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MacDougalTheLazy OP t1_j3ys28j wrote

When i took the dog out this morning i was wondering what that smell was. Smelled foul like an odd burnt pork. Turns out it was one of my neighbors disposing of this unfortunate person's body. I can't get it out of my senses now. Three showers and a candle later and i still can't get it out of my senses.


aethersnores t1_j3z2ltc wrote

Try vicks vapor rub or a mint balm above your lip. Worked with dead bodies before, and that always seemed to help with the smell of decay somewhat.


Ness51 t1_j3zaydh wrote

Totally agree. When I was a new grad I worked at a burn center and we would rub Tiger Balm in our mask during admissions and dressing changes... game changer. Unforgettable smell


acer34p3r t1_j3zs9cb wrote

We switch between vicks, tiger balm, and peppermint oil depending on what is closest at hand in the emergency department I work in. Gangrenous tissue is... unforgettably revolting.


mr_oof t1_j3zwnii wrote

Don’t think about Degobah… don’t think about Degobah… don’t think about Degobah…


MarchionessofMayhem t1_j41c8tu wrote

Oh, lord. The Swamps of Dagobah. shudder


Autumn1881 t1_j438kga wrote

It’s the first thing I think about when someone mentions peppermint oil. Which is thankfully not too often….


onlycatshere t1_j413jg7 wrote

I usually use a drop of peppermint oil above my lip or inside my mask, but after working a post-mortem apartment unit turnover (unattended death), gotta say the best way to cut the death smell is a respirator with the right cans.


CALsHero09 t1_j41p2kh wrote

For dead bodies find a spray called ozium. Kill bacteria in the air, and smells like lemons. Works pretty good. Used it in the mortuary i worked at.


aethersnores t1_j41shez wrote

I've heard of ozium but mostly in the context of other dank smells lol but I wish I would have known about that several years ago. We had to exhume a body that was three years in the ground for one of those mesothelioma autopsies and even though there was a concrete vault water still got into the casket. The body was GREEN. Like a darker shade of Hulk green. And the lining of the casket was caked with mold. When we opened it, whatever we were spraying was not working. The only thing that helped was some mint stuff to put under our masks. I have never smelled a worse smell in my life ten years later and like with the OP, it was a smell that just lingered in my senses for days.


CALsHero09 t1_j41trsc wrote

I got lucky with the one that i did. It was interred in a wall for like 20 something years. Husband wanted her cremated, at her time of death the family wouldnt allow it and it was her dying wish. So we had to remove all the metal from the casket, huge wooden casket, while she was in there. Pretty crazy, pretty cool. You could see the crack in her skull that killed her. Everything was so desicated there wasnt really any smell at all.


beigs t1_j3z9n91 wrote

It takes a bit to get that stuff out and you won’t forget the smell… but it isn’t so bad the next time if ever you have to deal with it again.

I got rid of my clothes the first time I dealt with the smell of death. A clarifying shampoo would also help your hair, and if your house smells, ozone machine / air purifier.

Remember to try and get rid of the smell, not mask it with perfume.

That really sucks, I’m sorry.


Ontheout t1_j3zk22f wrote

Eating curry was advised by a friend of my sister who studied embalming.


_yogi_mogli_ t1_j408ucs wrote

What? What is the reasoning? This is a weird comment without elaboration.


Mikeymona t1_j40d3hd wrote

I would presume that it’s because curries tend to have very strong and lingering smells.


Ontheout t1_j43ugdl wrote

It's something about how the peppers linger , if I recall correctly.


rewdea t1_j3zlic6 wrote

Your story begs the question.


beigs t1_j3zpxrq wrote

It was a long time ago when I was in grad school involving anthropology and archaeology. Some things stopped bugging me after basically living with bones for a few months on some sites, but the first time you’re faced with one that is gooey… I’m fine when they’re clean, but I could never do what the forensic anthropologists do.

I felt like lady Macbeth with my hair.


