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__secter_ t1_j4wjaxq wrote

Blows my mind that - no matter how upset a whole thread is over an animal's death - the suggestion to simply stop killing animals for food will still get downvoted into the negatives.

You are right and they are wrong.


JcbAzPx t1_j4wrngl wrote

Plants are living beings too. That would amount to not eating ever.


Vault-Born t1_j50nzcl wrote

crabs are cannibals, i'll stop eating them when they do the same. we're nothing but animals ourselves, except without a penchant for cannibalism


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__secter_ t1_j4wizvj wrote

That is jaw-droppingly untrue. Water usage in meat production is orders of magnitude higher than plant-based food.


lamby284 t1_j4wmz4g wrote

What do the meat animals eat? Air? They get calories from nothing? More water is used to water the crops that had to be fed to those animals.

Edited: I replied to the wrong user but I'm keeping it :P


__secter_ t1_j4wrqxf wrote

The thing you're describing is the exact reason *[the user you meant to reply to] wrong

If you fed all those crops directly to people instead of livestock, there'd be no loss of energy/nutrition/calories to the middle steps(the livestock digesting the crops and turning it into meat, the livestock needing to drink gallons of water of its own, the massive industrial water requirements of the slaughter industry in general).

Imagine you have the option of giving someone a thousand bucks cash, or using it to buy them gift cards(with many fees and surcharges along the way) and jewelry to hawk.

In this analogy, the plants are the cash. The meat is the inefficient luxury goods it would be absurd and unsustainable to base an economy around.


lamby284 t1_j4wsxkf wrote

My dude, we are in agreement. It's way more efficient to feed ourselves directly rather than eat animals.


rjkardo t1_j4xs8xl wrote

This is so mind bogglingly stupid it is difficult to believe someone could suggest it.