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cellphone_blanket t1_j62m5xb wrote

I guess if he abuses his family, his intent for a "fatherly conversation" is more believable


ScrewAttackThis t1_j62rph6 wrote

Fair point. Imagine saying that after being arrested for choking your 10 year old son.


rabidstoat t1_j64if51 wrote

I'm reading a book on Leavenworth Prison and its history. There was a corrections officer working there who was a huge guy (300 pounds) and verbally and at times physically aggressive with inmates. He was also allegedly physically violent with his wife, daughter, and sons. At least once the wife moved out because of this but ultimately returned.

Turns out he was killed via shotgun by one of his teenaged sons, though it seems both were involved. There was a bit of an investigation and it all got swept under the rug, and no one was charged in the killing.