Millenniauld t1_j3yzyf9 wrote

So I have the dumbest effective thing to suggest. Safeguard makes a "notes of coconut" liquid hand soap. This fucking thing's notes are like the 1812 overture played by Beethoven trying to hear the music. It is OVERPOWERING. We have a kid in diapers.... Someone washes their hands in the next room and ALL YOU SMELL IS COCONUT.

I imagine part of your senses is your brain playing tricks on you. If that's the case, death by coconut might actually be helpful, because you will have a new trauma, and that shit is "notes" of coconut.


LilSpermCould t1_j3z0ox6 wrote

Jesus fuck, that's awful. Absolutely everything about this is so horrific.

Reading this I'm getting the feeling someone else might have been involved.


Ds093 t1_j3yw956 wrote

It’s gonna take time for your senses to return. I know it’s not a great time. Give it a few days, it’ll eventually be forgotten.

Note: have experienced the smell when trying to get someone out a vehicle after a collision before it caught fire.


prettyfarts t1_j3zf5pz wrote

sorry friend; my mom used to clean nursing homes and they used Ozium spray after someone passed and the smell lingered.


acer34p3r t1_j3zsiub wrote

The vanilla Ozium was my air cleaner of choice back in my Uber driver days.


[deleted] t1_j420o47 wrote



acer34p3r t1_j423ayz wrote

Ha, I live near enough to a major university that home football game days were great for making money, but bad for the occasional puker.

Edit: typo


flaccidcolon t1_j425i21 wrote

It's kind if late but play some tetris asap. It's been proven to help with trauma and make things better for your brain.


kenwanepento t1_j40bcs5 wrote

I wonder if my neighbors feel the same when I smoke a pork shoulder


CALsHero09 t1_j41orw1 wrote

Nah, you dont forget that smell. That smell will be forever burned into your senses. I was a fire fighter and some bozo committed suicide by flooring it in his pickup, in the rain, into a metal telephone pole. We know because there were tire marks in the road, it ended at a T and the pole was dead ahead. No tire rracks in the dirt which means he jumped that T into the pole. Fully engulfed. Had to pull the crispy critter out. Everything is soaked in rain, mud, and this guys fluids. Crazy day. Think the carry all we used to move him is still hanging in the engine bay. That was 4 years ago.


Fancykiddens t1_j4d4p38 wrote

I used to help clean out homes where people had died. Coffee is how you get the smell out. The very best is burnt decaf coffee.

Cinnamon/cinnamol, strong mints like Mentos or Altoids, Frankincense, clove and rosemary are also helpful.

Please consider attending a grief support group or speaking with a therapist if what has happened to you begins to affect your attention, work, sleep, etc. ❤️


CharToll t1_j409xd3 wrote

The cops will never forget that either… finding the body still smoldering??? Dude.


Silver_Foxx t1_j3yv8rn wrote

> She gave officers consent to search the home and backyard

Well that's definitely a smart decision when you have a body smouldering in your backyard firepit. . .


illiter-it t1_j40xois wrote

I mean, she can't even practice fire safety; I don't expect much.


Nerdlinger t1_j3ysg1t wrote

Start of the story:

> MU spokesperson Christian Basi said the welfare check was for a male student, and court documents say the mother of the student made the request. She said she had not spoken to her child since Monday at 10:30 p.m.

End of the story:

> Police said investigators have a "good idea" of who the victim is, but more definitive information is needed and next of kin needs to be notified.

Yeah… I think I have a good idea who the victim is, too.


MacDougalTheLazy OP t1_j3ysmkg wrote

You know them?


Vlad_the_Homeowner t1_j3yznf2 wrote

No (not OP, but I had the same question when reading the article). The article starts off talking about a search for a missing person, who you'd expect the police know who they're searching for as they talked to his mother. Then takes a weird pivot towards the end after finding a burning body at the Uber drivers home (and a cell phone matching to the victim). While they can't ID the body yet, it's assumed it's the boy they talk about at the start. They should have just left it as "the remains have not yet been confirmed to be the missing student".


