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torpedoguy t1_j6ovmhn wrote

Incompetence is a valid alternative on small, individual events. The lady doing your burger most likely didn't forget the pickle in it out of spite.

When there's multiple avenues of verification, control and authorization, it's a different story. Even without that specific DA, the evidence could have been turned over, things could have gone over her head or she could have been ordered to... Instead every single step after they pretended they were going to hold the cop accountable was specifically geared towards letting him walk.

The cop had two defense teams and a defense judge. There was no justice in those halls.


walkandtalkk OP t1_j6p425k wrote

I'm not sure where you're getting that. A single prosecutor could easily be responsible for making sure documents get to opposing counsel. I doubt the DA or his deputy are regularly asking each prosecutor if they remembered to follow their basic obligation to send over evidence.