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CryptidGrimnoir t1_j4umw32 wrote

I think people would consider a dolphin attacking them close to shore--and for better or worse, dolphins don't really have an aggressive reputation among the public.

I don't know of anyone who is afraid of a dolphin--not even someone who is afraid of an orca--but people are afraid of sharks.


fellowcrft t1_j4unayv wrote

I have swam and dived with pods of dolphins. Many times . I am weary as fuck of dolphins. Sure... Awesome sentient beings... Friendly, playful and inquisitive yet at the end of the day they are fucking Apex Predators. I have seen three dolphins kill a 4 meter tiger shark before...


Portalrules123 t1_j4wj6gu wrote

Dolphins are the humans of the sea.

Meaning you SHOULD be at least mildly nervous at all times around them, I would say. I think some dolphins have been shown to kill just for fun too, another human analogy there.


MattyEC t1_j4wua7a wrote

I feel like Orcas should get that nod. Slicing out shark livers and dumping the rest of the body, passing on cultural memes to learn how to hunt their surrounding wild life... freaky smart and right up there with dolphins.


nerdtypething t1_j4uurfa wrote

well i know dolphins can bludgeon sharks to death so that seems plenty aggressive to me.