420ipblood t1_j3zm0sj wrote

Well they have a pretty good idea that it's the kid but they cannot yet determine it 100%. No clue why people are being so nit-picky over the specific wording.


Vlad_the_Homeowner t1_j3zyc21 wrote

Nit picky? It's terrible writing to the point where the meaning is unclear. The police have a pretty good idea whose body it is? I can think of a dozen ways to phrase that better.


serpentine__babou t1_j3yzcl6 wrote

This is a bit off-topic, but I have to ask- why do so many online news articles fail to identify the state the reported incident has taken place in?

I'm assuming South Carolina for this one. The author also even references what I presume is a university by its acronym without actually specifying which school they're talking about. How am I supposed to know which MU they're talking about if I don't even know what state this story is coming from?


Gophurkey t1_j3z3cuc wrote

Missouri, fyi

Missouri University (Mizzou) student


serpentine__babou t1_j3z505m wrote

Thank you! I did end up Googling it after i posted, but I had to gripe first. It's such a pet peeve of mine that online articles don't include that information by default.

I'd get it if it was like Baltimore or Boston or Los Angeles, etc. but Columbia isn't really a very unique city name.


Gophurkey t1_j3z5m3l wrote

Yeah, I've gotten very excited about finding new restaurants or events near me only to realize they are in a completely different state. Whomp whomp


normpoleon t1_j428f2b wrote

They say north Columbia to confuse more people.

Not columbia, north columbia, totally different. -Columbian spokesman


TraditionalGap1 t1_j3z12l7 wrote

It's a local news outlet, so presumably the locals who consume it know where they are


serpentine__babou t1_j3z4ebn wrote

I know that's probably the excuse, but when you publish an article online, your audience isn't necessarily local anymore.

Even in local, physical papers it can be problematic if you are a small state or bordering several nearby states.

All they need to do is mention the city and state once at the very beginning of the article, and that would completely solve the problem.

And it goes without saying that acronyms should never be used without spelling out the full name/phrase first. Someone who writes for a living should know better.


BRN83 t1_j3zv937 wrote

I'm with you, I can't tell you how many times I've clicked a link to a news article on Reddit and spent five minutes clicking around the news site trying to figure out which of the fifty states it happened in. Super annoying.


jonathanownbey t1_j43a8nc wrote

Yeah, we are so many years past local news staying local. It's should just be a standard template item to have city and state in location-specific news articles.


GiantSlorrr t1_j3zvqbu wrote

I was gonna post this same critique. Why do local news websites feel they don’t need to identify themselves in any way?


mamawantsallama t1_j403r2q wrote

When I was growing up we were taught in school that every article or anything that we wrote must contain 'who, what, when, where & why'. As I've gotten older I understand why those things can't all be included in clickbait articles, but WTF is wrong with stating at least the city and abbreviation for the state at the start of the article?


blumpkinpandemic t1_j40ct5h wrote

I'm from Canada so initially thought it was in the country of Columbia but once I started reading that didn't quite make sense lol


properfoxes t1_j41g5iy wrote

The country is spelled different. Colombia.


blumpkinpandemic t1_j44azq6 wrote

Good to know :) I'm from British Columbia so I just figured it was the same spelling!


Hemicrusher t1_j3yspcj wrote

She obviously never watched a crime doc.


Ds093 t1_j3ywk3e wrote

You think she would have watched Netflix’s making a murderer. She did pretty much the same thing as what’s described in the show ( I mean that she killed him then used the fire pit as Sean Avery was convicted of doing)

Edit: Should be steven Avery as next comment points out.


trueredtwo t1_j3zepaa wrote

Steven Avery. (Sean Avery is a retired ice hockey goon)


Ds093 t1_j3zmnke wrote

Yes! That’s right I had seen a video of him today and thought I had it ^^


BoromirDies t1_j3yzh53 wrote

Well that was a surprise to see the town I live in on the top page of reddit. Jesus.


spin_me_again t1_j40dkcl wrote

The OP that posted had to actually smell the poor guy that was murdered, being burned. Just….. no words for how awful this is


BoromirDies t1_j418uv0 wrote

No kidding. The realization of what you're smelling is a human being burning is just God awful to imagine.


