on their News show oops excuse me they declared themselves an entertainment show. this is what they do this is what they'll always do and the people that watch them will always do what they always do.


justforthearticles20 t1_j64cj2s wrote

News Organizations trying to help Fox News* by tainting the jury pool, because they would rather have Fox get away with it, than let a precedent be set.