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BazilBroketail t1_j40po57 wrote

American businesses hate American workers because they demand this thing called a salary...

How dare they?...

Seriously, fuck corporations.


Raynafur t1_j40t4c8 wrote

Yep. If it's not sending the jobs over seas, it's flying the over seas labor here and putting them up in a hotel because that's still less expensive than hiring local labor.


Mammoth_Sprinkles705 t1_j438dz4 wrote

Fuck the politicians who allow it to happen.

Oh you want to use slave labor to manufacture your products ok, sure.....Your no longer allowed to sell your goods in the United States.

Getting mad at a corporation for trying to maximize profits is like getting mad at a lion for eating a gazel


thebadpixel t1_j49uh18 wrote

You get what you pay for. I’ve seen the software written by drones who only care about a paycheck. It’s not a pretty sight.


Curun t1_j4298rj wrote

And sick days. Corporations and democrats super hate sick days.


ProJoe t1_j42qtnl wrote

remind me which party always fights against pretty much any and all benefits for workers?

hint: it's not the democrats


Curun t1_j42rk95 wrote

We have one party that are self avowed terrorists, and for some reason the party who leads the nation hasn't put them all in behind bars.

And an actual party who is definitely right wing, and go under the brand 'Democrat'. Who signed bills shutting down collective bargaining, for sick days no less.
Who props up corp pharma to fuck workers. Who deregulated the banks to fuck workers. Who deregulated the trucking industry to fuck workers. etc etc