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BazilBroketail t1_j40po57 wrote

American businesses hate American workers because they demand this thing called a salary...

How dare they?...

Seriously, fuck corporations.


Raynafur t1_j40t4c8 wrote

Yep. If it's not sending the jobs over seas, it's flying the over seas labor here and putting them up in a hotel because that's still less expensive than hiring local labor.


Mammoth_Sprinkles705 t1_j438dz4 wrote

Fuck the politicians who allow it to happen.

Oh you want to use slave labor to manufacture your products ok, sure.....Your no longer allowed to sell your goods in the United States.

Getting mad at a corporation for trying to maximize profits is like getting mad at a lion for eating a gazel


thebadpixel t1_j49uh18 wrote

You get what you pay for. I’ve seen the software written by drones who only care about a paycheck. It’s not a pretty sight.


Curun t1_j4298rj wrote

And sick days. Corporations and democrats super hate sick days.


ProJoe t1_j42qtnl wrote

remind me which party always fights against pretty much any and all benefits for workers?

hint: it's not the democrats


Curun t1_j42rk95 wrote

We have one party that are self avowed terrorists, and for some reason the party who leads the nation hasn't put them all in behind bars.

And an actual party who is definitely right wing, and go under the brand 'Democrat'. Who signed bills shutting down collective bargaining, for sick days no less.
Who props up corp pharma to fuck workers. Who deregulated the banks to fuck workers. Who deregulated the trucking industry to fuck workers. etc etc


ryesci t1_j40pu22 wrote

Father works at IBM for the last 3 decades. All of his coworkers are Indian outsourced. They always break shit and call my dad on his days off. Tragic.

IBM is a trash company.


011010001101001 t1_j412m3j wrote

Same at Oracle. For years they've hired hundreds of low-paid, low-skilled IT workers from India who are woefully under-qualified, and lean HARD on a literal handful of US-based senior engineers, architects, and developers to do the important work, go to meetings, give presentations, etc.

As you can imagine, there's a year+ backlog of work, it keeps building up, and more than half the week is spent fixing stuff they broke, or being tier 2/3 support for them because they can't read logs and have no idea what to do except press the Enter key to run the automation we created for them.


vir_papyrus t1_j41bgqf wrote

It’s what I see everyday at companies who went to offshored MSPs or whatever. They keep a few senior domestic workers who have that tribal knowledge and more or less know what they’re doing. Rest are just distant worker bees who have no real incentive to care. But the entire setup means that everything is so rigid in process and lacks higher level talent, that everyone gets stuck just treading water. “This is how <x> works, and so we just keep doing it” it’s all about keeping the lights on.

Ultimately it becomes nearly impossible for them to actually do anything new. There’s just no room for big change because the whole setup is so inflexible. Simply no one who has the time, talent, political power, and patience to say take <x> technology and run with a new implementation. No one who can be creative and see how the big picture puzzle pieces fit together for their own organization.

And eventually over time because change has become such a monumental task, they basically atrophy. Hopelessly out of date. They look at solutions and products that are too new to support a company still operating like it’s 2003 instead of 2023.


fiordchan t1_j44t3ld wrote

Deloite USA is now over 70% Indians. Partners? all white


ScreamingMemales t1_j41yazv wrote

>As you can imagine, there's a year+ backlog of work, it keeps building up, and more than half the week is spent fixing stuff they broke, or being tier 2/3 support for them because they can't read logs and have no idea what to do except press the Enter key to run the automation we created for them.

That's wild. I worked at IBM the last few years and our offshore team was always harder working and better performing than the onshore team. Those guys work crazy long shifts for way less money.


zOSguru t1_j48mbzn wrote

And produce shit quality software


ScreamingMemales t1_j48mqb4 wrote

The real shit was the onshore team's work, which had to be fixed overnight by the offshore guys most weeks. Not saying every team is like that but offshore guys can be smart too. But its hard for them to leave their whole family network behind to come here for a better job.


cutebabies0626 t1_j410219 wrote

My husband almost got a job at IBM but he turned them down. He said he’s glad he did.


imtourist t1_j41hz2v wrote

Blame the capitalists in the US which are the stockholders, executives and their enablers in the government. They have been driving the offshoring of jobs and technologies for decades now in the interest of short term profits and related bonuses. We are waking up too late now to realize the destruction that his wrought, the strategic error of being reliant on China and other countries that are not exactly friendly to the US and the West.

BTW I used AIX back in the 90s and it truly sucked back then too.


terenn_nash t1_j41x8d4 wrote

my company has been offshoring to india for the last year now, my team just got hit. but its ok, we wont see offshore mistakes financial impact for 3 years when the medicare audits hit and we start losing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars from what my team has been doing flawlessly for a decade +.

but hey those 10 $38k salaried positions were really a drag on the bottom line and medicare is totally forgiving.......


xt1nct t1_j41o1nz wrote

We have an old ibm erp system. I develop apps around it.

We needed a data provider from IBM all the other databases give you that for free since you are already paying for the database. Not IBM $11k and their support is complete trash. Missing documents.

IBM had their own forum and when people were having issues asking questions IBM employees would respond with “sent you private message”. Like wtf a forum is so someone can search it and find a solution, but IBM is probably trying to milk them for money.

Fuck IBM. The worst fucking company in the tech space.


