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SpiritPaper t1_j3zi9ke wrote

former director, Bryan Clemensen said the decision to close “is voluntary and solely due to the lack of financial resources to continue caring for the boys".

So no one will pay them to abuse kids anymore.


internet_chump t1_j3zjckq wrote

>Missouri previously had virtually no oversight for religious boarding schools.

Because nothing like this has ever happened before?



lundewoodworking t1_j401k7c wrote

Except for the hundreds or thousands of times it's happened before


This_ls_The_End t1_j416910 wrote

Every single one of them an unprecedented exception.


Narrator2012 t1_j4d5t7s wrote

Kinda like the random statistical NFL records for player that did x play in a y kind of way


mymar101 t1_j417wu2 wrote

I mean we should just trust religious schools and leaders without any kind of oversight because they’ve never done anything wrong ever. Sarcasm


SavannahEngineer t1_j3zlgae wrote

This place was terrible. The entire industry is awful.


campersin t1_j41agpe wrote

Last Podcast on the Left just started a series on it. These sort of schools were allowed to do the most horrific things to students - dumping fecal matter over kids heads, rape, public nudity for humiliation in front of adults, violent ‘boxing’ matches, and straight up murder.


SavannahEngineer t1_j41awio wrote

Netflix is working on a documentary of another school that shutdown a few years ago. It should be released late spring/early summer. I've heard that the interviews were so troubling that members of the film crew got PTSD just from filming it.


Browne888 t1_j41sjqn wrote

I believe Behind the Bastard did a series on them as well. I can't remember the name though so perhaps they were two separate schools...

Edit: Not the same school, it was Elan School which had very similar practices.


forestrox t1_j42kye5 wrote

Mayble Elan School. There is an incredible site done by a former inmate/student. Very much worth the read.


Browne888 t1_j42m2ss wrote

ya that's the one. Guess I just assumed it'd be the same one because it was so bad and so similar to this one.


forestrox t1_j42myrx wrote

That’s the horrible part, these places are far too common.


Wild_Garlic t1_j3zpoht wrote

Damn, imagine being one of the twelve kids left knowing your parents dgaf about the abuse story...


CuriousRelish t1_j402ucv wrote

IIRC most states still have no law against parents hiring the people who assault and kidnap the kids who are then taken into and further victimized by the troubled teen industry.

Parents have literally no excuse at this point. The rape, assault, starvation, and attempted murders committed against these teenagers is well documented. They're paying people to assault and torture their children in every way possible.


campersin t1_j41b1e0 wrote

These sort of places have also gone farther than attempted murder and straight up did it. The outdoor programs are the most notorious - depriving their ‘students’ of water/basic medical needs.


Safe_Indication_6829 t1_j41jdos wrote

They're literally concentration camps for teens. We should shut then down with great haste


jeremyjack3333 t1_j40q6g5 wrote

This is amazing for those kids. And a win for society and investigative journalists.

If you've ever read The Talisman by Peter Straub and Stephen King, that's the kind of place this was. It's like juvenile detention but they do not respect human rights. It's a fucking Gitmo for kids. If you sent your kid here, you are a horrible human being. If you worked and didn't whistleblow, you are a horrible human being.


texascannonball t1_j411e9k wrote

My friend was tortured here. Those in charge deserve prison.


Sun-Wu-Kong t1_j4033tx wrote

Damn, Last Podcat mentioned this school specifically about a week ago.


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_j41bikt wrote

Agape Ranch 🤦‍♀️ why would anyone leave their kids in this place.


Iceesadboydg t1_j41vn9f wrote

I went there ! A hellish gulag ! Today is a good day, luckily I didn’t spend my childhood there like so many did.


No_Interaction_2469 t1_j42ncyh wrote

How are you doing now?


Iceesadboydg t1_j484w41 wrote

I’m ok just talked to another fellow agape student and just shocked it’s in the news, unfortunately a lot of staff including the worst of the worst Robert Graves, Brother Vandekooi, Brian clemenson, Boyd Householder, Kevin Moriarty are still out there


Tallgirl4u t1_j423bdk wrote

These places are all over missouri. They get shut down then just pop up somewhere else. I know of a huge one in the middle of nowhere. Place gives me the creeps.


Mister_Weiss t1_j419sa6 wrote

This must all be a big misunderstanding. I can’t imagine a Christian boarding school would be abusing vulnerable children. I mean, they’re Christians, right? /s


BarCompetitive7220 t1_j42kx9c wrote

1 down, many to follow as this is how some "christian" schools make big promises to like minded parents and they believe management, not the children. As for MO - perfect Peter's nothing State AG moves to DC position and another guy replaces him with same vague promise.