NC_Flyfisher t1_j3yvnmy wrote

From the mugshot she looks like she's still messed up. Meth, heroin or both?


thefugue t1_j3z94kd wrote

Heroin isn't exactly conducive to the kind of physical activity that killing someone involves. To say nothing of a woman killing a man, which isn't physically easy sober.


[deleted] t1_j3z2cae wrote



RASHEEDWALLET t1_j3z55xi wrote

Look at that mug shot. It’s a long shot her tox report comes back clean.


thefugue t1_j3zv31e wrote

Doesn’t mean drugs caused the event.

I could drug test the next 1000 people who walked into the neared JC Penny’s and the majority would piss positive for something.


neercatz t1_j3zeyi1 wrote

They made an open ended remark, they didn't state fact and challenge all to try and prove them wrong.

The girl does look kinda strung out in the mugshot. She also tried to dispose of a dead body in a backyard fire pit then WENT TO TAKE A NAP.

The point is drugs aren't out of the realm of possibility.

And it's weird to screenshot other people's reddit comments to use as evidence in a possible future argument about some dumb shit like this.

Edit: how the turntables. You mentioned screenshotting that first guys comment in case he wanted to argue then ended up changing your own comment to make it look like you didn't say that

2nd edit: you deleted your comment completely. Don't count your chickens before you throw two stones at birds who live in glass houses or whatever


damagecontrolparty t1_j3z8p1d wrote

"messed up from being hit" - what are you even talking about here? do you actually buy the story that the guy was beating her and so she had to stab him?


SignificantBuddy t1_j3z9iff wrote

How dare @NC_flyfisher suggest the woman that murdered and barbecued some guy might be using drugs! Slander!! /S


jrabieh t1_j3zuiu1 wrote

This article is kinda ass. I had to find a different article to learn where this was. Just said Columbia a bunch and the acronym of a local university.


iLiLoOpY t1_j4154f4 wrote

Its a local news paper so my guess is the author assumed readers would be familiar. Not really a good excuse but probably why it happened.


thefugue t1_j3ywvdf wrote

Yeah unless she’s a lot bigger than she looks in the booking photo or the victim was unusually small, somebody helped her drag that body around.


Sudden-Ad1963 t1_j40qrox wrote

She could've put something between the body and ground to reduce friction, like roll them onto a sheet and drag them. When you are determined you find a way.


iLiLoOpY t1_j415d9s wrote

Could be stimulant drugs to. People have super strength when using drugs like that. Could also explain motive too. Fight over drugs or drug induced psychosis. Total speculation but a possibility.


CharToll t1_j409s5n wrote

Gnarly details. My hometown.


999others t1_j3z5uov wrote

I assumed they meant the country.


pinupgal t1_j3z7xir wrote

I still don’t know where they’re referring to.


999others t1_j3za9l7 wrote

I think it's Missouri, at the link there is a weather map, I would have guessed South (or north not sure) Carolina if it was the states.


thealphateam t1_j41fu7x wrote

How in the hell did the guy not beat the snot out of her? I don't care if she is a woman, she has a knife, I'm not pulling any punches.


[deleted] t1_j3yvkhv wrote



_CatLover_ t1_j3zdbcx wrote

Whenever i stab someone to death in self defense i also burn them in my backyard instead of going to the police.


trueredtwo t1_j3zfe9r wrote

Domestic violence isn't simply violence between men and women. Not enough is known about their relationship to label it domestic violence


Naki-Taa t1_j3zwnm2 wrote

She also said she didn't know who he was