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SnooRobots3379 t1_j5wswtl wrote

Lol not sure why the fact that he’s an immigrant needs to be in the title but okay 🤷🏻‍♀️


Defiant-Ad1364 t1_j5wvt1z wrote

I guess immigrant is less inflammatory according to Reuters than Chinese national.


random20190826 t1_j5x9lou wrote

Chinese citizen = not American citizen due to Section 9 of China's nationality law. In immigration law, convicted felons are, in theory, deportable. Based on this logic, Mr Zhao could be deported to China. But in practice, his deportation is not likely, as he will serve life in prison in California.

In the event he is deported, because he murdered other Chinese nationals, it may make him eligible for the death penalty in China.


Bagellord t1_j5yuwyc wrote

Hmm, I wonder what would happen if he didn't receive a life sentence? Would he serve his sentence, probably be deported afterwards, and then China might punish him (possibly/probably with death)?


elkmeateater t1_j5z3elu wrote

They probably don't want to piss off their Chinese national stock holders.


SnooRobots3379 t1_j5wxdlc wrote

I guess I don’t see why we need to call out race/ethnicity. An asshole is an asshole ya know?


brgr_king_inside_job t1_j5x3ze9 wrote

white mass shooters are always called out, it's FINE!


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afk_again t1_j5yrhba wrote

I think that's because at this point we all kind of assume it.


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afk_again t1_j5yy6tn wrote

Nationalist? Isn't it usually more temper tantrum with a gun by the low status with no hope?


SnooRobots3379 t1_j5x585a wrote

Yeah but that’s irrelevant too! I’m sick of the constant focus on race for everything though!


RocinanteCoffee t1_j5y07ue wrote

I think because it being during the Lunar New Year celebration and a lot of Asian victims the article wanted to give context.

Race aside, I was more shocked at how old the shooters in the last few mass shooting stories are. Most mass shooters are in their 20s and 30s, not senior citizens.


SnooRobots3379 t1_j5y1e7t wrote

Haha fair enough. Did they have to do him dirty and call him pudgy though? Lol


Gone213 t1_j5ypuk2 wrote

You haven't seen how entrenched propaganda is targeted towards older Asian people, especially older Asian men. It's pretty much fox news on steroids that targets them.


docmedic t1_j5xeni8 wrote

>The pudgy defendant...

Also make note of the pudginess.


christmas2065 t1_j5yj9xz wrote

Because it’s INTERESTING, differentiates and is possibly relevant. Which of these “scurrilous” personal details do you think should not have been reported? -Robert Durst: cross-dresser -Richneck shooter: special needs -Columbine killers: video gamers -Gacy: sidelined as a clown -Omar Mateen: Islamic extremist -Anderson Aldrich: non-binary


SnooRobots3379 t1_j60xhhk wrote

Hmm you may find someone being an immigrant fascinating but I find it polarizing and irrelevant. Also the “pudgy” descriptor that is used in the story is both unprofessional and hilarious.


4thdegreebullshido t1_j5zd0ka wrote

Is he not an immigrant?


SnooRobots3379 t1_j60ywgo wrote

Is that really the point of the story? Who cares. Just like when the media prints sensationalist race baiting headlines. Does him being born in another country really change this story in any way? If not it’s click bait rage porn


4thdegreebullshido t1_j6108je wrote

Is he an immigrant?


SnooRobots3379 t1_j6163qx wrote

Better question- do you think asking the same question multiple ways will get you different answers?


4thdegreebullshido t1_j616aaf wrote

So, are you against when they identify color of person committing crime as well?


SnooRobots3379 t1_j61c9tc wrote

They did identify the color of the person committing the crime, that’s literally what we are talking about? But yes, I don’t think the race ans ethnicity needs to be in the headline. And the victims. Cop, who is white, shoots man, who is black. It’s all meant to be divisive as fuck. Unless it’s a specific hate crime and that’s the story the focus doesn’t need to be on what color everyone involved is. It’s annoying.


dudeguybro1549 t1_j61kdgf wrote

Dude, you know it does. It'll get those right wingers foaming at the mouth, because you know, legal Americans never commit mass murder.


Vic_Hedges t1_j5y9wlz wrote

Not sure why the story needs to be reported at all I guess.


SnooRobots3379 t1_j5yepul wrote

I mean a mass shooting is news worthy certainly. Unless you want to make the argument that they shouldn’t get any press because it is encourages others, which is probably valid.


Lucius-Halthier t1_j5zeuxj wrote

Just to create fearmongering about people coming into the country is all


SnooRobots3379 t1_j60z0e1 wrote

Precisely. It’s irrelevant to the story. If he were killing her over her refusing to marry him so he could get a green card it would be relevant!


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TheCatapult t1_j5x0egh wrote

This is an incredibly naive take. These workers are trafficked in by Chinese criminal organizations, working on Chinese owned farms, and being exploited by Chinese gangs. There are no other cultures or races directly involved except Chinese.

The level of sophistication of the criminal activities is far beyond what other criminal organizations are doing in the US.

You can ignore the truth, or realize that this is what we’re dealing with in the US. Just ask the company president Xianmin Guan


breadexpert69 t1_j5wk0gp wrote

Why would you imply he was illegal right away?

He could have had a work visa and renewed it.

Just cuz you are not a citizen living here does not mean you are illegal.


LimitedSwimmer t1_j5whonu wrote

What makes you think that? Not saying you are wrong but nothing in your quoted text could lead to that conclusion.


alphabeticdisorder t1_j5wjlwj wrote

I think the headline sort of implies it. If he was here 10 years it seems a little weird to describe him as an immigrant unless its relevant. He'd be just like any other farm worker committing mass murder.


breadexpert69 t1_j5wk854 wrote

Yes but articles love to use the word “immigrant” because it makes readers tingle.


TriFolk t1_j5wjyo2 wrote

The way it’s written it says he’s not a resident or citizen and rather a Chinese citizen however nothing is stated that he violated visitor or immigration laws hence not “illegal immigrant”.


Em42 t1_j5wok2z wrote

If someone has been in a place for 10 years, they're not an immigrant anymore, I don't care what their legal status is. They have assimilated into the culture.


102491593130 t1_j5wzpmb wrote

Chinese guys don't go on shooting rampages, Americans do!


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Em42 t1_j5yaqgw wrote

Well I used to work in the courts. A lot of people who basically speak the everyday portion of the language, get interpreters because a lot of times they won't have learned all those specialized legal terms because the only place they're used is in court.

It is not uncommon for someone to have a translator just because they're not a native speakers. If we're going to charge you, especially if you're in a potential death penalty case, we want you to understand and participate in your defense.

Maybe that's not how it works near you, but that is exactly how it works near me, the fact that he has an interpreter has no bearing on whether he speaks English or not, it just means he can't speak the language of the law in English.


lllZephyrlll t1_j5ze3v8 wrote

Probably came over and was worked half to death then snapped.


dankblonde t1_j5wtqe7 wrote

“Immigrant farm worker”. Extremely vague and also charged.