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Sunapr1 t1_j41ri0u wrote

Yeah sorry i deleted my comments. i read wrong Aplogies


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Sunapr1 t1_j420sxr wrote

Oh njce ..i also would be coming for postdoc abroad in states after phd completion hoping to have a good time there


macross1984 t1_j40qrll wrote

IBM used to be great company but no longer. By outsourcing many of what was created in-house in USA the company have effectively marginalized itself like Hewlett-Packer.


ekkidee t1_j40tw8i wrote

Shameful but hardly surprising, even for a stalwart like IBM ("I've Been Moved").

I didn't know AIX was still a thing with RHEL and other Linuxes kicking.


centosdude t1_j410g0n wrote

And since IBM owns both Red Hat and makes AIX, why have both? Linux appears to have won the UNIX wars.


DogsAreOurFriends t1_j411tj3 wrote

A lot of places are still running AIX and aren’t going to change anytime soon.


xorbe t1_j41ukxv wrote

Apparently there are also still VMS users.


DogsAreOurFriends t1_j41yn80 wrote

No doubt! If my $3Billion assets are on a rock solid system running VMS, migrating is going to be a hard sell…

…until it’s too late.


onewobblywheel t1_j41g0oq wrote

I was an AIX "developer" working for iBM back in the 1990s.

I was involved in the TCP/IP subsystem. We started by downloading source code created by CS students in a few universities that IBM had donated money to.

Then we ran it through a series of tests, then made a few tweaks, if necessary, then put the IBM brand on it and shipped it.

That's how IBM did "development" back in the '90s.

Not much is lost by sending it to India.


[deleted] t1_j41wj9w wrote



onewobblywheel t1_j42hz6u wrote

30 years ago... I honestly don't remember. It was definitely one of the big ones everyone would recognize.

I always thought UNIX was developed in Bell Labs by one of the guys (Kernighan and Ritchie) who developed the C language. But I'm no authority.


SatanicNotMessianic t1_j45elh7 wrote

I worked on AIX systems when I was first getting into computer work in the 1990s. The software was okay (honestly, Solaris was better imo) but we were running a token ring network and that was buggy as hell. They called them “broken ring networks” for a reason.

But man, I really did love that RISC architecture. It made assembly language feel simple and elegant rather than the cuneiform that was the iteration of the CISC chips at the time.


madman1969 t1_j42dicz wrote

As a developer on AIX systems back in the 90's, this doesn't surprise me.


Wade-Mealing t1_j45n5c1 wrote

How did the students get access to AIX kernel code in the 90's ? I thought that kinda thing was highly regulated.


onewobblywheel t1_j462oko wrote

i'm afraid I don't know those details. I was concerned about copyrights/patents or whatever would have applied and asked about that. I was told that IBM funds their CS department and that gave IBM the right to use the code. We had an FTP account into the school's servers. That's how we retrieved it. I assume it was a two-way street with some contracts and agreements involved, but again, I don't really know.


WirelessBCupSupport t1_j410juu wrote

"Hello, this is your .... IBM support calling ... we have found problem with you computer on our network...please send four Google store gift cards..."


The_Fry t1_j45g4tb wrote

Just don’t ask for less than $10k otherwise you know it isn’t really IBM.


Bottom_Wobbles t1_j41gw9v wrote

Don’t be shocked when the software has many security holes in it.


ISAMU13 t1_j432vkc wrote

I'll Be in Mumbai


internet_chump t1_j40t95o wrote

Do corporations have an easier time avoiding taxes in India? IBM frequently pays zero here in the US, and only paid about 3% last year, so I can't imagine that is the case.

Looks like higher corporate taxes isn't actually the problem here. Good to know.


The_Fry t1_j45g7ta wrote

Salaries. You can pay someone in India to read a script or copy/paste from StackOverflow for a tenth of a dev in the US.


imoftendisgruntled t1_j414vqq wrote

AIX is still around? Wow, my first workstation -- in the 90's -- ran AIX.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, System/360 is still around (at least at the software level).


sollord t1_j421r7s wrote

I guess that's one way to finish off AIX


justforthearticles20 t1_j429wu7 wrote

Nothing is more fun than playing perpetual phone tag with Indian IT.


DiscipleOfBlasphemy t1_j43x1kj wrote

Remember who really stole your jobs it's was and always has been the corporation


optimaloutcome t1_j43j0ue wrote

Those older people still in "limbo" are going to be getting paid a ton of money as consultants. All the big companies still run AIX on their critical workloads and finding people who know AIX is getting harder and harder. It's like if you're a mainframe person - there aren't many left and the really important shit runs on mainframes so if you know it... $$$$$


ekkidee t1_j44932q wrote

You can terminate consultants at any time. Consultants have no benefits. Some might actually consider that an advantage.


optimaloutcome t1_j44dpiu wrote

That's generally the appeal. You sign on for a project of generally a fixed duration, make a bunch of money, and then move on to the next one, or take some time off and then find another one.


masterkenji t1_j45j09c wrote

The government really needs to do something about this, companies refusing to pay living wages when they have more than enough money and constantly fucking over the proletariat is getting old, they wonder where the middle class went when they ripped it to shreds and sent it all over the world.


Mahameghabahana t1_j44wqm7 wrote

Good hope more companies come here to india.