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Indercarnive t1_j3wh9j1 wrote

Almost like knives are less deadly than guns.


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pakattak t1_j3y1ztv wrote

I guarantee you if guns were involved that body count would be way higher


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Attempting to minimize death and harm is usually a good governing policy


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If you had someone attacking you would you want them to have a knife or a gun?


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If we’re talking hypothetically then the knife. Preferably one that I can pull quickly like a switch blade. Guns are too hard to pull on someone rapidly closing distance on you in the case of a completely random attack and while a knife is chaotic, at least I’ll be able to use it at close range.


Shogun_SC2 t1_j3y5kjp wrote

The answer is there is no acceptable body count for any violence you stupid dick, but I guess I’ll actually engage with you and say the answer is 0. Knives make the number closer to 0 than guns do. Show me data otherwise or you’re just another one of these stupid idiots who don’t think before they post and think they are dunking on people when you actually just appear like an unintelligent asshole.


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pakattak t1_j3yo3k4 wrote

This is a completely useless statistic unless you pair it with effectiveness or ratio of victim vs perpetrator.

The argument is knives are harder to commit mass murders with vs a gun. Of course knives will be more popular globally because other countries control access to guns.


pakattak t1_j416kvt wrote

Oh man and further, knives are just way more accessible than guns are in general. Every kitchen in a household has a knife. Not everyone owns a gun and yet the fact that it accounts for 41 percent of global violence is not the defense you think it is


mx5slol t1_j3yk19y wrote

i love how you have downvotes for what appears to me to be the most logically, not emotionally, supported position


arealhumannotabot t1_j3wlutz wrote

Killed, no, but if you read the article you might find the detail youre looking for


Anonymous7056 t1_j3ykt50 wrote

Thank God it wasn't a gun. Be a lot more than six wounded and zero deaths.


zebtacular t1_j3z6jk8 wrote

Why am I the type of person who reads this title first as “man with knife wounds…” as if he has multiple wounds from being stabbed/slashed with a knife? Are titles getting worse or am screwed?


ImpossibleCompote757 t1_j3xdkwi wrote

So banning guns wouldn’t solve violence?


M3wlion t1_j3xq9a9 wrote

you ever tried stabbing up a school


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It would solve violence by gun. You ever been to Japan? No shooting sprees there.